chicory root coffee
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A Chicory Root Coffee Recipe

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I love my caffeinated coffee. But every once in a while, it is nice to let that caffeinated goddess that is coffee takes a back seat to something lighter. This chicory root coffee is the closest ‘true to taste’ replacement for coffee that I have ever tried. This chicory root coffee recipe uses 1 half coffee and 1 half chicory root, so it is ideal if you are slowly making the switch from coffee to chicory root.

chicory root coffee recipe

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Can you put Chicory in Coffee?

Chicory coffee has really rocked my world the last couple of days. Once my new packet of chicory came from Anthony’s, I couldn’t wait to try some different combinations and variations. Although I had heard of chicory for quite some time, I had not realized that it tasted so close to coffee!

You absolutely can combine chicory root and coffee together or use it solo without the addition of coffee. Many people like to use chicory as an alternative to coffee because of its caffeine-free benefit.

This would be a great alternative for a pregnant or nursing mama, especially if you are following the Trim Healthy Mama or Keto Plan.

chicory root coffee recipe

What is Chicory?

Chicory is typically grown in the northern hemisphere of Europe. It is quite rich in fiber called inulin. This specific fiber is water soluble and is not digestible, so it can really aid in proper digestion.

There are many potential benefits of including chicory in your diet. Although the evidence does not seem conclusive, it is a plant that God created and I always find benefits in increasing my plant-based consumption, even if the evidence of benefits is sketchy.

  1. Chicory is packed with prebiotic fiber inulin.
  2. May aid in digestive.
  3. May improve blood sugar control.
  4. Could support weight loss.

Because of the large content of fiber, you may see an increase stomach discomfort, so I would recommend that you start using this product slowly.

Where do you Buy Chicory?

Chicory root is readily available from many places. You can even sometimes find it in a local health foods shop. I have found great luck with Anthony’s Products. They are tried and true!

For this recipe, you may also want to consider grabbing a French Press, which is the easiest way I have found to strain smaller amounts of liquids like a coffee mixture.

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How do you make Chicory Root Coffee?

Although there are a variety of ways to make a chicory root coffee recipe, I like to stay pretty basic. It’s easiest for me to use my handy dandy French Press, which makes alternative coffee making a breeze.

It’s easy to throw the ingredients into the bottom of the press, add the hot water and milk, and presto!

Although I did not include this in the recipe, I have also added 1 tsp of Ashwagandha in the recipe, and I have found that it adds a powerful ‘coffee’ like the taste! If you like the very earthly flavor of Ashwagandha, make sure you check out my healing elixir!

Chicory Root Coffee Recipe from Instagram

Ya gotta love the gram! If you enjoy my recipes, make sure you head over to Instagram where I post and explain many of my favorite Trim Healthy Mama recipes, tips, and tricks. I would love to have you over there! The Chicory Root Coffee Recipe below is the most basic chicory coffee recipe that I personally make.