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Easy Cast Iron Lasagna – A Upside Down Lasagna

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There are days where I just need my comfort food. This recipe is my #1 go-to recipe when I need a little comfort food, am determined to still eat healthy, and want it easy and simple. This cast-iron lasagna is gluten-free, keto-friendly, and a succulent Trim Healthy Mama healthy fat recipe. You won’t find a cast iron skillet lasagna that is quite this easy to throw together for a weekday meal.

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A Cast Iron Lasagna Dish

Lasagna. Hmmm. Such good smells, and memories. It just takes me back to childhood. That smell of tomatoes, noodles, and spices stands out in my memory like a beacon of comfort. Yet on a Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle or a Keto lifestyle, those pesky noodles take the joy out of lasagna. In steps in this cast iron skillet lasagna which replaces those high carb noodles with tiny pieces of spinach. It is so nummy you will want to make a double batch!

Which Cast Iron Pan Should I Use?

There are many cast iron pans to choose from. If you are going to make a traditional lasagna, a cast iron pan like this might just do the trick, but it won’t be as easy as just using a cast-iron skillet. A cast-iron skillet lasagna is easy and simple to make any day of the week!

A Cast Iron Skillet Lasagna

Have I mentioned that this cast iron skillet lasagna is easy to make? Wink, wink. I’m the working gal, that needs some simplicity in my meal planning during the week. Every once in a while, I don’t mind spending some time creating a more complicated dish. But 8 out of 10 times I want my dishes quick and easy. This cast-iron lasagna is just that. Besides browning the beef, there is almost nothing else to do besides throw in all the ingredients and watch it bubble up!

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Trim Healthy Mama Skillets

If you are a follower of the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle, than this recipe might just seem a bit familiar. It’s true! This recipe was inspired by the original Trim Healthy Mama Lazy Lasagna. Credit goes to where credit is due! I originally loved making the Trim Healthy Mama Lazy Lasagna because it was such a savory lasagna, and it was easier than crafting a traditional lasagna. However, over time I kept tweaking the original recipe to make it a bit less cheesy, a bit easier, and a bit less fatty. The result was a cast-iron skillet lasagna that has become a regular recipe in our home!

Should Lasagna be Baked Covered or Uncovered?

I have discovered that this cast iron skillet lasagna can be cooked with the cover on or off. However, when I cook it with a cover on it, the end result tends to be a little more watered down. All the condensation from the heat slides into the dish instead of evaporating out.

Another tweak you can make to this cast iron skillet lasagna is to cook it in the oven! I often do this in the winter months when it doesn’t matter if I heat up the house a little bit. In that scenario, I do like placing a cover on the dish because in the oven it gives the top a bit of a crispy texture.

The Best Upside Down Skillet Lasagna

I call it the upside-down lasagna because it’s not the traditional lasagna flavors that we are all used to, but it sure still tastes like a lasagna. It is reminiscent of the Trim Healthy Mama Lazy Lasagna, but it has its own unique recipe. If I haven’t convinced you already to try this tasty cast iron lasagna, think about this. My husband occasionally will make this into a dip creation. Adding a bit more cheese and throwing some corn chips (you’re in crossover mode now, you THMers) on the side can make this into a cast-iron lasagna dip! Comfort food for a cold winter day! Or enjoy it as is for a quick meal solution.

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