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Delectable Daring Pan Fried Radishes

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This Trim Healthy Mama radishes recipe is delectable. You will pop one into your mouth and wonder if you are actually eating a radish. The flavors pop and the caramelized finish is mouth watering. Pan fried radishes may never have been so delicious! And because it’s fat centered you can even add it to your keto radish recipes.

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What do you use Radishes for?

These Trim Healthy Mama radishes is delectable. You will pop one into your mouth and wonder if you are actually eating a radish. The flavors pop and the caramelized finish is mouth watering. However, these pan fried radishes are also daring. Daring because they are radishes. Don’t like radishes? I don’t blame you. I was never truly exposed to radishes until my adulthood and even then they were a topping of a salad, and not something I went out of my way to eat. If you are not a radish love, I dare you to try this daring radishes. They will change your thinking.

Radishes can be cooked, ate raw, sautaeed, broiled, baked, roasted, or even mashed! The options are truly endless. They are such a versatile vegetable and can

Are Radishes better Cooked or Raw?

This can be a very personal preference, but there are some differences in if you eat them cooked or raw. When a radish is cooked the favors become quite more subtle. In this pan fried radishes recipe the flavors definitely become more tender and juicy. My personal preference is to let those flavors escape with cooking them, but many prefer the more crunchy burst of flavor with raw radishes. Either way, you are consuming a stellar vegetable!

Do you need to Peel Radishes?

You certainly do not need to peel a radish, in fact in most cases vegetables with deep pigment colors often have hidden health benefits in those colors. In the case of radishes they are high in vitamin C, potassium, and contains anti-inflammatory benefits. There are black radishes that are often peeled because the skin has a more stark flavor, but for a typical red radish, peeling is not necessary.

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Are Radishes Good for Weight Loss?

Pan fried radishes are a powerhouse of nutrition. In 1/2 cup there are only 12 calories and virtually NO fat. That means if you subscribe to a Keto, Paleo, or Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle you can douse those things in some healthy fats. Notice I said healthy. We will get back to that in a moment. They also have anti-fungal properties, 1 gram of fiber per serving, 14% of your daily vitamin C, and small amounts of many other nutrients. By no means are they a super food, but you can bet your bottom boot that they aid in a healthy and healing lifestyle.

These pan friend radishes are great for weight loss and with their versatility can be added to almost any meal.

Are Radishes OK on Keto?

These Trim Healthy Mama radishes are a lovely option for the Keto lifestyle because that are naturally low in carbs, fats, and sugars! They are very versatile in meals and snacks and can be a great addition to any diet or eating plan. There are many keto radish recipes, but these pan friend radishes are my favorite because the flavors burst so bright with the dill and ranch flavors.

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Healthy Fats and Radishes

Let’s get back to those healthy fats I was talking about. We get about as healthy of butter as is possible for our families budget and someday I am eager to purchase grass fed and organic butter. For now we purchase what we can and leave the rest in God’s hands. You can also substitute the butter with coconut oil, MCT oil, or Ghee (I have not tried this brand yet, but like it’s quality).The goal is to choose a fat that will nourish your body. Stay away from canola oil or other sub-par options.

Pan fried radishes can be a great snack or side dish to add to your Trim Healthy Mama meal plan. If you would like a free Meal Plan printable, click the image below.

These Trim Healthy Mama radishes have become an instant favorite in our home with their fulfilling flavors!