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A Fantastic 21-Day Devotional for Mom on “Cultivating a Healing Home”

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How can we cultivate a healing home under the stress and worry of motherhood? When our days are long, our children make messes, and our world seems dark; those are the moments that surrendering to the Gospel of Jesus Christ will bring us the most cleansing healing.

In the midst of the stress and worry of young motherhood, we can still find rest in arms of Jesus.

"Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain."

What to Expect in Cultivating a Healing Home

Cultivating a healing home is a devotional for moms who are in the midst of the ‘littles’ time. Your home is filled with laundry, potty training kids, messes, spit up, and crying kids. Yet at the same time your home is filled with laughter, joy, amazement, and gratitude.

Those times from infant until around 5 years old is a unique time for a mother and often stress and worry settles in to clench at our hopes and dreams. 

This 21 day devotional is for you mama. It is a devotional for moms that looks at how to combat the worry and stress through the scope of creating and cultivating your healing home.

Three Weeks of Healing

The first week we are going to tackle what a healing home looks like. Where does it start? Who builds a healing home? What does surrender have to do with it? What does gratitude have to do with our homes? And what happens when the fears of motherhood strike and your healing home seems distant?

The second week we are diving into when anxiety strikes our motherhood. We all have fears. Anxiety is a staple among young mothers. Yet the healing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ can transform our fear, worry, and anxiety as we lay our worries at the foot of the cross.

The third week is when everything is laid out on the open and we fully explore the expectations of being a woman of surrender. What does it mean to be a godly women of surrender? It’s time to let Jesus be the ultimate builder of our homes as we surrender our entire family, home, and life to him.

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As a mother, Cultivating a Healing Home is an awesome reminder to invite God into our life and home and create a healing place for our family. This 21-day devotion is a beautiful combination of story-telling, thought-provoking questions, and teaching. All are woven together to create this encouraging devotional for moms!

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