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Sugar Free Cookie Cake

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Snuggle up with a good cup of almond milk and this sugar free cookie cake. A keto skillet cookie that is Trim Healthy Mama friendly. You can’t beat the ease of this simple recipe.

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How do you make Sugar Free Cookies from Scratch?

The basic to most cookie is some combination of flour, eggs, sugar, and butter. In the case of a sugar free cookie, it is much the same. The only exception is replacing a typical sugar with a more sustainable and healthy sugar alternative.

A Healthy Sugar Alternative

There are many sugar alternatives that can be used to make with this sugar free cookie cake. My personal favorite is a stevia blend. But there are many other healthy sugar alternatives like monk fruit, coconut sugar, or a Erythritol blend.

A stevia blend is my favorite because stevia ranks a big fat zero on the glycemic index. It is a cheaper alternative to monk fruit (usually), and its bitter taste can often be evened out by adding erythritol. I also grow stevia in my garden all summer long, so I can attest to the natural nature of the plant.

My personal favorite is the Trim Healthy Mama brand because they put great care into making sure their stevia blend is non-gmo. A Trim Healthy Mama cookie or a Keto skillet cookie, needs to have a sugar alternative that is low on the glyemic index. Stevia is a great alternative to consider.

What can I use Instead of Sugar in Cookies?

How to make sugar free cookies? Start with the sugar alternatives. Need a easy list? Here you go!

  1. Stevia – my go to sugar alternatives
  2. Monk Fruit – a one for one replacement option.
  3. Coconut Sugar – tastes closer to sugar but is not low of the glycemic index.
  4. Erythritol or Xylitol – sugar alcohols that can be used safely as a replacement without spiking your blood sugar.

What Ingredient makes Cookies Cakey?

I won’t lie, this sugar free cookie cake is a bit more cakey than a typical cookie. Typically, a cookie that is cakier is the results of a surplus of eggs or too much baking powder. Because this is not a traditional sugar free chocolate chip cookie, it is a bit more cakey. Just like the name suggests. Still delicious and great with a glass of milk for a snack.

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What Happens if you don’t put Sugar in Cookies?

Traditional sugar helps a cookie in more ways than just adding sweetness! As the sugar melts it helps the cookie spread out. It also helps the cookie caramelize and adds a bit crisper to the cookie depending on how much is used.

In a sugar free cookie, the stevia acts just a little bit different and it’s main job is to add the sweetness to the cookie! By cutting back on the measurements used, often stevia desserts need to compensate by adding additional ingredients. Most of the time this means adding a bit more eggs and a bit more baking powder, and if you remember this often means a bit more of a cakey cookie!

I like my keto skillet cookie opposed to a traditional cookie, because it seems more natural to consume a cakey cookie in this form! If you are looking for a more traditional cookie, you can check out “The Softest THM Chocolate Chip Cookie” recipe. It won’t disappoint!

keto skillet cookie with milk on a table

Keto Cookies and Chocolate Chips

What type of chocolate chips should I use for keto or Trim Healthy Mama desserts? That’s a great question! There are a lot to choose from!

Trim Healthy Mama offers an exceptionally pure and rich chocolate chip, but they can be frustrating to order because you will need to order than separately from any other THM items purchased. This can be hard on the wallet!

An alternative for this keto skillet cookie can be ChocZero, which uses monk fruit instead of stevia for it’s sweetener. My personal favorite is Lily’s Chocolate chips. These are great to use in the keto skillet cookie, or any other keto desserts. I used to make any Trim Healthy Mama dessert that required chocolate chips only with Lily’s, but in recent years have experimented with others. I continue to come back to Lily’s for my sugar free dessert needs. They don’t disappoint.

Staying on Track with a Healthy Diet

Sugar free cookie recipes like this one helps me stay on track with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Desserts can be a real weakness when transitioning to a sugar free diet, but these scrumptious alternatives can keep us Trim Healthy Mama’s on track in our food freedom lifestyle!

Another resource I use to stay on track is my Happy Planner Food Freedom Tracker. This handy tracker is laid out for you to journal your foods, drinks, and victories throughout the day. It’s simple format may be just what you need!

Are you enjoying using healthy recipes for your healthy lifestyle? I have so many recipes that I would like to share with you to aid on your healthy journey. The FREE Healing Home Harvest cookbook can be yours today, and it is filled with amazing recipes for you to try that are healthy carb and healthy fat based.

A Healthy Keto Skillet Cookie

A healthy keto skillet cookie is right here! Literally right below what you are reading! It’s Trim Healthy Mama friendly, keto friendly, no sugar, and delicious to boot! Are those enough explanation points yet?

In all seriousness, these bad boys are truly a remarkable gem for a snack, or if you’re feeling spunky you could even try them as a breakfast!