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Confessions of a Skin Care Virgin that Turned 30

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This article is resource based. I am not taking a deep dive into the theory and practice into skincare. It is solely based on resources for those that, like me, don’t particularly enjoy skin care.

Here’s the deal, I don’t particularly like facial skin care. It’s just not my gig. I hate the unknown.

The unknown of chemicals.

The unknown of bacteria.

The unknown of if a product is going to make me breakout.

The unknown of how long I can handle the price tag.

The unknown of changing my routine.

However, I turned 30.

Now if you don’t understand the trauma of turning 30, then please move on. Yes, I realize that not everyone is traumatized by that number. Yes, I realize that I’m still young. Blah, blah, blah.

For me it was traumatizing. End of story.

It made me take a real look at my skin for the first time ever.

There were lines that where not there 10 years ago, there were freckles that were not there 10 years ago, there were scares from acne, and oh my there was even wrinkles.

Goodness gracious I turned into an old lady overnight.

Like I said, if you can’t deal with my 30-year old traumatization than your welcome to move on. But let me tell you, I know there are other ladies out there that have dealt with this.


The Challenge

My age traumatized self-turned to some research and after hours of listening to podcasts, reading articles, and thinking through my 30 year old skin, I resolved to do a month of a good skin care routine.

Read on for the resources and answer I found.

What was NOT the Answer

Before I go further let’s get something out of the way. I know there are those out there that belong to companies that have wonderful line of products that help skin care problems. I love all you ladies out there that sell these products. Your families are changing forever because of these generous companies. However, again I know I’m not alone, it’s too stressful for me. I am not going to buy the products just because of before and after pictures. I’m not going to buy the products just to support you, even though I love you dearly!  I’m not going to buy the products just because you claim they are natural.

Yes, some of these MLM products are AMAZING! But I can’t just take your word for it. I need to do the research myself. I want to create my own routine based on my own research. Again, I know I’m not alone, because other ladies have told me the same thing!

What was the Answer?

I’m a skin care virgin. So, I don’t have all the answers, nor do I want all the answers, but I have discovered some pretty stellar resources and I’ve navigated this tundra of skincare after that magical number 30.

What Does the Word Say?

I would be remiss if I didn’t dive into what the bible says about beauty and where our beauty lies. Now if your expecting me to say that our beauty lies on the inside, then your wrong. It’s true, scriptures like 1 Peter 3:3-4:

“Do not let your adorning be external–the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear– but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.”

Yet, there’s something more, something more significant than just inward beauty. You see, when we put on Christ, and we take his identity and name we also take on the beauty that he offers. The gospel rather than our appearance should make up the true beauty of our hearts.

“For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and in Christ you have been brought to fullness. He is the head over every power and authority.” Colossians 2:9-10

Take a moment and let that sink in. We have been brought to fullness in Christ. Our fullness is not found in our beauty, skin, weight, or anything else than Christ! Amen.

Where to Start

For years now, I have perfected the natural products that are in my natural toolbox. Deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, makeup, and lotion are routines that don’t cause immediate panic. I have found and made products that suit my personal natural standards. Facial skin care, however, still makes my toes curl and my stomach lurch as I even think about wadding into that turmoil sea of knowledge.

When I started on my facial skin care journey the only thing, I had in my tool kit was my homemade natural products. I have thoroughly enjoyed making my own chamomile lotion and beauty serum with buckthorn oil for a couple years now. Herbal remedies are something I hold in high regard as I believe God created many healing plants for our benefit. Although those two products have been wonderful for nourishing my skin, they truly have done nothing for my face. I highly recommend them as a safe and natural way to moisturize skin and combat postpartum stretch marks. Reducing lines in my face, wrinkles, and acne, has not been their forte’.

After I turned to the Bible to get my head on straight, I turned to people who have went before me. There are plenty of those who have took a deep dive into skincare before me. Always learn from your elders and those who have put in the work. You will be blessed by others knowledge.


I’m a podcast junkie, so I knew there had to be resources to help me on this journey, and I was right! These were the two episodes that really inspired me to take a deeper look at my skincare. If you are also a skincare virgin, then start with the first one because I really think it helps introduce many products and theories that are helpful.

  1. Cultivating the Lovely – Ep 119 “Beauty and Skincare Deep Dive with MacKenzie and Rebekah”
  2. 10 Things to Tell You – Ep 13 “Skincare & Makeup Favorites with Jamie Golden”

Trim Healthy Mama Hemp

Approaching Hemp from a biblical and Christian perspective is quite important to me. Trim Healthy Mama is not only an amazing weight loss solution that has blessed me tremendously, but it also specializes in terrific health products. Recently they launched a Hemp Formula, and my entire family has been richly blessed by the effects. If you want to learn more about the research of hemp products, I recommend you listen to the Endocannibinoid System podcast below. It’s fascinating research that change much of the way I think about Hemp.  

  1. Trim Healthy Mama Podcast –
    • Ep 96 “Your Endocannibinoid System What you Need to Know”
    • Ep 97 “Hemp, A Wonder Healing Plant…Not A Drug, CBD Oil, Park 2
    • Ep 119 “Hemp & Your Family, Stuff you Need to Know

Double Check what you Hear

I am a big skeptic on natural products. You cannot convince me by your words alone that a product is ‘natural’ and clean. Too many times, I committed to a natural deodorant or lotion and suffered the consequences of breakouts, only to find out as I researched the ingredients that it was defiantly less than stellar. Natural does not necessarily mean good.

