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Food Tracker Printable for the Food Freedom Lifestyle

Finding food freedom is a challenge. The Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle has helped me on this journey. This food tracker printable is an easy way to stay on track with food freedom and is easy to insert into many different planner systems. 

free food tracker printable on a table

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When We Do Things Right and Fail

This week I was lamenting the obvious fact that I am around fifty pounds overweight. My second baby piled on the weight regardless of healthy eating habits and daily exercise. With my first baby, I jumped on the Trim Healthy Mama plan and the weight truly came off easily. I ate S and E meals, many crossovers, and hiked and walked at my own pleasure.

When that second pregnancy test showed up at 178 pounds, I was thrilled by the illusion that I would gain minimum weight because I knew I was going to still succeed at the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle. Trim Healthy Mama Pregnancy, here I come! I ate lots of crossovers, some off plan meals, and faithful exercised 2-5 miles most days. 

And I gained weight like crazy. 

Despite knowing the truth that I was caring for my body in the best way possible, all the wicked guilt started piling on. Toward the end of pregnancy as many other stresses started mounting, I felt utterly defeated. 

I had let myself go. I had gained all the weight I tried so hard to lose. I had failed. The lie that ‘fat girls’ cannot be loved started creeping back into my mind. 

And despite knowing those were nothing but lies, I believed them. 

I’ve felt a little bit like a failure, and whole bit like a fraud. 

The following is from the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook group a mere 5 days before I gave birth.

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pregnant Rachael from healing home

When It Feels Like a Failure

Gaining weight during pregnancy is NOT a failure, our bodies need that lovely fat to nurture and sustain our sweet babies. That doesn’t mean that it can’t feel like a failure to some. 

I gave birth to a 9-pound 6 ounce beautiful and healthy baby boy. The birth itself was unmediated, natural, and quick. What’s more, I healed and felt ‘normal’ within a couple of days. That week I went into work for a few hours and even ventured out on a few walks. 

Could it be that my challenging work during pregnancy paid off in different dividends than weight? I think it’s safe to say a resounding yes. 

Any success with our health and fitness belongs to God. HE created our bodies, and he should receive the glory. Despite the large amount of weight gain I have experienced that seems like a failure to me, there has been enormous success as well. My failure could seem like a resounding victory to someone else. Having a healthy birth and recovery could be someone else’s greatest dream. 

How about you, do you have a health-related goal that ‘feels’ like a failure to you, but would be a victory to someone else?

Is there a Printable Food and Fitness Tracker for Trim Healthy Mama?

Trim Healthy Mama has a abundance of resources including their Analyzer App, Journey App, many printables, and their official THM coaches.

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Printable Food Journal PDF

What you can download!

What you can download from the food tracker printable vault!

  • Happy Planner CLASSIC SIZE of 4.25×9.25 half sheets
  • Happy Planner CLASSIC SIZE of 4.25×9.25 half sheet with NO FUEL’s to CIRCLE
  • Happy Planner BIG PLANNER SIZE of 4.25×11 half sheet
  • Happy Planner BIG PLANNER SIZE of 4.25×11 half sheet with NO FUEL’s to CIRCLE
  • Erin Condren Planner size of 4.25×8.5 half sheet
  • Erin Condren Planner size of 4.25×8.5 with NO FUEL’s to CIRCLE

Download away, my friends, this resource is for you!

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The Food Tracker Printable for Free

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 ESV

It’s time to find food freedom, and more importantly freedom from the lies that bind. 

Can you relate? 

I originally designed this food tracker printable for myself to stay on track with the THM lifestyle during my postpartum time. However, as it has become popular, I wanted to offer it to a greater audience to help anyone else that needs to track their food freedom lifestyle. Tracking can be helpful for anyone wanting to meet their healthy goals during times that it is easy to ‘cheat.’

This food tracker printable is designed to chronicle fat based, carb based, low fat/carb based, and both fat and carb-based meals. In THM terms it is S-E-FP-and C meals. 

What is Unique?

What is unique about this Food Freedom Tacker is the section for ‘letting go’ and ‘celebrating’. Your journey may be completely different than mine, but this can still be valuable for anyone. 

“Letting Go”

Here you can write a simple phrase to indicate what you are ‘letting go’ of on that particular day. Maybe it’s a off-plan failure. Maybe It’s an unrelated frustration. Write it down and let it go. Don’t let it effect your day or your mindset. 


 There is research to indicate that simply by being grateful we can increase our overall health. What are you grateful for? Celebrate it by writing it down. 

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