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The Softest THM Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Chocolate Chip cookies take me back to childhood. They basically could the the poster image for childhood. But once again, chocolate chip cookies are tasty, but not kind to my mama waistline. Trim Healthy Mama comes back to save me again, but this time with the softest THM Chocolate Chip Cookies that I have ever tasted.

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Making THM Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have ate a lot of THM cookies during my years of being a THMer. Top on my time as gluten free, and the amount of ‘healthy’ cookies I have tried climbs to extraordinary amounts. Most cookies in the healthy categories are too crumbly, too hard, too bitter, too nasty, too healthy tasting to eat!

These are just the opposite. If you have been around this blog for any length of time, the best recipes I make are those that pass t he ‘Husband Dan’ test. My husband is a foodie. He is not a health food foodie, and therefore can be rather critical of my THM recipes. He wants to taste only the best. The first time I mentioned his critial taste buds was for the “Hubby Approving Veggie Stir Fry,” which is still a dinner time favorite.

I’m proud to say, that these cookies passed the ‘husband Dan test’ with flying colors, and he has went back for more multiple times.

THM Chocolate Chip Cookies on parchment paper

THM Chocolate Chips

Sugar free chocolate chips has to be one of the most confusing and frustrating food items to get right on Trim Healthy Mama. These THM Chocolate Chip Cookies have used many different sugar free options over the years. You do not have to buy the THM brand of chocolate chips for these to be successful.

Trim Healthy Mama Chocolate Chips – are they worth it?

THM Chocolate is certainly the purest on plan. They have no questionable ingredients like sucrose, corn fiber, or chemical sweeteners. They are a bit annoying to get because you have to purchase them separately from anything else you order, and during the summer months, probably will want a ice pack to go with them.

For me it’s all about priorities, I think the THM chocolate chips are completely worth it…in some seasons of life. Right now I would prefer to use my money to go towards THM stevia, baobab, or protein powder. Those are products that THM soars above the rest in. Although I believe Trim Healthy Mama chocolate chips are the best on the market, they also have good competitors that I can find in local grocery stores.

Healthy Chocolate Chip Alternatives

There are other options out there. The THM community went crazy about a year ago when Bake Believe launched an ‘on-plan’ chocolate chip that is available in many grocery stores like Walmart.

Another tried and true option is Lily’s Chocolate. This stevia sweetened chocolate chips has been around for the test of time, and THM, Keto, and other diets have used this healthy alternative to sugary chocolate chips.

ChocZero is another chocolate chip good to mention because they are sweetened with monk fruit instead of stevia. Sometimes stevia can cause a allergic reaction or tummy distress. Monk Fruit is often a gentler option. ChocZero however does use corn fiber, which is an off plan ingredient on THM. Therefore this would be considered a ‘personal choice’ product in the THM community.

Finally, let’s talk about Hershey’s sugar free chocolate chips. To be honest, I have used this alternative in the past. Let’s be clear though. Hershey’ chocolate chips is not THM on plan, nor does it use clean ingredients. These are readily available in most grocery stores, and is kinder of a budget. Hershey’s uses malititol, which is far from a healthy ingredient and can be very hard of the digestive tract. I have used them occasionally when my budget was tight or I was in a pinch.

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THM Baking Blend

THM baking blend can be another hot button topic in the Trim Healthy Mama community. You don’t need Baking Blend to be on plan. You certainly don’t need Baking Blend for this recipe. I’ve never used Baking Blend in this recipe. If you do, let me know how it turns out!

Brianna Thomas has the best baking mix for THM in my opinion. That is what makes this recipe turn out the best.

In the Trim Healthy Mama Table book, the authors talk about using a mixture of 1:1 coconut flour and ground flax seed as an alternative to their Baking Blend mixture. What makes this cookie so fluffy and soft is the added protein. So if you are really without a baking mixture, you can try 1/4 cup coconut flour, 1/4 cup flax seek, and 1/4 cup protein powder. That will really make these THM Chocolate Chip Cookies soft and fluffy to the make!

The Softest THM Chocolate Chip Cookies

There you have it! These the certainly the softest THM Chocolate Chip cookies that have ever crossed my lips. How about you? If you try them, I would just love to hear how they turned out. Shoot me a message or sign up for my newsletter, that is where all the juicy new recipes and printables are to be found! You can also grab the completely free Healing Home Harvest Cookbook with more Keto and THM-friendly recipes.