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A Trim Healthy Mama Barbecue – Over 15 THM Side Dishes and THM BBQ Sauce Recipes

Summer has sprung! The birds are singing, the grass is growing, and the smells are here! One of my favorite summertime smells is grilling! Can you smell it? Let’s roll out those THM BBQ sauce recipes and throw some THM side dishes on the table as we enjoy a healthy and happy BBQ season! All that delicious food right on the grill. It’s time for a THM barbecue.

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A Summer THM Barbecue

There’s nothing quite like living the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle and getting a summer barbecue only to find there is literally nothing on-plan to eat besides the fruit.

There are a few things you can do.


Or you can make the best choices possible and move on. That’s one of the things I like to impress on my coaching clients. We can only do the best we can (if we truly are doing are best) and then it’s time to move on. Sometimes at gatherings like summer barbecues, we can only do our best and move on.

I think you know which one is probably the better choice.

In an ideal world though, we would never be out of different summer barbecue recipes. Which is precisely why I teamed up with an abundance of THM bloggers and content creators to bring you this recipe round-up for your next summer BBQ!

THM BBQ Sauce Recipes

Let’s kick off our Trim Healthy Mama barbecue with some THM BBQ sauce recipes! These are going to be easy to make, completely THM friendly, and most of them would be perfect for a keto or low carb BBQ as well.

Garlic Grilled Chicken

Who doesn’t love Glenda’s recipes! It seems impossible to go wrong with one of Glenda’s recipes. That is certainly true with this grilled garlic chicken! The recipe uses 15 cloves of garlic, which sounds insane, but to quote Glenda:

I know this sounds like a crazy amount of garlic but it isn’t as strong as it sounds.

Glenda, Around the Family Table
Garlic chicken for bbq

Sweet Tea Grilled Chicken

I had to read this recipe though a few times to see if it was real! Sweet tea chicken? Could it be? Yep! Oh, Sweet Mercy uses tea in this recipe. This one is for sure going on my list to try this summer!

sweet tea grilled chicken

Easy Dry Rub Spicy Gilled Tuna

I have never grilled Tuna before but this super lazy dry rub, may just have to convince me that I need to try. Although, looking at the result, I imagine there are quite a few other uses for a rub like this. I could even see using it with grilling chicken!

grilled tuna

Smoked Turkey Burgers

I am most definitely intrigued to try a smoked Turkey Burger. My husband on the other hand may think I’ve gone a little bit looney! Taryn makes it look so delicious with all her amazing toppings; how can you NOT want to try this one?! You could even add a little bit or THM BBQ sauce on the side and dip this guy in!

The Best Sugar Free Barbecue Sauce

TJ calls this the best Sugar Free Barbecue sauce for a reason. It’s that good. You are going to want to print, copy, download, carry in your purse this recipe it’s so good! Don’t believe me? I dare you to make it!

best THM BBQ sauce

Summer Grilling THM Side Dishes

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty of summer barbecues. Eating on plan at a barbecue is simple with the meat. If it does not have a sugary BBQ sauce on it, you are probably safe to consume! But those side dishes, now it’s going to get tricky.

Thankfully these THM recipe creators have you covered again with these amazing THM side dishes!

Summer Cauliflower Rice Salad

I usually end my THM recipe roundups with my recipes, but for this section I’m going to start with one of my recipes! This salad was my favorite creation from last barbecue season. There was something about that cauliflower and wild rice that was just too delicious to contain!

Potato Salad

What Trim Healthy Mama barbecue would be complete without a potato salad! Around the Family Table has done it again with this fantastic crossover potato salad!

thm side dishes potato salad

Jalapeno Popper Pasta Salad

When my husband saw this salad, he declared, “we are making that tonight!” It looks so tasty that I would have to agree! This salad looks and I am confident is going to taste fantastic! Truly a delightful one to take to a summer barbecue gathering.

popper salad

Southwest Cauliflower Salad

Chipotle, lime, and cilantro! Are there any other flavors that so perfectly combine to say ‘summer’?! I’m so stoked to try this salad this summer. It looks amazing. My Imperfect Foods order just came with a HUGE head of cauliflower so this week might be a perfect opportunity to try this recipe.

Southwest Cauliflower Salad

Quick and Easy Coleslaw

I have a fascination with Country Girl Cookin’! Not just because we share a name, but because she also likes easy and quick recipes that taste delicious. It’s almost like we are kindred spirits! This coleslaw is truly quick and easy!

easy coleslaw

Zucchini and Feta Salad

Are you a feta fan? I’m a feta fan, especially in a good summer salad! This summer salad looks so healthy and delicious. You should read the story that goes along with the recipe because it made me giggle! I have a habit of taking pictures of recipes and then misplacing where I put the recipe card too!

feta salad

Summer Spaghetti Squash Salad

I have never thought to put spaghetti squash in a salad! If you’ve hung out around my blog or IG page for any length of time, you may recall that I adore using spaghetti squash and my husband abhors it. I’m really excited to try this recipe to see if I can convert him!

spaghetti squash salad

Low Carb 7-Layer Salad

One of my favorite salads to see at a summer gathering is a 7-layer salad. I’m excited to try this low carb rendition of a traditional 7-layer salad. One thing I don’t remember having in other 7-layer salads is cauliflower! But Dawn makes it look and sound remarkable!

Dawn also has an amazing Chipotle Lime Roasted Sweet Potato salad, and a cucumber tomato salad that truly look delicious if you need more THM side dishes.

7 layer salad with thm side dishes

Low Carb Brussel Sprouts and Kale Slaw

There has been something about this year and Brussel sprouts. Everywhere I turn there has been a new and delicious THM sides dishes with brussels sprouts!. Just like TJ, I was at a restaurant recently with an unbelievably good Brussel Sprout recipe, which lead to the creation of this recipe on my blog.

TJ’s Taste’s had a similar experience at the Cracker Barrel, which lead to the creation of this stupendous slaw recipe.

brussel sprouts slaw

Chicken and Grape Salad

Can I tell you readers a fun fact about me!? Since I was a little girl, I have requested chicken salad as my birthday meal on June 9th. Every year that I what I have on my birthday. During my first few Trim Healthy Mama years I struggled with now to have my chicken salad on my birthday. I eventually started to have a crossover with Dream Field pasta. TJ’s Tastes has changed the game with this recipe! It is so satisfying and delicious. I may never go back to having pasta in my chicken salad again!

chicken salad

The Best THM Side Dishes and THM BBQ Sauce Recipes

What other THM side dishes do you like bring to a barbecue? How about BBQ sauce recipes? Like no other recipe round-up that I have done before, I want to try ALL of these recipes. I’m planning out my summer menu right now!

Make sure you check out all these bloggers on their IG pages too, it’s really a blast to follow them and see what they are up to in the kitchen. I’m sure I’ll be sharing these THM side dishes and THM BBQ recipes on my IG stories this summer, so be sure to follow along by following me on IG too!

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healing harvest cookbook