As we learn where our true identity lies, these helpful resources can guide you as you dig into scripture and remember that our true worth is found in Christ.

Print, use, and memorize with these scripture cards! These are the same powerful Bible verses about Self- Worth that are in the post you just came from.

Click here or click on the image to download.

Did you like this download? There are many more printables that I give away when you join the Healing Home tribe. I would love to have you join our little community!


Another great way to memorize these scriptures is with phone wallpaper. We log into our phones many times a day. Use that routine to read through the scripture before swiping that screen! I guarantee you will memorize these faster than you think!

Click here or on the image.

Our last FREE resource is these printable wall art pieces. Print these verses out and have them hanging in the bathroom while you are getting ready for the day. Let them be a reminder of your worth in Christ.

Click here or download by clicking on the image.

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