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A Trim Healthy Mama Quick Start

This quick start was written by a certified THM coach, as such I try to honor the plan as best as I am able, while still incorporating some personal helpful hints. Visit my coaching page to learn more.

I have lived the lifestyle of a Trim Healthy Mama for the past year and a half. I was introduced to it over 5 years ago, read the original book, and dabbled in consistency until I had my first baby. The ideas, the scripture, the lifestyle, the success I saw; everything was evidence that it worked and would be something sustainable. I just teetered on wanting to actually dive in. Could my very picky husband stand it? What if I failed? What if I didn’t loose weight? What if I failed? What if I failed?

I did fail. I’ve failed a lot. 

Do I feel guilty? A little. When I fail I’m not nourishing my body or honoring my family.

But I have learned so much from embracing a lifestyle rooted in the scripture.  Piling on guilt does nothing for me. I’ve learned there is grace.  I’ve learned that grabbing unhealthy chips does nothing for me. I can grab a stevia sweetened chocolate bar, or take the time to make Cottage Berry Whip. Either would be decadent, and my body and growing baby would be nourished.

I’m constantly learning and failing. And the biggest piece is letting go of the guilt.  This guide is a detailed Trim Healthy Mama simplified quick start.

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The Diet Craze Guilt and the Grace of God

Our culture has made the diet craze into two simple categories. Either you fail, or you succeed. There’s no in-between. There’s no grace.

My mission in pursuing a healing home stems from the grace that God has lavished upon me. That is one of the greatest reasons I love this lifestyle. There is grace to grow every step of the way. Sure, it’s complicated at first. Sure, it might seem overwhelming. But the benefits your body reaps, far outweighs the minor adjustment period. This Trim Healthy Mama quick start, might seem a little long, but there is a lot of information to aid you on your journey.

Complicating our Life, Simplifying our Food

Why is it that in womanhood we love a good challenge? Want to work and be a mom? The culture says you can do it! Want to stay at home and run a business? No problem, you are woman, hear us roar! Want to home school, run a home, run a business, and keep your kids alive? Don’t worry, we live in an age that not only says we can, but if we don’t there must be something wrong with you.

Yet our food can’t be over complicated. Nourishing our bodies has to be simple.

Rubbish. Take some of that womanhood oomph and apply it to caring for you body, and your families body. Learn. Learn. Learn. Fail. And learn again. THAT is how you simplify this lifestyle. Just DO IT. Start, fail, and learn again. Find some freedom in this plan! 

However, simplifying this lifestyle with resources is what I want to accomplish today. The following are the very BEST resources you can use on your THM journey. Take some time to weed through these resources. Take in what you think will be helpful, and chuck what you can’t use. 

If you want to read my full testimony of Trim Healthy Mama you can read my testimony “From Fat Girl to Child of God”

Trim Healthy Mama Simplified

I’m going to simplify the Trim Healthy Mama plan down to the bare minimum. Basically give you a Trim Healthy Mama quick start or do a Trim Healthy Mama Simplified Plan. There is much more than this. That is why the original plan book is 642 pages (yes, you read that right). However, we tend to complicate things, and I want to boil this down to the bare minimum, so here it goes. Let’s start the Trim Healthy Mama quick start!

The Biblical Part

Trim Healthy Mama plan is based on the premise that God created all the food groups. Deuteronomy 32 goes into detail about how God cares for his people. He even elaborates on what type of food he gives them. These include grains and greens, glucose, fats and oils, meat and animal fat, butter from cattle, dairy, and fruit (starts in verse 13). He didn’t eliminate anything from their diet. It was holistic. Complete.

” He made him ride on the high places of the land,
and he ate the produce of the field,
and he suckled him with honey out of the rock,
and oil out of the flinty rock.
Curds from the herd, and milk from the flock,
with fat of lambs,
rams of Bashan and goats,
with the very finest of the wheat—
and you drank foaming wine made from the blood of the grape.”

So how do we incorporate all these foods in a way that helps us loose weight or maintain weight. Especially with the complexities of a ladies body! We carry babies, we have menstruation, we have hormones up the kazoo, and all these effect our weight. 

