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The Best Low Carb Hash Brown Casserole

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Long ago I remember the lunch lady at my small town school serving me hash browns. They were greasy, nasty, and delicious all at the same time! Do you remember those days too? You’re my kind of lady, let’s be friends! The days of indulging in those highly processed hash browns are gone. But something better has taken their place. Introducing the Low Carb Hash Brown Casserole! Filled with yummy fats, delicious dairy, and hash brown like texture!

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Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole

Who doesn’t love a cheesy hash brown casserole!? The combination of potatoes and cheese just sings with deliciousness. Yet those on THM know that the combination of carbs and fats can easily add some extra inches to our waistline if we are consistently eating heavy fats and heavy carbs together.

So how do we enjoy those delicious cheesy hash brown casseroles without all the extra heavy fats, carbs, and calories?

Gluten Free Hash Brown Casserole

For years I lived the gluten free lifestyle and struggled through figuring out which traditional food items were gluten free and which were not.

This casserole is 100% gluten free because it uses the beautiful vegetable cauliflower to replicate the texture and taste of potatoes. The recipe uses riced cauliflower as a substitute, but if you would prefer a little more work for a much greater reward, but can shred the ends of fresh cauliflower which gives this casserole a much more potato like texture. I originally read this idea on Joy Filled Eats with her Cracker Barrel Hash Brown Casserole idea.

low carb hash brown casserole

What brand of hash browns are gluten free?

There are a few hash browns that are naturally gluten free. Ore-Ida and Simply Potatoes hash browns are gluten free. But THMers don’t get excited just yet because both of them contain a little known ingredient called dextrose that spikes you blood sugar and isn’t an ideal ingredient.

Occasionally I will add some potatoes (1 cup of freshly shredded potatoes) to this recipe to give it an even more potato flavor. However if you chose to do that you will be in crossover mode. Keeping it as is will leave you in S territory.

You can find other delicious veggie and low carb recipes in my Free Healing Harvest Cookbook!

Cauliflower Hash Browns Recipe

There are many potato look alike recipes that use cauliflower. We make mashed cauliflower quite a bit around here. I personally like using fresh cauliflower, but I know many enjoy using riced cauliflower instead. Another recipe with cauliflower that I can’t live without is the Buffalo Cauliflower Dip. I love hot dip during the holiday seasons and the Buffalo Cauliflower Dip is one that I return to every single holiday season.

This cauliflower hash brown recipe just might be another one that I return to time and time again during the holiday season. As a low carb hash brown casserole it is a great one to keep around when the off plan treats start coming at you!

Another great look alike recipe for Hash Browns is in the new Trim Healthy Future Cookbook, which will be available for order again soon! on page 90 there is an excellent recipe for Rad Has Brown Casseroles that uses radishes instead of cauliflower!

The Low Carb Hash Brown Casserole

It’s time to dive into the actual recipe! As you may have guessed the main portion of this look alike low carb hash brown casserole is the cauliflower! You can used the shredded cauliflower, but the recipe calls for rice cauliflower since it is the easiest!

As usual, I love recipes that you can throw all the ingredients into the same pan you are cooking in, us mama’s got to keep our meals simple, simple, simple. To make this recipe you will literally throw everything into the same pan you are cooking in and bake away!