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Welcome to Trim Healthy Mama Coaching with Healing Home

If you are a paid client, you can access the client coaching portal here. 

Hi, I’m Coach Rachael and I am so glad that you have found your way to my corner of the internet with Trim Healthy Mama coaching. I want to help you on your Trim Healthy Mama journey to make strides of improvement in your goals. Let’s celebrate the victories both big and small! Let’s create healing and healthy foods, and have some laughs along the way. It's time for some Trim Healthy Mama Coaching! 

Whether you are a THM Healthy Mama beginner, or well advanced veteran, I hope you will find encouragement here as we continue to pursue Jesus through our unique journey of creating our homes and families. 

What is Trim Healthy Mama

There’s a lot of science that goes into the Trim Healthy Mama Plan, but simply put, we anchor everything with protein and then chose to eat either a Fat based meal or a Carb based meal. Trim Healthy Mama categorizes this as an Satisfying meal (S-Meal) for fat based, or a Energizing Meal (E-Meal) for carb based.

Around here, my recipes are categorized as a 'Healthy Fat', 'Healthy Carb', 'Low Fat/Low Carb', or 'Healthy Fat and Healthy Carb' 

As a result we balance our blood sugar, trim down, feel healthier, and thrive. 

Cultivate a Healing Lifestyle

Healthy living is more than what is on the scale. Actually it has very little to do with the scale. My THM journey started in 2014 when I first heard about the premise. Since then I have flucuated with over 80 lbs of weight. And yet I would still call myself a "Trim Healthy Mama". I would still call myself 'healthy'. I still label myself 'healed' from the power of food control. 

We all go through different seasons where our weight can change. We have babies, deal with hormones, encounter stress, and deal with weight change. These times are not faliures , they are opportunities for growth, and I would love nothing more than to walk next to you as we grow together. 

Is there a Trim Healthy Mama app?

The much anticipated Trim Healthy Mama app has arrived! The THM food analyzer, will help you identify if a specific food is a S, E, or FP. That is the most useful and popular feature of the app. You will also have easy access to the most used Trim Healthy Mama hangouts and places. Their Ezine newsletter, shop, Podcast, and and recipes are all easily accessible in the app homepage. Available in for both android and apple phones. 

Trim Healthy Mama also launched a separate app called Trim Healthy Journey at the end of 2020! Although the launch is still fairly new, the app seems to very efficiently track your THM journey with a food journal, selfie pictures, measurements, and a thriving THM community! 

The Biblical Part

Trim Healthy Mama plan is based on the premise that God created all the food groups. Deuteronomy 32 goes into detail about how God cares for his people. He even elaborates on what type of food he gives them. These include grains and greens, glucose, fats and oils, meat and animal fat, butter from cattle, dairy, and fruit (starts in verse 13). He didn’t eliminate anything from their diet. It was holistic. Complete.

What Religion are the Trim Healthy Mama Sisters?

Yes, the Trim Healthy Mama sisters do claim to be born again Christian believers. But that doesn't mean that their plan is exclusively 'Christian'. Their Trim Healthy Plan Book can be read without feeling 'preached' to, but has some biblical themes woven throughout the reading. Although they have no official nutritional education, their plan is well founded, researched, and proven to bve effective. 

cast iron on wood table

” He made him ride on the high places of the land,
and he ate the produce of the field,
and he suckled him with honey out of the rock,
and oil out of the flinty rock.
Curds from the herd, and milk from the flock,
with fat of lambs,
rams of Bashan and goats,
with the very finest of the wheat—
and you drank foaming wine made from the blood of the grape.” Deuteronomy 32:13-14 ESV

How much does a THM coach cost?

Every Trim Healthy Mama coach will charge slightly different based on what they are offering and the experience as a coach. Trim Healthy Mama coaching with Coach Rachael and Healing Home is a reasonably priced option for group coaching. You will have daily accountability, support, and opportunities for growth. 

How do you Become a Trim Healthy Mama Coach?

Each Trim Healthy Mama coach must be on plan for at least 6 months and be over 18 years old. THM coaches go through detailed training, testing, and practice to finally be certified as a Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle coach. When you put your trust in a coach, you are getting the best possible THM training. 

Current Trim Healthy Mama Coaching Opportunities

crash course!
1 on 1 coaching

Group Coaching

January 13, 14, 15 2022!
$ 29
3-day Crash Course
  • 3-20 minutes teaching lives
  • Workbook for each live (PDF)
  • Beginners Recipe Ideas right from the Cookbooks (PDF)
  • Easy Beginner Menu (PDF)
  • Daily Question Thread
  • Support

1-on-1 Coaching

Great for beginners or those that need focused tweaks
$ 175
4- week Foundations
  • 1-hour start up Zoom call
  • Weekly 30 minute calls
  • Tailor made to fit your unique needs
  • Daily text check-in
  • Unlimited texting and email support
  • Custom Work out Plan
  • Help with Mealing Planning and Prep
  • Grocery Shopping Lists
  • Custom Help to Suit your Needs!