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Pecan Brittle that’s Sugar Free and Decadent

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Any type of brittle during the Christmas holidays is an easy temptation. The caramel flavor, the creamed chocolate coating, the crunchy nuts! It’s just too much of a temptation! Not anymore with this delicious sugar-free pecan brittle.

This sugar-free pecan brittle is going to delight even the stauncher pro sugar proponent. The amount of monk fruit, vanilla, butter, and chocolate just spin together to create a flavor that is irresistible.

pecan brittle on white parchment paper

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Sugar Free Pecan Brittle

A sugar-free brittle is going to be a little different than those created with table sugar. But the result can be just delicious.

The basics of any brittle is butter and sugar heated to 300 degrees. The chemical reaction that takes place turns the sugar and butter into a hard candy dessert. However, with anything sugar-free, the chemical reactions are going to be different. The texture may not be the same, but the taste will come very close! Using a monk fruit, stevia, xylitol, or erythritol blend will all have different outcomes with any type of nut brittle.

In the case of these sugar-free brittle concoctions, I have found that monk fruit works the best in creating a brittle that is crisp, delicious, and has that candy and carnalized taste. Monk fruit is also the closest 1 to 1 ratio of table sugar. Lakanto honestly has how to manufacture monk fruit figured out! Although there are other brands, Lankanto is my go do for monk fruit.

This also would be considered a keto pecan brittle as it uses lower amounts of carbohydrates and higher amounts of fats. Trim Healthy Mama friends, you are smack dab into S territory with this recipe. It is a decadent S dessert that will cap off a well-rounded S meal.

pecan brittle in a blue bowl that is a sugar free brittle

What’s the Difference between Brittle and Praline?

A brittle is a butter and sugar-based whereas a praline is equal parts nuts and sugar. The other major difference is how long the sugar and butter are heated or caramelized. A praline will be more of fudge or chewy texture, whereas a traditional brittle has a hard crack crunch when bit into.

Because this is a sugar-free brittle the chemical reaction is different, this keto pecan brittle is not going to have the strong crunch that a traditional brittle would. In my opinion, it is halfway between a crunch and a chewy texture.

This keto pecan brittle is a whole new world of delicious textures and tastes.

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How Long does Nut Brittle Keep?

A thin pecan brittle recipe like this can last in for up to a month! However, if you are planning to keep this to bring for holiday parties, consider keeping it in the freezer. It even tastes better in the refrigerator. If you make in a thin pecan brittle recipe, it won’t even need to thaw very much.

A word of caution. If you are taking this keto pecan brittle to a holiday party, just be aware that because of the pure chocolate bar, they can melt a little faster. Make sure they are well frozen before bringing them to a long party!

blue bowl of pecan brittle

Sugar Free Pecan Brittle

Are you ready for the actual recipe?! This stuff has the possibility to revolutionize your sugar-free Thanksgiving, Christmas, or holiday. It is an easy pecan brittle to make, and the sugar-free element makes it guilt-free! I like keeping my sugar-free brittle in the freezer because it gives it a bit crisper.

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