cranberry baobab smoothie on a table with cranberries
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Healthy Healing Cranberry Smoothie

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A cranberry smoothie! How have I never thought to put cranberries in a smoothie? I’m not sure, but rest assured, this smoothie is one of the best tasting smoothies I have ever had. It is filled with healthy and healing ingredients that will boost your immune system, indulge your taste buds and hydrate your body!

cranberry smoothie with cranberries on a table

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The Cranberry Mystery

It is a complete and utter mystery! Why haven’t I put cranberries in a smoothie before? I mean, I’ve been cranberry obsessed for years. One of the highlights of my entire year is when fresh cranberries are back in the grocery stores. Why have I never thought to make a cranberry smoothie!

This smoothie will hit the spot, especially during the holiday season when cranberry recipes are abounding! But what is even better about this healthy smoothie is that it just might be a good balance during the holiday season when we are eating lots of rich recipes.

Grab it in the morning as a quick breakfast, use it as a healthy snack, or take it to work as a healthy way to hydrate! This would not be considered an all-day sipper, but I have enjoyed having it on hand when the office sweets start coming out full force. I would rather sip on a ‘not all-day sipper’ than give in to the temptation of sugary or unhealthy choices.

cranberry smoothie with ingredient list

What are the Benefits of Cranberry?

Cranberries can be so good for our health. They are lower in calories, higher in fiber, filled with antioxidants, and vitamins. You will find that they have high amounts of vitamin C, copper, manganese, vitamin E, and fiber!
Most people will say that drinking cranberry juice will reduce your risk of a UTI. Cranberries are also good for your heart. However, in both these cases, cranberries should be claimed whole to really reap the benefits of this superfood.

You can find other superfood recipes in the Free Healing Harvest cookbook. Grab your copy by clicking the link below.

Are Cranberries Good for Weight Loss?

I believe that any ‘real’ food can be good for weight loss when paired correctly with other ‘real’ foods. Cranberries can be especially good for weight loss with their increased fiber content and low-calorie count. Try them in this smoothie, but also consider adding them to other recipes like this Guilt Gone Cranberry Pie, or my popular Cranberry Orange Shortbread cookies. These are both great replacement recipes that can aid in your weight loss journey on Trim Healthy Mama.

Making a Cranberry Smoothie

I think one of the best parts of this cranberry smoothie is that you can just blend everything together. When I make smoothies in a mason jar, I always make sure they are wide-mouth jars so I can use my favorite immersion blender. On Trim Healthy Mama, our blenders get used an excessive amount, so when I can, I love using an immersion blender to cut down on the clean-up mess.

Enjoy this seasonal smoothie to the fullest!


  • Lettie Litherland

    Hi I love this smoothie! Thank you for sharing it! What immersion blender do you have?? And would this smoothie be an S?? Thank you so much! Happy Thanksgiving ????♥️?

    • RachaelBelle

      It should be a FP and I recommend the Mueller immersion blender, which is one a black Friday sale right now on Amazon! There is a link for it in the recipe notes. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!