Sparkling Sugar Free raspberry lemonade
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Sparkling Sugar Free Raspberry Lemonade

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In the Midwest, summer has finally started to feel like Summer and I want some summer flavors in my life. It’s time to enjoy Summer to it’s fullest with this delectable sugar free raspberry lemonade. Sugar free drink recipes are delightful for the summer season, and this one even has a hidden punch that gives it a burst of flavor!

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The Flavors of Summer

This recipe and post was originally published in 2019.

I’m going to go on a side tangent because this winter was truly the worst! Our winter was one of the worst I can remember with temperatures dipping far below zero, records amount of snow falls, and what seemed like endless dreariness. On January 28th, the air temperature dropped down to -56 degrees with wind chills of -65 in my little corner of Minnesota. On that particular day, our poor chickens heated waterer couldn’t even keep up.

I ended up calling my very understanding mother-in-law to come hold the baby as I took the dog with me to trudge through snow that was up to my thighs. The dog made it for exactly 90 seconds before her paws gave out and she ran back inside. Meanwhile my pregnant butt was trying to save our little chickens and I realized my car was not going to start. Finding our battery charger I got it hooked up to the battery, only to discover that it was so frigidly cold that it had snapped the cables.

All that to say, soaking in Summer before another cold snap hits, is one of my top priorities. I think I speak for most mid-westerners when I say, Summer can last for as long as it likes.

A Sugar Free Lemonade Recipe

A cool lemonade hits the spot on the long days of Summer. The problem with lemonade is the fact that lemonade holds ginormous amounts of sugar. We’ve talked about the general dangers of sugar in the past, so I won’t bore you with my tirade on the epidemic of sugar in American culture. However, don’t think that just because it has a fruit in it’s title makes it healthy or nourishing for your body.

When it comes to the epidemic of sugar, I will stand firm in my stance that sugar is sugar. I’ve had it shot back at me many times that fruit sugar is different. Yes, fruit sugar has some amazing benefits for our body and it can be very healing.

However, when we consume copious amounts of sugar in a day from crackers to drinks, to dessert, I tend to believe that we need to treat sugar with the same copious amounts of caution. I love using stevia in place of sugar which is not a artificial sweetener, but sometimes I need a break from that substitute, which is why this drink is made with monk fruit, which is another great substitute from the epidemic of cane sugar.

How do we do that? By taking one small step at a time. Maybe first you can kick back in the summer heat and enjoy this monk sweetened delicious lemonade. You can also join my exclusive Sugar Free Challenge where we will kick the sugar epidemic to the curb. The great thing about the Sugar Challenge is that you will get the full 5-day email course, AND the free Sugar Challenge Workbook!

Your 5 Day Sugar Challenge

What other sugar free drink recipes do you like for beautiful summers!?

If you try this recipe, be sure to let me know over on Instagram. I love hearing from all you beautiful souls!

How do you make Raspberry Lemonade from Scratch?

Making a sugar free raspberry lemonade from scratch dose not have to be difficult! It can totally be Trim Healthy Mama friendly and work well on your taste buds. Have the guess what the ‘punch’ of this recipe is yet? Watkins has an excellent Rum extract that adds just a little kick to this recipe that some people may like. You can always leave it out if it doesn’t quite do anything for you.

I like to use fresh lemonade because the sugar contents seem just a little bit more natural to me, but if you prefer the ease of lemon juice, that is acceptable too.

If you have some peppermint or lemon balm leaves, be sure to add those on top to add just a little bit of flare!

Enjoy your Summer refreshment!

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