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Spinach Garlic Chicken

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This version of spinach garlic chicken may remind you a little bit of the classic “Green Eggs and Ham” book by Dr.Suess. But don’t let that fool you! It’s not your typical ‘green’ food! This easy keto and Trim Healthy Mama friendly spinach garlic chicken skillet is a delicious way to add some green color to your diet and enjoy a scrumptious dinner.

garlic spinach chicken in a cast iron

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Eating Green Chicken

I’ll always remember the first time I made this dish. My husband came home, sat at the table, and starred at it. The longer he stared at it, the harder I started laughing, and the harder I started laughing, the longer he just stared at it!

You might think eating green chicken is just too weird! My husband is all about looks, so eating the green chicken was a bit out of his comfort zone. But I promise you, if you can put aside the green chicken part of a little bit, you will taste an absolutely delicious meal.

spinach garlic chicken

Is it Better to Eat Spinach Raw or Cooked?

The original inspiration for this recipe came because I was making different smoothies from both the Trim Healthy Mama Table and the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. I was often experimenting with okra and spinach in different smoothies and recipes and one thing led to another and I suddenly wondered if I could add spinach to a garlic chicken recipe I enjoyed. The first time I blended all the ingredients, I wasn’t sure if I had created a green swamp food or something that would actually be good! Blending all the spinach makes it smooth, just like adding it to a smoothie.

Spinach can be eaten both raw or cooked and there are different benefits to using them in each scenario. Vitamins like folate and vitamin C are more available in spinach when eaten raw. However, in a recipe like this spinach garlic chicken, spinach when cooked can increase vitamin D, iron, protein, and zinc!

What’s the Best way to eat Spinach?

There is no ‘best way’ to eat spinach. But there are certainly many creative ways to eat spinach both cooked and raw.

In this garlic spinach chicken recipe, we are blending the spinach into a sauce. You can use less spinach in a sauce recipe and still reap some of the benefits of incorporating spinach into your diet. Here are some other ways to add cooked spinach into your diet.

  1. Add it into your next casserole dish.
  2. Add it in pesto.
  3. Roll in in pasta.
  4. Blend it into a soup!
  5. Cook it in a skillet meal.

Other ways to eat spinach raw.

  1. Blend it into a cold smoothie.
  2. Garnish a salad with it.
  3. Add some to a sandwich.
  4. Make a mint shake and add a bit of spinach!
  5. Make mint ice cream!

Find more ideas for easy and quick meals and snacks that are packed with veggies and superfoods in the Free Healing Harvest Cookbook.

What do you eat Garlic Chicken with?

I love the taste of garlic with chicken and adding the cream cheese and spinach really takes this spinach garlic chicken to an entirely different level. Don’t let the green color fool you, because this dish is creamy and delicious!

This spinach garlic chicken usually feeds 4-6 people but needs some healthy sides to go with it. For children, some sprouted bread with buttah just might be the ticket. My husband also enjoys using corn chips to scoop up all the spinach sauce. Dreamfield pasta can also make this dish into a nice crossover. For Trim Healthy Mama’s trying to lose weight, consider adding some konjac noodles to the sauce to add some substance.

Preparing the Spinach Garlic Chicken

This is another one of those dishes that are going to be a ‘throw’ into the pot type of dinner. Those are my favorite!

Make sure that you have a good blender, so your sauce is smooth.

I personally like using this very reasonably priced food processor by Ninja. I have replaced it a couple of times now because it does get worn out, but the price is completely worth it.

Don’t let this spinach garlic chicken fool you, it’s delicious!