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Is your kid or kids learning the alphabet? One way to help reinforce the concepts of sounds, names, and recognition is to play alphabet games like the printable alphabet Bingo! Your kids will have a blast learning to play Bingo while reinforcing the concept of the alphabet.

This printable includes multiple calling cards that can be used in a variety of ways. From pictures that represent the name, to actually calling cards of the letters, you will have multiple options to help them learn the letters.

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This classic game has been given a new twist with a focus on the alphabet. With Printable ABC Bingo, your child can have a blast while learning their letters. And the best part? We’re offering a free printable version for you to download and enjoy at home. But if you’re looking for even more variety and features, we also have an upgraded paid version available.

We have been using this free printable with my 4-year-old and 5-year-old during our homeschooling time. We use My Father’s World Kindergarten curriculum for both of them and this is a great way to review letters in a fun way!

The Fun and Educational Value of Alphabet Bingo!

Alphabet Bingo is not only a fun activity for kids, but it also has significant educational value. This game provides a fun way for children to practice and reinforce their knowledge of the letters of the alphabet. As they play, they will become more familiar with uppercase and lowercase letters, and their recognition skills will improve. This version specifically focuses on using capital letters. Add this to your letter recognition games in your classroom or learning environment!

Alphabet Bingo is a great tool for both younger and older children, as it can be adapted to their skill level. With my free printable game, you can use the three different calling cards to work on recognition, sounds, and names.

Don’t forget to check out the upgraded paid version that has a total of 30 unique Bingo Boards.

Download your free printable game at the bottom of the post and get ready to have a blast with Alphabet Bingo!

Printable Alphabet Bingo

30 Bingo Sheets for Classrooms

Looking to take your Alphabet Bingo game to the next level? If you upgrade to the paid version, you’ll be supporting our website and ministry along with helping us continue to provide high-quality educational materials for free. Don’t miss out on the enhanced experience of our upgraded ABC Bingo game! You could also divide children into small groups of 10 and have them play in smaller sections. You will get a total of 30 different game boards plus all the calling cards.

This is a great learning tool for homeschoolers as well. You may not need 30 Bingo cards, so the free printable alphabet bingo cards may be perfect for you!

Alphabet bingo upgrade

Want to Upgrade?
Want to support our ministry here or simply upgrade to a larger version with all the pages? Grab these 30 different boards for a classroom alphabet bingo game!

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Download the Free Printable Alphabet Bingo

Welcome to a sneak peek into our free printable Alphabet Bingo! Our printable game includes bingo boards with colorful alphabet letters, perfect for engaging your little ones. Use them to practice uppercase letters (lower case letters not included) or focus on specific letters they need to work on. You could also use this as a sound Bingo where you say the sound and then they have to find the corresponding letter. To play, simply print out the boards and alphabet cards, cut them out, and grab some pom poms, bingo markers, or other small markers. These Bingo chips are perfect for a classroom. You could also use Dot Paints if you laminate the board and then wash it off later!

It’s a fun and interactive way to reinforce letter recognition, and letter sounds, and improve fine motor skills. Download our free printable Alphabet Bingo for personal use and get ready to have a blast!

Getting your free printable Alphabet Bingo is as easy as 1-2-3! Follow these simple steps to start playing and learning with your child. First, scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the download link. This will take you to a PDF file that you can save and print. Next, print out the bingo boards and alphabet cards on sturdy paper. Cut them out and you’re ready to play! Gather some small markers like pom poms or buttons, and let the fun begin. This game is perfect for reinforcing letter recognition and lowercase letters. So don’t wait, download your free printable Alphabet Bingo now and start learning and playing with your child!

Grab your free alphabet bingo by clicking the button below. Kids of all ages will enjoy this fun game freebie!

Tips and Tricks for Printing

I recommend laminating these Bingo sheets. The entire printing, cutting, and laminating process does take quite a bit of time, but especially for a classroom, it is well worth it.

All my printable favorites are located on my Amazon storefront for your convenience.

For my boys, I printed out 10 Bingo cards so they would have additional options each time we played the game. I chose to print the larger cards with the alphabet letter and the representing animals.

Make sure to use the highest quality settings on your printer. If you do a lot of printing, consider the Epson EcoTank. It is a very budget-friendly printer.

The pictures for each calling card were chosen based on the My Father’s World Kindergarten curriculum. A common question that I get is what the U represents. The U picture stands for ‘Us’.

More Learning Resources for Children

As you dive into the world of Alphabet Bingo, you may find yourself wanting to explore more learning resources for your little ones. Luckily, there are endless possibilities for preschool kids and young kids to further enhance their letter recognition and lowercase letters skills. From interactive online games to educational apps, the internet is filled with a wealth of resources to help your child continue their learning journey.

Bible printables for kids

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Additionally, books and flashcards dedicated to letter recognition can provide hands-on learning experiences. My Kindergartener has specifically recently benefited from these magic ink tracing alphabet books.

Don’t forget to check out local libraries and educational toy stores for even more resources. With these additional tools, your child will be well on their way to mastering the alphabet in no time! We are so happy to be able to offer this fun printable alphabet bingo game to you and hope your classroom environment and kids enjoy it! You will have so much fun with this great preschooler game, make sure to click the button below to download.

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Alphabet Bingo
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