Take a break from the busy world and rest in these simple devotionals. Reside in his steadfast love while reading about his love.

  • heart pregnant lady

    Finding my Anchor in the Storm

    I’ve always been a perfectionist and an overachiever. In fact, I came out of my mama’s womb 6 weeks early; everything was fine, I was just ready to go. Through all my formative years, getting things done efficiently and exactly the way I wanted to was always the priority. Of course, it was no surprise to anyone who knows me that when I became pregnant with my first child, I was already one step ahead. My name list was ready for my husband to look over, my registry was done within two days of conceiving, and my complete birth plan took about a month to get put together exactly the…

  • walkway and sunrise

    Easy – Weekly Devotional

    E.A.S.Y.  I dream of things being EASY.  I can’t be alone in this…  If there’s a woman out there reading this, I know that when you’re tired, and the laundry is piled up, the baby’s screaming and the kids are fighting… you dream of things being easy. Sometimes I think I’m getting close to things being easy, only to be proven terribly, terribly wrong.   I think it’s especially difficult when things are close to feeling easy and then they get hard again. That is a bitter pill to swallow.   What is this desire for easy?  Human nature?  Or is it just me?  Am I lazy?  Or just plain…

  • writing on paper

    God is the Author

    I always wanted to be a mother. My nurturing instinct pranced at the thought of having a baby of my own; a baby to love, care for, and raise to be a beautiful being. I thought about how I would teach my child about what there is to know about life; how I would instruct my child about the trivial things that matter like hanging up her/his coat on the hook or putting the trash from snack time into the garbage. I imagined being an inspiration, my child looking up to me and seeing all that I accomplished beaming at the thought that she/he can do it to. I ALWAYS…

  • black and white mountains

    Living out Simplicity while Passionately Pursing Christ

    If you had asked me what it meant to live in the simplicity of God a year and a half ago, I wouldn’t know how to answer you. A year and a half ago, I quit my full-time job so I could focus on school and pursue other dreams I had. With this job, I was able to say “yes” to many things: Eating out Traveling every month Buying nice gifts for my family and friends Buying something we (thought we) needed Buying things for church ministries Buying expensive skin care products that I thought would be better However, without this job, I had to say “no” to all the…

  • too busy stuff

    Being Busy Isn’t a Badge of Honor

    I am overcommitted, it is one of my worst characteristics. To know me [Jamie], is to know that if a new opportunity arises, I will jump on it like white on rice. I LOVE saying yes. Being a yes girl leads to living a busy life. “A busy bee” that is what my mom calls me. I used to think that was a badge of honor. Like a seal of approval, the world was stamping on my forehead. “She is always busy,” in my head translated to, “look at her go, she is on top of everything and so successful.” In a word, because I was busy, I was accomplished. …

  • love them devotional

    Love them Tightly, Hold them Loosely

    As a blonde headed girl in pigtails gazing wistfully out the window, my daydream was nowhere near the expected prince charming whisking me away to a glorious life of castles and fairy tales.  While most girls dreamed of marrying Mr. Right and having darling babies, my longings took another road entirely. My first recollection of having a different agenda than most my age was in third grade, when my peers were playing dress up while I was outside in the cobblestone driveway saving a bumblebee with a broken wing.  The underdog. The broken one. I was his cheerleader, rooting for his success. In my adult years, while friends longed for…

  • children and adults hands
    Devotionals,  Spiritual Growth

    Worth It – The Formula to Raising God Fearing Adults

    In 3 John verse 4, the apostle John said to the congregation, “no greater joy do I have than this: that I should hear that my children go on walking in the truth.” The children that the Apostle John referred to here was the Christian disciples. Yet, parents can absolutely echo these sentiments as they pray and lead their children to be God fearing adults. But how do we train our children to become said God-fearing adults? Is there a simple “formula” to raising children? Actually, there is. The formula to raising God fearing adults. The answer is found in Deuteronomy 6:6-7. These commandments that I give you today are…

  • peaceful life

    Pursuing a Simplified, Peaceful Life in Christ

    What are my earthly treasures?  I’m referring to those tangible things that cause me to think I need more storage to house it all.  Thinking of every room in my house, I have too much in my kitchen, too much in my closets, too much in my craft studio, too much in my attic!  Have I put so much time and energy on collecting earthly treasures that I’ve neglected doing God’s will? Am I neglecting spending time in His word, sharing the gospel, feeding the hungry, and clothing the naked?  My answer would have to be yes, which is a HUGE, shameful eye-opener! Jesus tells me that if my treasures…

  • the givers glow heart devotional

    The Givers Glow

    While we can’t change our conditions or how individuals treat us, we can pick the frame of mind we grasp. When we take a gander at Jesus’ life, we see a portion of life’s hardest circumstances and conditions. He led a wide range of individuals, came eye to eye with Satan, and most importantly, died naked and beaten on a cross. In every one of these conditions, He had a decision. He could have been guarded and vindictive yet was adoring and humble. His frame of mind changed what He had the option to see, experience, and do. For a few, choosing our frame of mind begins with choosing our…