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A Simple Purple Cabbage Soup with Onion

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Purple cabbage can certainly be a controversial subject. Either you love the round vegetable, or you really can’t stand it. You opinion might just change with this purple cabbage soup. It is reminiscent of a good tomato soup on cold winters evening. The onion gives it a nice flavor punch and the perfect blending on ingredients come together to create a savory purple cabbage soup.

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What is Purple Cabbage Good for?

Purple cabbage has a myriad of health benefits including anti-inflammatory properties, rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6, potassium, and riboflavin.

The cabbage belongs to the Brassica genus of plants. The other vegetables that make this list are other high nutrient-dense vegetables like broccoli, Brussel, sprouts, and kale.

Cabbage can be an especially versatile vegetable. Many people enjoy it raw, cooked, or fermented. This purple cabbage soup is just one way to add a little bit of cook cabbage to your weekly meals. You can read about more health benefits of the purple cabbage here.

The benefits of purple food seem to be quite interesting. The purple potato is another purple vegetable that has increasingly large health benefits from purple pigmentation. If you have never heard of the purple potato, check out this twice bake purple potatoes recipe.

Purple cabbage recipes can be so good to add to your meal routine. Rosevine Girls has a great corned beef and cabbage recipe that you could easily use purple cabbage with.

Is Cabbage Anti Inflammatory?

One of the most impressive studies that I read claimed that cabbage can reduce inflammation markers by 22-44%. Another fascinating study had participants wrap their knees in cabbage leaves. The participants reported that their arthritis pain significantly decreased; the study concluded that more research is needed.

It can be concluded that cabbage has some amazing anti-inflammatory benefits and if regularly consumed my results in less inflammation.

Does Purple Cabbage Taste Different than Green Cabbage?

The purple cabbage truly knocks the green cabbage out of the playing field quite quickly with 4.5% more antioxidants and nutrients than the green. There is even a slight taste difference between purple cabbage than green. The purple cabbage will have a slightly sweeter flavor. This makes the green a little tastier for savory dishes. Don’t let that scare you away though! This purple cabbage soup is quite savory. It just has a slight undertone of sweetness.

purple cabbage soup

THM Purple Cabbage Challenge

A week ago the Trim Healthy Mama podcast released an episode called, “Purple is your Color.” The podcast got quite a bit of attention from the Trim Healthy Mama community because is sparked a challenge to eat an entire purple cabbage by yourself in one week.

Although I did not personally participate in the challenge, it did get me thinking about my favorite purple cabbage recipes. A good purple cabbage soup had to be right there on top. It was time to formulate my recipe into writing!

Purple Cabbage Soup

The core of this purple cabbage soup is simplicity. The Trim Healthy Mama table cookbook has a more complicated recipe called Peasant’s Garden Trimmy Bisque. Although I love that recipe, I like the simplicity of this recipe more. They are both Fuel Pulled recipes but are very different in flavor! A large amount of onion brings a unique flavor that is really going to pop!

You really should be using Trim Healthy Mama whey protein if you are not already. It is easily the best protein powder I have ever used. In order to make this a THM Fuel Pull recipe, it will need to be anchored with protein. Alternatively, to the protein powder, you can also use chicken.

Do you like soup recipes? Me too! Try out the Healing Home Spaghetti Squash soup or download the full Healing Harvest Cookbook today!