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Keto Snowball Cookies (THM-S)

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We are about to talk about my favorite all time Christmas cookie. If these Keto Snowball Cookies were not spectacular, I wouldn’t give them a second glance. If I’m going to trimtastic my favorite Christmas cookie, it must be spot on, and if I do say so myself, these are spot on.

They are buttery, oh so buttery. They are dry without being crumbly. The pecans just sing out with a crunch and a zing that will make your taste buds do wacky things. There is a secret to those candied pecans that you see in there. Read on because I’ll share my top secret eventually. And if you stick these bad boys in the refrigerator overnight…there’s no turning back, you may never be able to stop eating these until they are gone.

Trust me these are about ready to change your life.

keto snowball cookies on a red platter

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What are Snowball Cookies?

You may call them Snowball Cookies, Russian Tea Cakes, Butterballs or Mexican Wedding Cakes, but they are all the same. These bite sized delicate shortbread that are filled with nuts or chocolate. They are usually buttery, a bit dry, but melt in your mouth good.

What Consists of a Snowball Cookie?

Traditionally these classic cookies contain 5 ingredients.

  • Butter
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Vanilla
  • Salt
  • Flour

So why mess with something that is classically good? Well you probably have figured it out by now. The sugar and flour make it 100% off plan for the keto or Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle. Christmas cookies in general tend to spike our blood sugar to extraordinary measures. So we stay away from typical holiday treats.

By no means does this mean we are deprived! This Keto Snowball Cookies are proof! There are hundred’s of Trim Healthy Mama content creators out there that daily are jumping over all sorts of culinary hurdles to make delicious trimtastic treats that will satisfy our sweet tooth cravings. Just take a look at these 12 holiday recipe roundup from some of my favorite THM bloggers!

Pecan Keto Snowball Cookies on a cookie tray

If you would like more sugar-free and low-carb recipes, you can download my Free Healing Harvest Cookbook. This little cookbook is packed with fifteen friendly recipes for the entire family!

How do you make a Trimtastic Snowball Cookie?

Remember the listed ingredients above? We are going to tweak the ingredients just a little to come up with Keto Snowball Cookies that will satisfy Snowball Cookie craving, but also not spike our blood sugar.

Instead of sugar, we will be using “Gentle Sweet” by Trim Healthy Mama.

Instead of traditional flour we will be using a combination of almond flour, and oat fiber.

Almond flour is the best substitute that I have found to give you the flavor of a shortbread, however, it is one of the most calorie-dense substitute flours. Don’t let that deter you from making these delicious round joy balls, just take note in your Trim Healthy Mama head that these are not the lightest cookie out there.

The pleasant thing about these cookies is that there is not a lot of extra work that will go into them. They are going to be a whisk the dry ingredients, mix the wet, and combine type of recipe. I even got super lazy with sprinkling the extra gentle sweet over top and just threw the baked and cooled cookies in the Gentle Sweet bag and rolled them around a little bit. Would this be considered a Trim Healthy Mama hack?

Sugar free snowball cookies in a Gentle Sweet bag

The only thing that might take an extra step is those secret pecans, so lets cover that next.

Trim Healthy Future: The Secret is out!

Not too long ago Trim Healthy Mama released its brand-new cookbook called Trim Healthy Future. THM sisters flocked to the website to be the first in line to catch this new cookbook, and we crashed the website multiple times! That just goes to show you how GOOD these recipes are.

R's Candied pecans in a bowl

I was one of the crashers and I’ve enjoyed making many of the recipes included in the new cookbook. One of my favorites has been the recipe on page 308 called, “R’s Candied Pecans.” Regular pecans will work just fine in this recipe, but trust me you will not want to after you taste the difference using this recipe makes!

The candy-like coating just changes the entire taste of the Keto Snowball Cookies! Give it a try if you have the cookbook, it will change the entire taste profile.

If you do not have the Trim Healthy Future cookbook, you can also use the THM Candied Pecans recipe from the 2017 Ezine.

cookies on Christmas platter

Why are my Snowball Cookies Falling Apart?

The top reason for Keto Snowball Cookies to fall apart is the amount of moisture used. Almond flour is a very absorbent flour, so it takes the full stick of butter for these guys to stick together. When you mix the dry and wet ingredients together, it should form a sticky ball (but not stick to your hands sticky). The smaller balls should be easy to form and not fall apart.

If your dough does not do this, try adding 1 tbsp of extra butter to the mix.

cookies on a platter

Are Snow Ball Cookies Freezer Friendly?

Yes! These cookies work great in the freezer for up to a two weeks, but if you are not planning on keeping them for too long, I would recommend the refrigerator instead. The freezer is a little harsh and they honestly will retain their consistency better in the refrigerator.

The Best Sugar Free Snowball Cookies

These are honestly my new favorite Christmas or holiday cookie! They are about spot on to the classic cookie I remember from my childhood. They fall apart in your mouth, but not in your hands. The Gentle Sweet coating comes awfully close to the powder sugar I remember, and the buttery goodness makes you feel like you are eating a very, very, very naughty cookie!

They are trimtastically good! No naughtiness allowed.

If you try these, catch me over on Instagram and let me know how they turned out!