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Thank you for being here for the Spring 2023 Healing Homes Magazine Edition. These magazines have been a joy to produce and I hope that as we continue they will inspire and encourage you on your homemaking journey. Inside this Spring Edition, you will find articles about motherhood, the pain of losing a child, raising chicken guides, beautiful home photos, an Easter Bible reading plan, Spring essential oil blends, spring recipes, and more! 

The Spring 2023 edition was curated around the theme of ‘renew’. 

Sneak Peek Inside:

“There is something about springtime renewal. As the snow melts (or at least that’s what happens here in Minnesota), the mud intensifies, and eventually, new signs of life start to push their way into the open air, there is something refreshing that happens.

It’s as if we have been holding our breath the entire winter and finally as new life starts to appear we can let out a sigh of relief as we see the collapse of the cold and the sprout of Spring.

I sometimes think that is what will happen someday in heaven. Someday we will look around and realize we have spent our lives holding our breath as we waited for something else more glorious than we can possibly imagine.”

This listing is for the printed version and the digital version which comes in a PDF and Flipsnack version.

Limited amounts of magazines printed.  Available while supplies last.

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