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Twice Baked Purple Potatoes – THM E Recipe

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I caught my husband sneaking this leftover twice baked purple potatoes for a mid-day snack. For those that don’t realize, him enjoying a Trim Healthy Mama recipe is a BIG DEAL. I didn’t even get one of these left overs. he gobbled them up before I could even organize my weeks leftovers in the refrigerator.

To be honest, these are pretty great. I can’t lie. They taste creamy and delectable. You might even need a double batch. Wonderful for the upcoming autumn weather or even a holiday celebration.

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The Purple Potatoes Recipe

The purple potato is a powerhouse of nutrition, but it honestly is set a part for their low glycemic index.

They are lower on the glycemic index, which makes them a blessing on blood sugar, yet still so tasty. There are quite a few different varieties of purple potatoes including the purple sweet potato. Other names for the purple potato becomes rather confusing as there doesn’t seem to be a specific name for the delicious vegetable. Other names include the Tutaekuri potato or the Māori potato.

Any potato that has a pigment to it contains anthocyanins. Among other nutrients this is what makes them such a epic vegetable. Anthocyanins is the same phytochemicals found in berries, red and purple grapes and red wine.

Furthermore, in the Trim Healthy Mama world, the subject of purple potatoes are quite confusing. Do a search for ‘purple potato’ in the facebook group and it seems that admins don’t quite even know the difference between the varieties of these purple potato or the exact effects the different varieties have on blood sugar.

Purple Potatoes Recipe

Do Purple Potatoes Taste Different?

Yes, no, maybe so. How’s that for a answer?

The purple potatoes tastes very different from the average other ‘purple’ foods. They do not taste like an eggplant or other purple tinged foods. I personally find that they taste very similar to a regular white potato, but with just a slightly drier flavor. It will also depend on the variety you purchase. If you get a purple sweet potato, it will taste sweet. The purple potatoes that I used in this recipe were not sweet potatoes and therefore had more of a white potato flavor.

Trim Healthy Mama and the Purple Potato

Also, in a recent poddy (ep.108) the sisters did give a stellar report on how the purple potato is an excellent resource. Below is a portion of the transcript from the poddy that addresses purple potatoes.

Best I can figure is that there is a difference between a purple sweet potato and a purple potato. The varieties differ between the skin color, and flesh color. Some are purple both inside and outside, some are only purple outside. Some taste like a russet potato, and some taste like a sweet potato.

Purple Potatoes Recipe

Are Purple Potatoes Better for you?

Regardless of the variety here is what seems to be consistent:

1. The purple potato is lower on the glycemic index
2. It is a E fuel, which means it still is a carbohydrate
3. It is a good choice for weight maintenance, pregnancy, or nursing
4. In moderation and according to the proper season in life, it can be an excellent choice opposed to a russet, red, or even golden potato.

The bottom line is that purple potatoes can be a better choice for your unique season in life. In most cases they can be added to your food freedom rotation or meal plan. I certainly love them while eating during pregnancy and nursing!

Purple Potatoes Recipe

Twice Baked Purple Potatoes

Making twice baked purple potatoes is a little bit of a process, but the end result is delicious and can be used for a meal or a quick snack. My husband took advantage of that snack idea!

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