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Apple Kombucha with Rosemary

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Kombucha is delicious nectar when it doesn’t have any flavor added but add some flavor and it becomes a powerhouse of nutrition and a delicious tangent from typical health drinks. This Apple Kombucha has the added spunk of rosemary that brings a subtle burst of flavor that will have you coming back to your refrigerator for more and more.

Apple kombucha with rosemary

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Kombucha on THM

Before I was a ‘Trim Healthy Mama” I used to enjoy Kombucha on a regular basis. It was great for my gut health, and I loved all the flavors that I could enjoy. Then I started my THM journey and somehow was misled to believe that my beloved Kombucha was off-plan. A few years ago I was shocked and excited to learn that Kombucha can in fact be enjoyed on the THM plan!

Kombucha can be enjoyed at about 1/2 cup in an S or FP setting and up to 1 cup in a E setting. Kombucha is not recommended as an all-day sipper. The reasoning behind this is because even with the fermentation process some sugar is left behind.

This apple kombucha is completely on-plan within the guidelines listed above!

You can also listen to the THM poddy episode 191, which directly speaks about kombucha and how it can be used on the Trim Healthy Mama plan.

Apple kombucha in a mason jar

Is Kombucha Actually Good for You?

Yes! And one of the cool things about this health drink is that there has been a fair amount of research done to back up the claim that kombucha is actually good for your! Kombucha is made by introducing bacteria into green or black tea through a mushroom called a SCOBY. During the fermentation processes, the SCOBY eats the sugars and produces acetic acid, which is also found in vinegar.

Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks on the planet, and there is some research to indicate that kombucha may have some of those same benefits because it uses green and black tea in the first stage of fermentation.

The antioxidants in kombucha are in particular impressive and have the possibility of improving your gut health with its probiotic nutrients.

Learn more about the benefits of kombucha, through this Health Line article!

You can watch me below preparing this apple kombucha recipe with the added flavor of rosemary! Watch out for that husband of mine about mid-way through!

Are the Sugars in Kombucha Bad for you?

As we have talked about many times on this blog, sugar and sweetness are two different things. Glucose will spike your blood sugar and can lead to unwanted side effects like weight gain if not controlled properly. Adding protein to your meals and snacks will balance out the effects of glucose. Also switching over to sweeteners that do not have a high GI index can also help. The sugars in Kombucha are true glucose sugars that have the potential to spike your blood sugar if you are not careful.

Keep the serving size to 1/2 cup if you are THMer in a FP or S setting. Keep the consumption of Kombucha to 1 cup if you are a THMer eating in a E setting.

You can learn more about glucose, blood sugar, natural sugar alternatives, and how to cut down on the sugar beast by signing up for my 5 Day Sugar Challenge! This is an email course and free workbook made just for you!

Your 5 Day Sugar Challenge

Pink Lady Apple Kombucha

Although I did not title this recipe “Pink Lady Apple Kombucha,” it certainly can be considered that type of recipe. All you would have to do is switch up the types of apples you chose to use in the recipe. Pink Lady apples will give the final recipe a more tart flavor.

Apple Kombucha with Rosemary

The final recipe flavor will depend entirely on the type of apples you use. Adding the rosemary to this recipe will give it lovely overtones that will truly balance out the tart flavor of a Pink Lady apple or a sweet Honeycrisp apple, or anything else in between!