12 Days of Tipsmas

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Welcome! I hope you are enjoying Spring into Tipsmas! What a wonderful group of coaches. I am so thrilled to be working with these ladies and I hope that you are enjoying these sessions and learning a lot!

During my baking demo today, I mentioned some links and resrouces. You can find a summary of my talk and all the resrouces below.

Sourdough Fun Facts!

  • Sourdough takes gluten-containing flour and then uses a sourdough starter to produce a chemical fermentation reaction. As it ferments this will cause naturally occurring yeasts to gently ferment the dough and cause it to rise.
  • Fermentation breaks down the gluten to make it more easily digestible.
  • The fermentation makes the vitamins and minerals in the flour more bio-available.
  • Sourdough breaks down the carbs so it lowers the glycemic index of the carbs and how fast it enters the bloodstream.
  • For sourdough to be on the plan with Trim Healthy Mama it needs to be room fermented for at least 7 hours!
  • If you do a refrigerator ferment the time needs to be doubled!
  • Fermenting the dough for 7 hours or longer breaks down the phytic acid in the grain making it so much easier for our bodies to digest.

Why Use Sourdough During the Holidays

Because of the gluten, yeast, and breakdown of the fibers, you can create desserts that taste closer to the sugary ones that you remember from ‘pre THM’. I also find that my children enjoy sourdough desserts more than my THM Baking Blend ones.

Many THM sourdough recipes are crossovers and THAT IS OKAY! Enjoy them, they are going to taste delicious.

During Tipsmas I made sourdough thumbprint cookies with cranberry jam. Find the recipe on my website below or download the booklet I made for Tipsmas.

Thumbprint Sourdough Cookies with Cranberry Jam!

Healing Homes Holiday Magazine

Healing homes magazine cover

Check out the newest Healing Homes magazine complete with sourdough recipes for the holidays! Glenda Groff appears with her sourdough cranberry no kneed bread!

Other Resources Mentioned

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