Welcome to a Healing Place

It’s hard living the life of a mama in this day! Goodness, it’s hard being a women in this day! We are surrounded by expectations and technology that didn’t exists 30 years ago. It seems as if the world is bent on destruction instead of health and healing. 

The cultivation of “Home” takes a back burner to the to-do lists of life. I’m not just talking about the physical home, I’m talking about the heart of the home. The feeling your children will someday have when they think back to their childhood home. Will they long for healing place? Or will they just remember a rushed house full of things, but empty of the Gospel?

It’s time to heal our home in mind, body, spirit.

It’s time for the gospel to radically change yours and your families heart. 

It’s time for our home to not just be beautiful physically, but produce people that are beautifully changed by Christ. 

It’s time for some healing recipes, healing beauty, and a healing home. 

This is a place where you will find loveliness, healing, and beauty in the every day creating of ‘home’. We will explore our own unique journey’s to Jesus and how the Gospel affects our everyday life. 

Are you ready to join me?

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Grab your Healing Home Devotional

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Here are a few of our Healing Recipes

Delicious, delectable, NO sugar, and low carb. Our healing recipes that are Trim Healthy Mama friendly are meant to bring joy to your kitchen without compromising taste. Learn more about Trim Healthy Mama (THM) through my handy quick start guide.

Don’t forget to grab the FREE Healing Harvest Cookbook! 

Creating a Faith Filled Family

Unless the Lord builds the house,
    those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127: 1 ESV

A healing environment starts with surrender. We cannot build our home by ourselves. We firstly need our heavenly father to build. Secondly we need our spouse to partner with us to create this healing environment that we are striving for. On our own accord, we will burn out. Here are some of our top resources for cultivating a faith filled family. 

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A Tiny Bit about Me

Rachael is a Christ follower, mother, wife, daughter, and friend. She loves to be in the outdoors on their 40 acres of land or hiking the wide open spaces of God’s creation. She is a self proclaimed Trim Healthy Mama obsessed nut head. She loves creating DIY beautiful spaces in her home. Her favorite thing on this side of eternity is watching her two little boys grow into little men. 

Rachael’s favorite place to hang out is on Instagram, she loves getting DM’s from people and would love to hear from you!

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