Trim Healthy Mama Quick Start for Beginners

There’s a lot of science that goes into the Trim Healthy Mama Plan, but simply put, we anchor everything with protein and then chose to eat either a Fat Based meal or a Carb based meal. Trim Healthy Mama categorizes this as an Satisfying meal (S-Meal) for fat based, or a Energizing Meal (E-Meal) for carb based. 

There you go. That’s it. That’s the Trim Healthy Mama simplified! What really ‘clicked’ for me was understanding sugar. I’m going to oversimplify again but picture this. Carbs are typically a sugar based meal. Carbs are glucose or sugar. Our body has to burn this fuel first because sugar is toxic to the brain. Our blood cells know it has to burn that first.

So when we eat a meal that is heavy with fats and carbs (THM calls this a crossover, which sometimes is good to have) our body burns the carbs first. By the time we are ready to eat again the body hasn’t burned off all the fats from the previous meal, so it simply converts it into fat cells and stores it for later. And wala! We gain weight. 

Because of this the only real thing that THM eliminates is processed sugar. Sugar has ridiculous effects on the body and our culture has incorporated it into everything. From condiments to crackers. High fructose sugar is used as a preservative to practically everything in the processed food aisle. 

Instead THM encourages herbal/plant sweeteners like Stevia, Monk Fruit, Xylitol, or Erythritol.

A Trim Healthy Mama Testimony

Following the Trim Healthy Mama plan has lead me to lose a large amount of weight. March 2018 I was 253 pounds. March 10th, 2018 I was 219 pounds. December 23rd, 2018 I was 179 pounds.That is 74 pounds from my pregnant weight and 40 pounds from my post-partum weight. The funny thing is that for some women that number would be devastating.  When will we realize that numbers are poison? If you look at my wedding photos in 2014, 175 is about what I weighted on that day.

Wedding photo example
before pregnancy and during pregnancy
postpartum before and after

The Resources to Simplify your Journey – A Trim Healthy Mama Quick Start!

If you’ve landed on this page, you might be hoping for some resources. A Trim Healthy Mama quick start so to speak. Some products, and ideas to help simplify your journey.

The Trim Healthy Mama plan does not need to be expensive. Really it does not. However, you will need to invest in REAL food. Imagine that. Real food. Food that nourishes and protects our body.

Trim Healthy Mama plan products are great. I think the names they use for their products are ingenious. But what about those of us that already loves Amazon, and hates having to pay shipping for THM products? I have done a lot of research in finding products that are real, sustainable, and are created by reliable companies.

This list also contains the name that THM uses for these products. If you are using their cookbook and come across something called Gluccie, I have listed what the actual product name is. This is incredibly helpful as people get started in this lifestyle.

Are you ready for a very details Trim Healthy Mama Quick Start?! Let’s get started.

The Best Trim healthy Mama books graphic

The Books

  • The Original Book – Trim Healthy Mama
    • This is the book I started with. If you enjoy a good long read, or want to go deep immediately, than this is a good book. However if you want everything simplified, than go with the next book.
  • Trim Healthy Mama Plan
    • This is a much simpler and easy to read approach to the lifestyle.
  • Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook 
    • The Trim Healthy Mama plan seems to be best summarized in the intro section of this book. It is so well done, I highly recommend for a Trim Healthy Mama quick start.
  • Trim Healthy Mama Table
    • This book has my favorite Trim Healthy Mama plan recipes! It also has a front section that has a Trim Healthy Mama simplified guide.

You can find more about book recommendations over on my Trim Healthy Mama Plan cookbook guide.

Other Book Resources: 

Sometimes you need more than just the above books. Brianna Thomas brings some low-glycemic recipes  that are Trim Healthy Mama plan friendly. These are well loved by the THM community. Here first book Necessary Book and second Convenient Food are both wonderful additions to help with more recipe ideas for your vault of THM. 

The best of THM community graphic

The Trim Healthy Mama Community

The Trim Healthy Mama community is made up of sisters that are here for support! There is so many great THM sisters out there that want to see you succeed. These communities are one of the best ways to Trim Healthy Mama quick start this lifestyle!

