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Delicious Mocha Cacoa Superfood Balls

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Sundays are just wonderful are they not?! A time for relaxation. A time for family. And on occasion some kitchen experimentation. These superfood balls are a result of a little kitchen experiment. They are filled with delicious cacoa, protein, coconut flakes, and wonderful collagen! You won’t want to miss these little wonderful superfood balls.

Experimentation with Superfoods

Sundays are just wonderful are they not?! A time for relaxation. A time for family. And on occasion some kitchen experimentation. That was this past Sunday was a quintessential Sunday with my boys, but it was also time for a little experimentation with making some THM protein balls!  

There are currently only 3 cookbooks that I keep in my kitchen. This recipe has been inspired by the knowledge and recipes from them. One of the books is Superfood Snacks. It is just a minefield of nourishing and healing snack ideas. Worth. Every. Penny. The ingredients might take you for a loop, but hang on! Buy one thing at a time and become an expert in that one new food item. 

ingredients for superfood balls

Are Protein Balls Healthy?

These protein balls are absolutely healthy because they focus on so many superfoods, are not made with sugar, and are gentle on your blood sugar. Be careful with protein balls because hidden ingredients can mean the difference between a healthy snack and one that is not beneficial.

When should you eat protein balls?

Superfood balls can be consumed during any time of the day as a snack, however some of the most beneficial times to pop one in your mouth is before activity. Grab a zippy of these when you are headed off to the gym or a intense workout. Use them as a recovery snack, or to curb your poor snacking choices at night!

THM Protein Balls

If you are a Trim Healthy Mama, many of these superfoods are quite familiar which leads me to the other two cookbooks that currently grace my kitchen are Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook and Trim Healthy Mama’s Trim Healthy Table. Both again, are minefields of nourishing foods for weight loss and sustainability. These protein balls are friendly on the THM diet and go great as a S snack.

Low Carb Protein Balls

In all of the cookbooks I have mentioned there are variations of THM protein balls and mounds of nutritious superfood snacks. Most of them are also low carb protein balls, which make these types of treats wonderful on the Trim Healthy Mama or Keto lifestyle.

Creating different varieties of THM protein balls is a fun way to spend an afternoon. It’s easy to replace the steiva with monk fruit, or the baobab with matcha, and see if the recipe ends up being any good! There are a lot of ways to make varieties of low carb protein balls so you can enjoy a variety of snack flavors throughout your week.

Another low carb protein ball that you might enjoy are these sugar free peanut butter balls. They are excellent for a holiday treat! They taste very similar to those sugary peanut butter chocolate balls that are often enjoyed during the holiday season. Or you can download the Healing Home Harvest cookbook that has both of these recipes, along with many more!

THM Protein Bars

I like this variation of the superfood balls because there is so much packed into one little bite! Not to toot my own horn, but these bad boys are delicious. you cannot go wrong with popping a couple of these when hunger strikes! However, sometimes its nice to have a full protein bar! I don’t blame you which is why I made these baobab chocolate protein bars, it cures just that problem. However, have you checked out THM protein bars? It’s hard to go wrong with these low carb wonders when you are in a rush or don’t have time to make a healthy snack.

Making Healthy Choices with Low Carb Protein Balls

During the last 9 months of being a nursing momma, I have made some baaaaad choices when I get hangry. So often when I am hungry I turn to cabs and sweets. Not the healthy ones!

These little superfood balls are a great way to plan in advance for my unhealthy cravings. How about you? Do you have some unhealthy carvings every once in a while? By planning in advance, these can curb the temptations and nourish my body at the same time. It’s a win-win. 

So what are you waiting for? These little superfood balls won’t disappoint!