Sausage stir fry
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Delicious Sausage and Vegetables Stir Fry

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Sometimes a recipe is so good that my husband actually likes it. My husband is not picky. Truly he is not, he just prefers a ‘man’ diet. Think raw red meat, sugar, and potatoes kind of guy. That’s why when he went bonkers over this sausage and vegetables stir fry, I knew I had to write it down!

Sausage and Vegetables Stir Fry

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Food was not a Big Deal

Growing up food was never a big deal. I was taught that food was a way to sustain our bodies. It was a catalyst to fuel ourselves, but it was never an experience. In fact, growing up I used to think that anyone that droned on about a specific food item was weird. Talking about food actually made me uncomfortable.

Especially for my dad food as a means to make an adventure happen. Family adventures were the way of life, and food was simply a way to sustain ourselves for that adventure. Bike rides, camping, hiking, day trips, anything that had a destination for learning or adventure. Food was more of an inconvenience than anything else. In the midst of an adventure our bodies would cry out for food and my father would just throw everyone a granola bar and on we went.

Food as the Main Event  

Then I met my husband.

Everything changed.

Food was not only an experience, it was the main event.

The ice cream bowls. My goodness, the first time I saw the ice cream bowls I about died. Literally. They were the size of a small country. Was there any number of calories my future husband could consume that would lead to weight gain?

I’ve come to find out the answer is no. His metabolism and I suspect my son’s, is a machine of proportions too great for me to accurately account.

Let me put it this way. He can eat 57 pieces of pizza at a buffet, come home and ask about dinner. To make matters worse, the next morning he can step on a scale and find out he has lost weight.

It was a true struggle for my mindset to change. While I wanted to go on a hiking adventure and bring snacks along, my husband looked at me like I had lost my freaking mind. For a 10-mile hiking adventure, I was used to packing a bag of nuts, and 2 granola bars. That would be more than enough to sustain me before getting home and having a Trim Healthy Mama dinner. At 5 miles my husband would lose his mind and look for a 5-course steak dinner and before getting home that night we would have to stop at a restaurant for immediate resuscitation nutrition.  

Do you think I’m exaggerating? I’m actually not, but it has been a joy to get to know my husband. This Sausage and Vegetables stir fry was actually a team effort as we concocted it together!

What can I Add to Stir Fry for Flavor?

Despite his raging appetite, I have also come to have a deep appreciation for his food expertise. With a metabolism that reaches unprecedented proportions, he has the ability to try a lot of foods, be obsessed with food, and have a fairly good palate to boot.

I’ve had to grow in my cooking abilities by leaps and bounds. I’m the type that doesn’t particularly like to follow a recipe. I’d rather experiment and fail than be tied down. To make matters worse, I want any dish I serve to be healthy and healing. Basically, I like my vegetables and good fats. That means I will readily sacrifice taste to accommodate health.  Thankfully even when my concoctions are not the most pleasant, my husband quietly snarfs it down.

He is also an expert at adding flavor to dishes. If you need an excellent boost of flavor to your vegetable stir fry, try a few of these options. In the sausage and vegetables stir fry we are going to use both Braggs Amino Acids and Nutritional Yeast.

  1. Braggs Amino Acids
  2. Nutritional Yeast
  3. Lemongrass
  4. Garlic
  5. Ginger
  6. Citrus Zest

A Vegetables and Sausage Recipe so Good

I tell you all this because you have to understand the background in order to understand why this is so unprecedented. This sausage and vegetables stir fry recipe is just that good. 

When my husband gives a compliment to my cooking, he means it and I trust it. Over the last year, I have not received a lot of husband Dan compliments. Maybe it’s because we are both working and there is an infant child demanding all my attention, so whatever makes it into the cast iron skillet is simply good enough. Neither of us complains as we collapse into slumber, only to be awaken an hour later by a crying 10-month-old. This kid has no desire to sleep.

But last week I made a stir fry concoction. My husband got home and with the first bite, he paused and looked at me.

“What is this?”

“I have no idea,” I said. I truly meant it; I had just thrown some ingredients in a pan. My husband, used to his wife’s bent to nonconformance of recipes was used to this and replied, “Can you figure out how to do this again? It’s really good.”

I was not used to such compliments, and I immediately rushed upstairs to write down everything about it I could remember. I made it again a couple of nights later and unfortunately it was not as good as the first time. So I made adjustments and made it repeatedly and again.

Making the Sausage and Vegetable Stir Fry

People, when my ‘man food’ husband gives me a compliment on a dish, I know I need to nail it down. Remember, food for him is an experience.

I think I have finally nailed down the sausage and vegetable dish he so graciously gave that first compliment to. In fact, I made it last night, and his response as he engulfed the dish was, “This is so good.”

So, my friends, based on my husband’s approval, I offer my humble recipe of a “Hubby Approving Sausage and Vegetables Stir Fry”

This Sausage and Vegetables stir fry recipe is Trim Healthy Mama friendly and considered a ‘S’ meal. There is not enough Greek yogurt to make it into a crossover. Remember do not count vegetables in your carb count.