Have you ever tried to memorize scripture verses and found yourself having a bit of a mental block. These free printable scripture cards are for your benefit as you commit to memory scripture.

Maybe you are not even looking to memorize scripture! Even just having these printable scripture cards around as a beautiful reminder of God’s Holy Word is a worthwhile endeavor.

All of these cards are free to use and print.

printable scripture cards

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Holiday Scripture Cards

Christmas, Easter, and even Valentine’s Day! Looking for holiday scripture memorization cards, you’ve come to the right section. There are 25 Christmas scripture cards, which can even be used as an advent memorization tradition!

Christmas Scripture Cards

Love Scripture Cards

Easter Scripture Cards

Scripture Note Cards

These coloring printable scripture cards are great for those that like to memorize by writing the verse down. I confess that is one of the top ways I memorize scripture.

Gratitude Scripture Cards

The Bible is overflowing with passages about gratitude and thanksgiving. Download this pack during the Thanksgiving holiday or just as a reminder of reason to be grateful.

Inspirational Scripture Cards

Need some inspiration along the journey of life? These scripture passages are all encouraging and inspirational!

Bible Verses about Salvation

Salvation. Isn’t that what it is all about? These Bible verses point us to our Creator and salvation in Jesus Christ.

scripture cards

Scripture Cards about Self

We can often be very self-focused, and that is not always a bad thing. Take a peek at this ‘self’ vault with verses about self-control and self-worth.

Scripture Cards for Moms

Does the Bible really have anything to say about mothers? You better believe it does! The Bible is packed with verses that sympathize with mothers.

Anxiety, Stress, and Worry

Yes, the world is filled with anxiety, stress, and worry, but that does not mean that your life has to be. Go to the Word of God and find your peace.

Printable Scripture Cards

We hope that you not only enjoy but use these printable scripture cards. Check back often as more are added! Be sure to join our mailing list so you can be updated when more freebies hit the press!

printable scripture cards

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