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Sugar Free Gummy Bear Recipe

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A three ingredients sugar free gummy bear recipe. Is it even possible? Trust me it’s not only possible, but it’s smackingly delicious! Your kids will love these, you will love these, and you will want to make a double or triple batch!

sugar free gummy bear recipe with blue skies colada from Trim Healthy Mama

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Can you Buy Sugar Free Gummies?

There are certainly a few companies out there that provide some decent options for sugar free candies. However, most of them use sweeteners that will often cause digestive distress or issues.

One of the only companies out there that I have tried with some measure of success is Smart Sweets. I use these for my boys when I need a quick sweet treat and don’t have something on hand.

The sweetener fiber that Smart Sweets uses is known to possibly impact blood sugar levels, so if you are a THM lady or Keto, use with caution.

blue gummy bears

Stevia Gummy Bear Recipe

A much better option to buying a gummy candy is to make your own. This sugar free gummy bear recipe can serve you for years to come and will end up being cheaper (and more delicious) than other store-bought options with questionable ingredients.

With a fairly cheap mold and some quality products you can make absolutely delicious gummy bears and use them for you or your children!

For this sugar free gummy bear recipe, I use Trim Healthy Mama’s Blue Skies Colada hydrates. These hydrates have only 1 net carb in each package and

gummy bear molds

How many can you eat at a time?

Your serving size will vary a little depending on the molds that you use. If you use the molds that I used, you will have extra liquid at the end. To use all the liquid, you would need about six of these and the pack only comes with 4. I like to take extra liquid and pour it into a 9×9 glass dish and cut it into squares after it firms.

A true serving size of these little bears would be about 25 bears.

Sugar Free Gummies for a Snack

These are basically ‘free food’. They are low in carbs, fat, and calories. They have just a tiny bit of protein. In the Trim Healthy Mama world these would be called a fuel pull.

Personally, these would not sustain me for a snack, so if you live the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle, I recommend having another side with a more substantial amount of protein. Having a few of these (remember about 20-25 of these tiny bears is a serving size)

If you are new to this whole sugar free lifestyle, you may be interested in checking out the 5-day sugar challenge. This free workbook and email course will offer you insight and resources for cutting the sugar monster and living a more ‘sugarless’ life.

These sugar free gummy bear recipe is an excellent and easy recipe to start your less sugar journey!

sugar free challenge workbook

Ingredients and Flavor Options

The ingredients for this recipe are abundantly simple. You will need to invest a little bit into the ingredients and the mold, but then you will have them forever!

4 packs of Trim Healthy Mama Blue Skies Colada Hydrates
1/2 cup cool water
1 1/2 cup nearly boiling water
7 tbsp gelatin

Alternatively, you can use True lime packs and any good, sourced gelatin.

Please Note: The nutrition facts of the recipe below will be slightly off due to the varying ingredients used and what nutrition development recognize.