A few years ago I was introduced by a fellow ‘natural product junkie’ to an app called Think Dirty.  Think Dirty is a massive data base that allows you to scan products and evaluate the ingredients used. This is not the ‘end all’ answer to checking how natural and safe a product is, but it is a starting place for checking products and evaluating if it meets your specific standards.

Double check each product by evaluating:

  1. The organic or natural certification
  2. The honesty of the company
  3. The ingredient listings

Define your Convictions

Don’t believe everything you hear. There are NO specific requirements that make a product ‘natural’. Not to mention everyone’s definition of ‘natural’ is different.

I specifically want products that are plant based with simple ingredients. Others might be okay with a natural product having some parabens due to their personal convictions. Still others may navigate towards more scientific products that help with their specific skin care conditions.

Your convictions are necessary to define, they are uniquely yours, embrace them. Yours will probably be different than mine, but here are mine to get your thinking along the right lines.

Things I Need to See in my Products

  1. Reputable company. Preferably smaller.
  2. Less than 20 ingredients preferred
  3. Plant Based, but not exclusively plant ingredients.
  4. Paraben Free
  5. A website in which I can research their company and ingredients.

Things I am okay compromising on

  1. An organic certification
  2. Synthetic ingredients (if balanced)

The Results of a Skin Care Virgin

Using the above resources led me to several products that I am now using. But the big question is, do I see a difference?

A resounding YES.

In one month of modifying my facial skin care routine, I have seen marked difference in my 30 year old skin. It may not be as evident as some of the before and after pictures we see plastered on the internet, but this is real. One of the things that has amazed me the most is that the scars I received from chickenpox when I was a pre-teen are fading away. How has it taken me over 20 years to take care of my skin?


Facial Products

Facial Products

  1. Drunk Elephant Jelly Cleanser
  2. Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream
  3. Trim Healthy Mama Chillax CBD Lotion
  4. Trim Healthy Mama The Fountain Cream
  5. Trim healthy Mama Facial Exfoliator The Spunj
  6. Homemade Sea Buckthorn and Face Serum

My Routine:

Morning – Wash Face, and moisturizer with Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream OR Trim Healthy Mama The Fountain Cream

Evening  – Rub face with Buckthorn Beauty Serum, exfoliate with the Spunj, use a hot water terry cloth and lay over face to open pores, finish by applying Chillax CBD Lotion.

I personally believe the biggest difference I have seen in my skin is due to the Trim Healthy Mama Chillax CBD Cream. It is extremely relaxing and combined with the oil cleanse, I’ve never felt or seen a bigger difference. 

Product Notes

Drunk Elephant

 Drunk elephant has high standards, however they do use synthetic ingredients along with their natural ingredients. What they call this is biocompatibility. They chose ingredients that are clinically tested to work compatibly together. On one part of their website they explain, “All biocompatible ingredients are clean, but not all clean ingredients are biocompatible.” This was helpful as I navigated my personal fears in using synthetic ingredients. They pay close attention to how PH levels affect skin care and use ingredients that balance PH.

My personal favorite is their resounding commitment to stay away from fragrance. There is nothing in my personal opinion more damaging to a products high standards than fragrance.  Although fragrance can trick our brains into thinking that it’s pretty and clean, fragrance is highly responsible for causing allergic sensitivities.

Finally, I want to note that Drunk Elephant is combating the idea that natural always means good. Specifically, their philosophy on essential oils and skin care is quite intriguing. Although I still have decided to use minimum essential oils in my skin care routine, Drunk Elephant stays away from even the cleanest essential oils. They look for ingredients that are soothing and effective, not necessarily ‘natural’.  

Trim Healthy Mama

 I am a huge fan of Trim Healthy Mama’s philosophy on skin care and all that they represent. They do pride themselves on using 100% natural ingredients and disclosure their ingredient list completely. There are minimum ingredients present in each product. What I enjoy most is that these products are infused with actual herbs. Although essential oils are still a popular way to put herbs into products, there can be a plethora of problems with essential oils because they are unregulated. These products go right to the source and get their herbal and food based products right from source.

One item that has always confused me is exfoliation. My skin has never responded well to exfoliation and with frustration I have given up many products over the years. The Spunj completely changed that and if I had to attribute my skin care success to anything, it would be this and my CBD cream. The Spunj is made from one of my favorite food products called the Konjac plant. It exfoliates gently and detoxifies.

I have been using the oil cleanse method with my Spunj. You use an oil or a cream and apply to face first. Then with your warmly wet Spunj you massage it into your skin. Get a cloth that has the warmest water possible, and place over your face. This opens the pores. Repeat the process until your face is completely clean from the oil or lotion. At the end reapply your favorite moisturizing lotion.

The first time I did the oil cleanse method I actually told my husband how different my skin felt. I had never in all my years felt my face feel so moisturized or clean.

The THM Chillax cream, again is my absolutely favorite skin care product I have found so far. You can watch the creators describe the benefits here.    It truly is a remarkable product that they have put a lot of time, energy, and research into. I was skeptical of the relaxing benefits, but I am not longer a skeptic! The CBD penetrates my skin and heals the imbalance that has always existed in my uneven skin. 

Confessions of a Skin Care Virgin

I’ve actually enjoyed my skin care month more than I anticipated. It’s slowly became a routine that I am enjoying immensely. Go figure! My stomach lurched every time I thought of taking care of my facial skin care a few months ago! With the appropriate research and time, I was able to formulate a gentle, cost effective way of treating my skin that works for me.

Use these resources to guide you if you are also a skin care virgin, and let me know how it goes as you take a deep dive into the skin care world!