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A Unforgettable Chai and Oolong Tea

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I call it unforgettable because when I took that first sip, I did a double take. Looking down at my mug I tilted my head and thought to myself, did I just drink something from Starbucks?

Unforgettable because this chai and oolong tea has a blend of seasonings that take you back to the most unforgettable holiday moments. The cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and creamy collagen will transport you to the moments of cozying up and enjoying the peaceful moments of the season. Grab a mug of this tasty sugar free chai blend and curl up to enjoy a book, movie, or great conversation.

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The Benefits of Oolong Tea

There is something about oolong tea that is just too good! It doesn’t help that there are so many benefits to go right along with in it. My first exposure to Oolong tea was discovering The Shrinker, which is a Trim Healthy Mama oolong drink that claims to reeve the metabolism, burn fat, and increase caloric burn up to 134 calories! Something that good I had to try myself!

That little drink did not disappoint, and it became my favorite drink to take to work over the next year. Although I can’t say my weight loss was due entirely to the oolong tea, I did loose a considerable amount of weight during that phase of my life.

The benefits of oolong tea range from increase fat burring power to lowering inflammation.

Where does Oolong Tea Originate From?

Oolong tea comes from China, but specifically it originated from the Fujian province where the terrain made it ideal for growing oolong tea. Other names for this unique tea is ‘Black Dragon,’ or my favorite ‘Elixir to prolonged life.’

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Does Oolong Burn Fat?

There are many studies to indicate that oolong tea can reeve the metabolism and subsequently burn fat. Just like a celery stick is said to burn more calories than it contains, oolong tea is similar. A study from china found that oolong tea promotes fat oxidation which makes it a metabolism boosting substance. It is said that 1-2 bags of tea (depending on the quality) can burn up to 134 calories!

It also has powerful aniti-infmammation that are speficially triggered by the antioxidents in oolong and what they trigger in our genes.

Other benefits includes: reduce the risk of heart disease, lowers risk of cancer, boosts energy, and promotes good skin and teeth.

Can I Drink Oolong Tea Everyday?

The problem with drinking oolong or chai tea everyday is usually not the tea itself. It’s the sugar that so many people put in their fancy teas. A little sugar may not hurt, but a steady consumption of sugar in chai and oolong tea completely makes the benefits a wash.

Most say that drinking up to one liter of oolong tea a day is safe.

Does Chai Tea Need Sugar?

Neither chai or oolong tea need sugar to taste good. There are so many alternatives to reap the benefits. Consider drinking it just with hot water. I love straight up tea occasionally. You can also add stevia, monk fruit, or xylitol to create a sweet sugar free chai and oolong tea that tastes like the coffee shop stuff!

Your 5 Day Sugar Challenge

Creating a Sugar Free Chai and Oolong Tea

Creating a chai and oolong tea that is Trim Healthy Mama friendly will be quite simple! The hardest part is going to be getting the ingredients fro this sugar free chai! Oolong Tea can be purchased from most health food stores, from Amazon, or better yet from Trim Healthy Mama. I actually recommend making sure that your oolong is a pure as possible because the processing of the tea can vary significantly. THM has the best oolong tea in my opinion.

Oolong and Chai tea ingredient list image

You are also going to want to have a pure stevia and a pure collagen. I say pure here because it is very easy to get these items that are not pure. My recommended products for this recipe are:

Oolong Tea 

Pure Stevia

Pure Collagen


I used to buy my MCT oil from Now, and I still believe that they have a high quality product. However, when I compare THM and Now products, I prefer the THM taste and smoothness.

You will want to sprinkle the collagen on top and then blend so it does not clump together. I personally love using immersion blenders for this type of drink so I don’t have to clean another blender on my Trim Healthy Mama journey!