Seasonal Beauty “Christmas Far from Home” by Hermaris Diaz-Bobe

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A Beautiful Christmas far from Home

Hot chocolate, cozy socks, and Christmas music in the background. Mom, dad, and little girls gathered while sharing stories. Love fills the air, and it smells like chocolate. Despite family members being far away, the joy of Christmas overcomes the sorrow of the distance. This is Christmas to many families. 

We moved away from home six years ago. We left our little island and arrived to the state of Virginia as our military orders assigned us here. We knew no one. That first year was the hardest. But technology, oh thank you technology. We live in such an amazing time. 


How to Close the Distance Gap

Despite how far away we are from our families, we have made the best efforts to close that gap. Here are some things that we have done:
  • Our parents send us either the money or the gifts beforehand so that on Christmas morning they are under the tree.
  • On Christmas morning we each video call our parents in order to open presents with them in the room
  • No matter what is going on, we schedule a time to call our parents on key days like Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, New Years’ eve, we even count down with them while on the phone.
  • Taking pictures next to the tree while showing the grandparents on the phone screen
  • Having the grandparents say they send a kiss and us here presently kissing
  • Having a special ornament that represents each of the grandparents on the tree (usually a picture one) and they have an ornament that represents us in theirs.

Time Goes Fast

And since I have mentioned ornaments-

Decorating is a big family activity. Our girls are young, but they get excited when they see the boxes. Yes, a section of our tree does not look perfect, but it is still beautiful. These will only be a few Christmases. Time goes by so fast. I mean, I feel like we blinked and we are celebrating Christmas again. 

My oldest girl sings Christmas songs and celebrates each day because she knows she is loved. It is cold outside, and the best way to protect ourselves is to find fun little activities to pass time inside. We may have Mickey’s twice upon a Christmas on repeat, but we know it will not be forever. 

Christmas is a busy time of year, and we make our best to take things slow. We buy the presents in advance and decorate in a span of time instead of on a specific day. We stretch the season. We waited the whole year for it, so we make the best out of it. Enjoy it!

Have a blessed Christmas Day,


A Little More About Hermaris Diaz-Bobe

Hermarís Díaz-Bobé was born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. At the age of 23 she married and shortly after moved to Virginia as part of her husband’s military orders. There, she worked as a Spanish teacher and completed a Master’s degree in Practical Theology through Regent University. Once they decided to grow their family, Hermaris decided to stay at home with their first daughter. This is where Anchored Diary comes to life. As she battled PPD due to an unexpected c-section, writing became an outlet. Many shared with her that she should not keep those stories private and the blog was born. Hermaris is currently working from home, taking care of two daughters, building a photography business, advocating for babywearing, and creating content for her ministry through blogging.

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