The Podcast

Hands down, the thing that helped me stay on track after having my son was listening to the podcast as I walked everyday. I binged listened to every episode I could get my hands on. It was encouraging, funny, insightful, spiritually refreshing, and gave me advice on how to incorporate the Trim Healthy Mama plan into my life. 

You might not have maternity leave like I did, but I bet you have some time during your commute, work out, or naptimes! 

–  Trim Healthy Podcast 

– The Serene and Pearl Unshow 

Another podcast resource I recently started to enjoy is called Know Your Food and Ask Wardee. She takes a more traditional foods/purist approach. A good place to start is with her THM testimony episode.

THis specific podcast is more for the foodie that enjoys learning about traditional ways of eating food. Common topics on her podcasts include: sourdough, kombucha, fermented foods, and bone broth. 

Social Media Groups 

One of the best things that I did early on was join the Trim Healthy Mama facebook group.  However, this was almost 5 years ago. Now the facebook group reaches is over 200,000 members. Questions often get lost in the sheer magnitude of the group. So follow a official subgroup. There seems to be a never ending amount. Find your niche and get into a group with fewer members. Your questions will get much more individualized attention. Finding a social media group is one of the best things you can do for a Trim Healthy Mama quick start.

Amazon Alternatives

Amazon Alternatives to THM Products

As I said above, I love the THM products. you can find all of them at their lovely shop.  Sometimes it’s not realistic to shop through THM.  But for some of us mama’s its a budget thing. The following is my own cheaper, and sustainable products that I find helpful on my Trim Healthy Mama Journey. 

These are products that you will find in their cookbooks OR something commonly used in the Trim Healthy Mama plan. I have placed the THM name of the product first and below the product that I have chosen to use instead of purchasing from the THM shop. 

Many time the Trim Healthy Mama plan products are less expensive than the alternative. However it’s also common to run out of only one item. It’s unrealistic to pay shipping for only one item when an alternative can be purchased from Amazon with free shipping. When I need to restock on a bunch of items at the same time, that is when shopping through THM becomes achievable.

I love shopping THM products and have a pantry full of non-THM products AND THM products. Both have their purpose and season. For a Trim Healthy Mama quick start I recommend trying both THM products and non-THM products. See what works for you. 


THM Baobab Boost Powder – $13.99, 11 oz 


Baking Mixture

THM Baking Blend 16oz $8.99


{Combine equal parts coconut flour, almond flour, and flax seed}


THM Butterfly Bar 5- Pack $9.99 (as of October 2019 not available) 

THM Chocolate Chips  – 16oz $17.99

Alternatives {Sweetened with Stevia}

Lily’s Chocolate Bars 6-pack $22.55

Lily’s Chocolate Chips 9oz 2-pack $20.00


THM Integral Collagen  $19.99 16 oz



THM Burst Extracts $6.99 each or $39.99/6 pack



Just Gelatin 16oz $15.99


Now Foods Beef Gelatin  1lb $13.08

Great Lakes Gelatin 1lb $23.74


THM Gluccie 16oz $21.99


  • NOW Glucomannan 8oz $10.69
    • Note: This 8oz jar lasts me over a year since 2016 I have order this exact jar 3 times. I use it to thicken sauces on a regular basis. 

MCT Oil 

MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides) 32oz $19.99


Note: MCT oil is an enhanced version of coconut oil. It takes the best parts and creates a thermogenic temperature and therefore makes it a metabolic firestorm. 

For the longest time I had a hard time understanding the benefits/differences of MCT oil and coconut oil. That is, until I heard it explained like this: Coconut oil is like Steve Rodgers, who is great. But MCT oil is Captian America.

Isn’t that just the best explanation?! 


Trim Healthy Noodles Twin 4-pack (8 Total) 7oz each $18.99


Miracle Noodles 6-pack 7oz $16.81

Skinny Pasta 6-pack 9.52oz $23.99

Note: Remember when we talked about Glucomannan? All of these noodles are made from the same plant. There are known by Konjac noodles or Shirataki noodles. Often Wal-Mart will carry these in their product section. Their section is called Pasta Zero. These SAVED me when I first started the plan. I needed a pasta alternative and this was the perfect substitute. 

Many people complain about the fishy smell of these noodles, and my personal belief is that Skinny Pasta has the least smell out of all of these selections. 

