10 of the Best Fall Books for Children

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I like books. Especially fall books for children.

If you have followed my journey at all you realize I have just stated, the obvious. Kid’s books are my ultimate kryptonite. My husband has been great with the whole obsession, but every once in a while, I catch him looking at my collection of children’s books with the expression of ‘my wife is insane’.

That insanity is good for my readers! It means I have shuffled through hundreds of books to find the ones I like best. This means you don’t have to! These are sure to please during this harvest and Thanksgiving season. The stories are solid, wholesome, and complete with stunning illustrations.

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The Best Fall Books for Children

Why would I consider these the ‘best’ fall books for children? Mostly because they are my favorites! But also because these are tried and tested books that I have used in preschool teaching, Kindermusik teaching, and with my own children. They have been tested and tried with multiple children who love all of these fall books for children. Get ready for the 10 Best Fall Books for Children!

“Over the River” 

I first encountered this book as a nanny. I was hooked. I thought it was the most adorable kids book I had ever seen in my life. Honestly, I liked it more than my nanny girl did. The book takes the traditional song “Over the River” and follows the journey of a turkey family as they make their way to grandmas house. As they travel a hunter and his dog are on a similar journey until they spot the turkey family. Will everyone survive on the way to Thanksgiving dinner?

“The First Thanksgiving

While I was putting together this list I Marco Polo my mom and sister to ask them if there were any books from our childhood that they remembered. Both of them instantly replied back about a Thanksgiving book about pilgrims, but they couldn’t remember the name. I giggled as I recorded a Marco Polo back and showed them the very book they were thinking of. I had ‘stole’ it from my parent’s house years prior because I had such fond memories of reading it as a child.

It’s a very informative book, but definitely for older children. The authors trace the journey of the Pilgrims thought out the first Thanksgiving. Complete with beautiful illustrations, it’s a memorable book through the years. As evidence by my sister and myself remembering it years later.

“Llama Llama Time to Share”

This book is not necessarily a harvest or Thanksgiving book, but I like to read it this time of the year due to the season we are entering. Children are smart. They realize we are going into the most materialistic time of the year. From my experience, I see more children protective of their toys than any other time of the year. I like the straight forward approach Anna Dewdney takes to sharing. Although there is not much of a heart change in Llamas desire to share, I like the response the mama’s have to the sharing issue that Llama and Nelly Gnu have. It’s sure to inspire a conversation with your little ones about sharing toys!

“Secrets of the Vegetable Garden

You knew I couldn’t complete this list without an Usborne Books & More book! The Shine -a-Light series is brilliant because of the interaction that children get out of learning. Anytime there is learning in more than one modality, the learning is reinforced in a greater nature. Reading is good but taking a flashlight and revealing something in the book becomes more memorable for children. This book goes from Spring to harvest complete with prompts for children to discover!

“Baby Loves Fall

Like the title suggests, this one is for the littlest in the home. This was a new series for me, but I fell in love with the simplicity and easy-to-move flaps for the little ones. My 7-month-old is obsessed with leaves this year, so he kept trying to pick up the leaves from the pictures. With simple illustrations and prompts for opening the flaps, this book is sure to please!

Want more delightful books for children under two? I have an extensive resource for kids books for those little ones!

“By the Light of the Harvest Moon”

If you have not seen this book, go get it. The front cover alone draws you in with its beauty. The story begins with a farmer at Apple Hill Farm, who tiredly walks into his farmhouse under the bright light of the harvest moon. The story takes a turn as the wind gusts and cute leaf people emerge from the piles of leaves in the pumpkin patch. Under the harvest moon, they fellowship together with meals, laughter, and games. I won’t give away the rest of the storyline, but the imagination that sparks throughout this book is worth the!

“The Tale of Two Beasts”

If I was to describe this book in a nutshell I would say “this book is about discovering different perspectives.”  Set in the Autumn weather, the book follows two ‘beasts.’ The first is a little girl who ‘rescues’ a raccoon-like a creature from the woods as she walks home. From her perspective, she saved the beast from a horrible situation and can’t understand why he is not more thankful to her for the rescue. The part of the book follows the raccoon-like creature as he tells from his perspective how he was kidnapped and held hostage by the girl beast. In the end, they discover friendship.

“10 Fat Turkeys

This book is just pure silliness. The wacky tale of 10 turkeys and their antics is sure to please many readers. Mom and dad might even get a chuckle out of the storyline and flapping turkey illustrations. This time of the year is perfect for some laughter together!

Bear Says Thanks!

What I love about this book is the action that the bear takes when he realizes he is so thankful for all his friends. Instead of just saying he is thankful, he acts upon the notion. His idea is to have a grand feast. However, his cupboards are bare. With some teamwork from all his friends, they gather for a thankful feast. It’s a delightful tale!

There are many activities that could go together with this book, including these gratitude pumpkins.

“The Thank You Dish”

An attitude of appreciation is cultivated in this story. It’s heartwarming and a must-have for every young child’s library. As Grace sits down for dinner, she learns about all those that participated in making her meal possible. The sweet story ends with Grace thanking her mom for making the dinner. This book is valuable and insightful for all ages in your family!

Fall Books for Preschoolers

Have I forgotten your favorite fall book for preschoolers? I’d love to know which one your children like. Comment below or catch me over on facebook or instagram.

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