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Sugar Free Peanut Butter Balls – A Stevia Low-Carb Dessert

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This recipe came about because of the mighty power of Pinterest at Christmas time. I was looking for Stevia low carb desserts and it sucked me in so fast with the beautiful pins of sugary dripping sweets and perfectly decorated homes. Sugar-free peanut butter balls were on the horizon! I knew as I scrolled that the perfectly decorated home was 100% out of the question. But maybe I could conjure up one of those sugary dipped chocolate balls that I kept seeing!

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Sugar and Stevia Low Carb Desserts During the Holidays

Sugar at Christmas is a tough one, isn’t it? It is so easy to just brush off the food we eat by saying that it’s just ‘once a year. Think about it though. In the mid-west USA, the ‘once a year’ logic starts right around October 1st when the Apple Orchards open and Caramel Apples and sugary cider hits the local areas. From there we transition into Halloween candy, Thanksgiving goodies, and finally the main event of Christmas cookies and foods. That’s about 3 months of ‘just once a year.’ Another way to think of it is 1/4 of the year is taken up by the temptation of the holiday of ‘just once a year’ sugary sweets.

There’s nothing wrong with a treat occasionally, but when ¼ of our year is taken up with sugary temptations, there’s little left to wonder why the gyms are full on January 1st. These sugar-free peanut butter balls are a healthy alternative to the sugary temptations of the holidays.

No Bake Sugar Free Peanut Butter Balls

I absolutely love peanut butter chocolate desserts at Christmas. The combination is just so tempting and addicting. I’m ashamed to say I could down an entire platter of that combination any day!

These chocolate balls are a wonderfully balanced stevia low-carb dessert alternative to the sugary peanut butter chocolate creations at Christmas time. These are easy to modify too if you are not a pumpkin fan, just leave it out! You may need a little bit more nut butter to even it out though.

low carb stevia desserts with sugar free peanut butter balls in center

Another blood sugar balancing stevia low carb desserts recipe is the Mocha Cacoa Superfood Mounds. These tend to be a better snack than dessert and help me stay on the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle when nursing or pregnancy hunger hits. You can find other healthy recipes in the new Healing Home Harvest FREE cookbook.

What Sweets can I Eat on Low Carb?

This was the first Trim Healthy Mama experiment I had conducted in my new kitchen since we had moved, and it was a delight to have such a big kitchen to experiment in. Eating sweets on a low carb, keto, or Trim Healthy mama diet can be quite simple. All you need is a natural sweetener of choice, and a good recipe! 

Some of my favorite natural sweeteners are:

Stevia Low Carb Dessert Recipe Notes 

This recipe can be mixed by hand (what I do) or by using a mixer. The consistency should stick together, but not be wet.

The chocolate chips can be melted on a stovetop or in a microwave. Our new home as a microwave and although I tend to stay away from them, I thought I’d use the luxury this time. After 5 years of barely using one I had forgotten how and left the spoon in the bowl! I remembered just in the nick of time.

chocolate balls on a platter

This was also a great recipe to include the young children in helping. My toddler loved plopping the balls into the chocolate and watching me swirl it around.

The cocoa nibs are a wonderful addition to this recipe as they are a purer form of chocolate, however, they certainly do not need to be used and can be replaced with chocolate chips. Make sure you are getting a quality brand of stevia sweetened chocolate chips. If you are in a pinch using a sugar-free brand can be a personal choice, however, please note that some sugar-free ingredients that may not be ideal.

And that’s about it! Wonderfully delicious stevia-sweetened low carb dessert for a delightful treat.