Oat Fiber 

Oat Fiber 16 oz $5.99


Lifesource Foods Oat Fiber – 16oz $10.98

Note: this is one of those products that is nice to have on hand for various baking projects. However, it is not necessary at ALL. Briana Thomas’ cookbooks use oat fiber quite often, and it is a very light choice for baking. 

Protein Powder 

THM Pristine Whey Protein Powder 16 oz $17.99


Peanut Butter Products 

Pressed Peanut Flour 16oz $7.99 


Note: If you chose to buy PBfit at your local grocery store, please use caution. I used their original formula for months before I realized that it had coconut palm sugar in it. This will not help keep your blood sugar in check at all if you use it on a regular basis. 

Psyllium Flakes 

Whole Husk Psyllium Flakes 16oz $12.99


Yerba Prima Psyllium Flakes 24oz $22.92

Note: The most used rec pie for this is the low-carb Wonder Wraps found in the THM Cookbook on page 204. There are many other wonderful uses for Psyllium flakes, but Josephs wraps (found in next section) are a great alternative if you don’t want to buy a product for one recipe. 


Mineral Salt 12oz $4.99 


Note: The reason white table salt is so poor for your health is because it is highly processed. It is stripped of all nutrients and then chemically added nutrients are added back in. Often times bleach is used in the processing and what you are left to ingest is stripped sodium and bleach. It does very little for your body. An easy way to tell if your salt is going to nourish is if it has a pink or gray coloring to it. This means it is in more of its natural state. 

THM Stevia 

If there is one thing I make a priority to buy from THM it is their Stevia! If you are trying to do a Trim Healthy Mama quick start, stevia is the one product I would recommend buying from THM.  The processing of Stevia is important to the end result, and for some of the bigger companies it is hard to find out exactly how they are processing their stevia. Bleaching and GMO’s can be common and it’s tough to truly trust a Stevia brand. THM’s stevia brand is highly documents and extremely trustworthy. You can listen to their THM podcast (The Poddy) on Stevia here. 

I grow stevia in my herb garden as often as I can and the leafs are great for teas and drinks. Sweetening cakes and desserts needs stevia that has been processed. With any stevia processing it is minimum. The green part of the leaf is what makes it bitter. If you break open a stevia leaf, you will see white veins. This is the part that is sweet and that is what they separate from the plant. 

THM Pure Stevia Extract Powder 1oz $10.99

Note: This is an incredibly sweet and economical way to use stevia. It is the sweetest of all the THM sweeteners. 


THM Super Sweet Blend 16 oz $9.99

Note: This blend is sweeter than normal sugar, but pairs well in baked goods. It is a blend of pure stevia and erythritol. 


Gentle Sweet – 16 oz $10.99

Note: This out of all the blends is most like conventional sugar. It uses a combination of Xylitol, Erythiritol, and Stevia ground to create it’s gentle taste.


Note: I tend to use drops and Truvia when I cannot order my Stevia from THM. I have been able to get both at my local Wal-Mart, and I can use them to make every recipe in the books. Occasionally I have to adjust the amount used, but must of the time it is easy to compensate. 

Sunflower Lecithin

Simply Sunflower Lecithin 16oz $17.99


Now Sunflower Lecithin Pure Powder 1 lb $12.94

Note: Sunflower lecithin is optional in most THM recpies, but if your budget allows, consider buying some. It is quite powerful for the brain and has far reaching benefits. I find it especially helpful during my pregnancies and nursing when my brain may not be flying at 100% . 

Personal choice products graphic

THM Personal Choice Products I find Helpful

These are products that may not necessarily be THM approved, but I find helpful to keep me healthy and happy. They are especially helpful when you are pregnant or nursing. A pregnant or nursing mama’s gotta eat! If you are doing a Trim Healthy Mama quick start while pregnant or nursing, I commend you! 

