Welcome to the Psalm 127 Collection. Why have an entire collection of products for a tiny passage of scripture? Because that tiny passage of scripture is a foundational part of understanding your role and title as a homemaker.

Bottom line? If you consider yourself a Biblical homemaker you need your home to have a foundation and that foundation is the Lord.

He is the creator and sustainer of your home.

If you are trying to create a perfect home with all the latest trends on Pinterest, then stop.

Are you trying to create a perfect homestead with perfect sourdough creations coming out of your kitchen weekly, a large garden, and an impossible schedule, then stop.

Are you a working mom that is trying to ‘be all and do all?’ Mama, take a breath and stop. You cannot create the home you desire by simply ‘doing’ more. Just stop.

Eventually, without the foundation of Christ, your efforts will crumble.

You see, no matter how hard we try, if our foundation is not in the Lord, our attempts to build a ‘mini kingdom’ will fail.

Our Psalm 127:1 collection is a reminder to put our hope, trust, and daily life into the hands of our Father and Lord, Jesus Christ. Make Him the foundation of every day.

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