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Roasted Purple Potatoes with Onion and Rosemary

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Who does not just love a good combination of roasted veggies?! Add a good steak or a nice baked chicken, and uffda; now that is a meal. These roasted purple potatoes are going to add a nice purple pigmentation to your roasted veggie rotation. Purple foods are also great for your skin, so it’s a double blessing!

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Do Purple Potatoes Taste Different?

Not too long ago I posted about roasted purple potatoes over on my Instagram page and was amused to have some followers message or comment that they thought purple potatoes tasted like dirt. Now in their defense, we all have different tastebuds, and I fully support and affirm everyone’s opinions and preferences.

However, it’s now my turn to say, that I think purple potatoes taste heavenly!

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Varieties of Purple Potatoes

Another point to make about purple potatoes is that there are many different varieties. The purple potatoes that I am using in this roasted purple potato recipe are the type that has pigmentation. An article on Health Line lists these purple potato varieties,

They have a blue-purple to almost black outer skin and an inner flesh that’s brilliant purple, even after cooking.

Some common varieties include Purple Peruvian, Purple Majesty, All Blue, Congo, Adirondack Blue, Purple Fiesta, and Vitelotte.

Purple Power 7 Benefits of Purple Potatoes, Health Line, November 20, 2019

All these different varieties have a more nutty flavor than the traditional white potato and are usually denser in texture and flavor.

Are Purple Potatoes Healthier than Sweet Potatoes?

I think this question just might be a personal decision versus anything concrete. The purple and sweet potatoes have such a wide range of nutrients, antioxidants, and benefits; that we literally could debate it for hours and probably not come up with a solid answer.

One of the unique attributes of the purple potato is it’s pigmentation. Purple fruits and vegetables have a beautiful nutrient called anthocyanins. This makes the purple potato have 2-4x more nutrients than the white potato counterpart. Purple foods can also have astonishing benefits for your skin.

The main reason I like purple potatoes is that their GI index is lower than essentially all other potatoes. A white russet potato can come in with a GI index of over 111. A baked sweet potato comes in at a GI index of 94. The purple potato comes in at about 77, although some studies will list it even lower.

The lower GI index is the main reason I like to pick purple potatoes over their counterparts whenever I can. There are endless options on how to use them. You can even try a purple twice-baked potato!

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Oven Roasted Purple Potatoes

I’ve held you in suspense for long enough! Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of making these scrumptious roasted veggies.

The process is very simple! Most of the work is going to be cutting all the veggies as thinly as possible. Not only will thin veggies be less time to cook, but I also think thinly sliced roasted purple potatoes help to bleed all the flavors together.

Feel free to add more veggies to make this recipe your own!

If you are a Trim Healthy Mama, this recipe would be considered a solid E recipe.