  1. SmartSweets
    • These allulose sweetened gummies are a nice treat OCCASIONALLY. They are not considered ‘on-plan’ because of the tapioca starch, small amounts of sugar, and other less than ideal ingredients. Allulose can also have large amounts of gastric reactions for some people. However they are a personal choice I occasionally enjoy, especially during pregnancies when I get a craving for Jelly Beans!
    • Mom Tip – Smart Sweets are also a nice alternative to heavy sugar candy. Ideal for children trading in their Halloween candy. Or stuff their Christmas stockings with some. Children will handle the less than ideal ingredients better and they are lightyears better than a snickers bar!
  2. Zevia
    • I go back and forth between buying these. Many stores carry this product including health foods stores, Wal-Mart and Target. It is a temptation to grab this simple stevia sweetened carbonated drink. The price tag is a little high, so I try to save this for treats, or when we are traveling. The all-day sippers in the books are a much better alternative and will nourish your body better. 
  3. Quest Bars 
    • At this time there are no approved THM bars of any kind. But there are many hints and rumors on the podcast about THM making a granola bar soon in their own factories. That would be wonderful! However, during nursing and pregnancy I make allowances for these bars. Especially the first couple weeks after birth as my milk supply is coming in I find myself in a pinch often. I used to grab one of my husbands Cliff bars, but soon realized that it was not sustainable. Quest bars are a ‘personal choice’ product. Due to corn fiber and other ingredients, they will most likely spike blood sugar which makes it an unsustainable product. HOWEVER, when in a pinch or on the run, I have zero guilt about grabbing one of these. They are not something I put into my diet on a regular basis, they are used occasionally and during the more intense times of pregnancy and nursing. 

Honorable Mention 

I had to find somewhere to mention Joseph’s Lavash Bread These are just simply wonderful for on-the-go sandwiches, quesadillas, pizza crusts, or simple wraps! They are low-carb and plan approved. Use them in a Carb Focused or Fat Focused meal. 

Easy Recipes graphic

My Favorite Trim Healthy Mama Quick Start Recipes

When I first got the books the recipes were too overwhelming. Years later, I wished I had a Trim Healthy Mama quick start! I put the book aside and couldn’t bring myself to sort through it. Eventually, I got some small post-it notes and marked every single recipe that looked interesting. Then I just made a goal to make a meal every night. It worked! I eventually had a go-to list of my favorite recipes. But having a few trustworthy recipes to start with would have been nice. These are the recipes my family approves of and will gobble up!

BEST 5 recipes to start with for main meals:

  1. Lazy Lasagna pg 140 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook 
  2.  Swedish Meatball with Cream Sauce pg 61 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook 
  3. Cheeseburger Pie pg 149 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbooks
  4. Tuscan Cream Chicken pg 72 Trim Healthy Mama Table 
  5. World’s Laziest Lasagna Skillet pg 69 Trim Healthy Mama Table 

BEST 6 other recipes to consider using for snacks

  1. Trim Healthy Pancakes or Waffles pg 259 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
    • Your family will gobble these up! Make the family size and use the rest for snacks. 
  2. Lemon Pucker Gummies pg 387 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
  3. Mocha Cacoa Superfood Mounds – Click here for recipe 
  4. Wonderful White Blender Bread pg 242 Trim Healthy Mama Table 
  5. Buffalo Dip – Cauliflower Twist – Click here for recipe 
  6. Superfood Chocolate Chews 383 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook 

BEST 4 THM Drinks 

  1. Good Girl Moonshine pg 379 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook 
  2. The Shrinker pg 400 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook 
  3. Big Boy Smoothies pg 341 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook 
  4. Healing Sunshine Elixir – Click here for recipe

BEST Desserts for THM Beginners 

  1. Soft Double Chocolate Chip Cookies pg 400 Trim Healthy Mama Table 
  2. Peanut Lovers Trimtastic Cake pg 388 Trim Healthy Mama Table 
  3. No Bake Peanut Butter Cheesecake with Chocolate Crust pg 406 Trim Healthy Mama Table 
  4. Cottage Berry Whip pg 374 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook 
  5. Chocolate Berry Wedding Cheesecake pg 352 Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook

You can also check out my free Healing Home Harvest Cookbook that will have many low carb recipes to try on your journey. Click the picture below to enjoy!

The Ultimate Trim Healthy Mama Quick Start

How did I do? This Trim Healthy Mama quick start got a little bit long winded! But I hope that this comprehensive guide will aid you as you start your THM journey, or contemplate if this is the right plan for you!