Ashwagandha Smoothie
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Ashwagandha Smoothie – Stress Fighting Smoothie!

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Sometimes you just need a good smoothie and as winter continues to trudge on, I have been craving a good ashwagandha smoothie to remind me of the warm summer months ahead. This apoptogenic ashwagandha smoothie is all about stress fighting. It is rich in fruits and veggies, and tastes just strange enough that you want to keep going back for more!

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What are Benefits of Ashwagandha?

The Baobab and Ashwaghanda are truly what set’s this smoothie apart as a powerhouse of energy and nutrition. Both are maximum in their immune system boost. 

Ashwagandha is plant that I have spoken before about on this blog. Ashwaghanda Baobab Coffee was one of my very first recipe blog posts. There are many benefits with using this adaptogen in your daily cooking including improving memory, reducing stress, and like I already mentioned, boost immunity. One of the benefits of Ashwaghanda I recently learned is it’s fighting power for infertility. It can minimize the effects of stress and hormonal imbalance, so help increase chance of pregnancy. It does this by supporting the thyroid which regulates hormones. Amazingly, this is plant can also help with the hormones of menopause by regulating the endocrine system.

I am not a health care provider or educator. I am simply a mom that loves researching herbs and plants. If you are dealing with health problems please see your medical provider. 

What are the Benefits of Baobab?

Baobab is another one of my favorite plants that doesn’t get enough attention in the health world. Like it’s name suggests, it comes from the Baobab tree. Think back to the Lion King movie, Rafiki’s tree was most likely a Baobab tree. 

There is minimum processing needed for baobab because the fruit dries right on the tree! It’s simply a process of grinding up the powder! 

The Acia berry gets a lot of attention in the health world for it’s antioxidant levels, but baobab has 8 times more levels! There is 6 times the potassium than that of bananas and double the calcium of milk! This plant is the forgotten step child of the nutrition world. 

Yet the thing it shines most at is it’s amazing power of vitamin C, which is good for your immune system, but also for loosing and maintaining weight. It improves blood sugar levels, which is helpful to a low-glycerin lifestyle and similar to ashwagandha supports adrenal health. 

The combination of these two adrenal boosting herbs makes this smoothies a powerhouse for fighting stress and nourishing tired bodies. 

How to use Ashwagandha Powder

You can use ashwagandha powder in a variety of ways. Some people that take it on a regular basis just add the powder to water, honey or ghee and consume it straight from that. It can also be made into a paste and applied to hurting joints and body parts. Please do your own research and consult a professional when learning about how to use ashwagandha powder.

ashwaghanda smoothie before mixing

Can you put Ashwagandha in Smoothies?

The answer to this is a resounding YES! Ashwagandha in smoothies is an excellent way to get some of that ashwagandha stress fighting power, while having a delicious powerhouse of other nutrients. Baobab goes excellent in this smoothie, but there are an abundance of other herbal powders that could go excellently in this smoothie. 

Making an Ashwagandha Smoothie

As with many of my recipes, I truly like to make them as easy as possible! So this ashwagandha smoothie will be not different! My favorite ‘tool of the trade’ in making smoothie or drink recipes easy is my immersion blender. If you live the Keto or Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle, you may have a similar problem to my own and you hate cleaning your blender all of the time. Using an immersion blender when possible makes clean up a breeze!

If you are using an immersion blender this recipe will go extremely fast, throw all the ingredients into the mason jar you will be drinking out of, and blend away. You can even add a cute mason jar lid like these.

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