12 Christian Podcasts for Kids

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Welcome to the world of podcasts! These 12 Christian podcasts for kids are some of my own kid’s favorites that we enjoy on car rides, during chores, or simply for a fun diversion. Podcasts are a great way to engage children’s imagination, learn something new, or enjoy a story. It’s also a great way to reduce screen time and enjoy something as a family!

Let’s get going with these 10 Christian podcasts for kids!

Christian Podcasts for Kids

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Car rides have always been an issue for our kids. Maybe it’s the tight vehicle, maybe it’s the fact that they are all boys that want to wrestle constantly. Maybe it’s the time of the day. Regardless of the ‘why’ car rides in our family are the things nightmares are made of. Add into the recipe the fact that I prefer a car that is 100% clean, all of the time, and the recipe’s conclusion is a mom stressed to the max and three little boys terrorizing the vehicle.

Am I exaggerating? No. The only time blood has been shed in our family is when we are in the car. My boys hate being cooped up and they fight when they start feeling that wall close in on them. It doesn’t help that we live in the country and it takes a good 20-30 minutes to get anywhere!

So why tell you all of this? Because the answer to my car problems was Christain podcasts for kids.

Benefits of Podcasts for Kids

There are so many benefits to podcasts for kids. Here are just a few of my favorites.

  1. There’s no bloodshed in my car. You can take your own ‘stressful’ situation and insert it here.
  2. Kids are exposed to a rich variety of language and vocabulary!
  3. Comprehensive skills are strengthened.
  4. Podcasts can encourage children to read more!
  5. Podcasts can serve as a stepping stone into audiobooks.
  6. Podcasts keep your kid’s brain active in boring situations (like car rides).
    • I’m a huge advocate of letting kids be ‘bored’ because some of the best imagination and learning come out of board times. However, there are situations when being bored leads to issues and podcasts can be a great combative tool.

When to Listen

There are a variety of times when listening to a podcast could be helpful for a child in everyday life. Here are a few suggestions and times that have been helpful for our family. Podcasts or audio dramas are also great family entertainment and could be used in place of family screen time!

  1. In the Car
  2. At Bedtime
  3. During transitions
  4. When there is extra boredom!
  5. In place of screen time

Where to Listen

Chances are you already have a favorite podcast player, so you might just want to use whatever you are currently using on your own devices. However, if you have not already started to let your kids listen to podcasts here is a helpful hint. You may want to choose a separate podcast player for your kid’s podcasts. This keeps your podcast player clean from any kid’s recommendations.

Here is a list of other places to listen.

12 Christain Podcasts for Kids

As a Christian mom, I want to find podcasts and audio dramas for my children that are based on a Christian worldview and the Word of God. Many of these options have weekly podcast option, or are established enough that you could listen to them consistently for a good length of time. Let’s take a look at my favorite Christian podcasts for kids!

1. The Biggest Story Podcast

This is a new podcast, which started on June 7th, 2023, which is very close to when this blog post was published. So we are talking very fresh! We have really enjoyed the Bible story retelling in a kid-friendly way. The story Bible is made for young children and the podcast is likewise geared toward young ages.

One thing that I specifically have appreciated about this podcast is that there is an adult and child host, which makes it relatable for kids!

Each podcast comes with a “big truth” from the Word of God, which the hosts will talk about, and then a dramatic retelling of the Bible story directly from the Bigest Story Bible Storybook. They end the podcast again with the narrator and child who teach on the podcast and memory verse.

Find out more about the Biggest Story Bible at their website.

2. Lamplighter Kids Stories

This is the podcast that started it all for us! I wanted something for my oldest to listen to in the car. I found this on Spotify and he was hooked. This podcast is for young listeners and they will be hooked with this artful storytelling!

The podcast revolves around the idea of teaching children virtues with stories and songs. The host, Rebecca, has three children of her own and started the podcast with them in mind.

She has a squirrel friend on her podcast named “Momo”, who is also voiced by Rebecca.

You can even receive a letter from Momo with a subscription.

Although this podcast is not exclusively from a Christian perspective, you will find that it features virtues that exemplify the Word of God.

3. Truth Seekers

Truth Seekers is a podcast for kids of all ages that journeys through the stories of the Bible. The goal of the podcast is for children to see the individual stories of the Bible as part of the larger story of the Bible and God’s redemptive plan.

The mission of the podcast is to help children see the individual stories of the Bible as part of one large story that reveals God’s redemptive plan to rescue and restore us back to Himself.

There are three parts to each podcast.

  1. A narration of the current Bible story
  2. An application of truth from the Bible to our lives
  3. A prayer focusing on what we learned

4. Kathy’s Kids Storytime Podcast

You will find simple, engaging stories with Christain values on this podcast! The podcast is recommended for ages 3-12 and is hosted by Ms. Kathy!

Each story shares practical life lessons that incorporate Christian values.

Ms. Kathy comes back at the end of each podcast to summarize and share some additional truth. Each episode is upbeat and joyful!

Please note that the podcast is associated with the 7th Day Adventist Saints.

5. Discovery Mountain

The parent ministry of this podcast is called The Voice of Prophecy.

I personally love this podcast and would be totally open to listening to this as an adult! Each episode has mini (very short) dramatic stories that teach values and lessons. The episodes also contain mystery and campfire songs, that point listeners to Jesus.

There are multiple voices and fun sound effects! It is a highly professional production.

The podcast is obviously founded on a biblical worldview. I love their mission statement below:

Our mission at Discovery Mountain is to use cutting-edge audio and rich storytelling techniques to create a fun way for kids from all backgrounds to get to know Jesus as their personal Savior.

There are typically weekly episodes, but the production is done by season, so you will see a gap in releases.

6. Paws & Tales

I’m including this as a podcast because it’s available as a podcast, but it’s so much more than a podcast. It is a dramatized audio program that explores the town of Wildwood and its fascinating woodland critters and characters!

This program is a ministry of Insight for Living, which was founded by Chuck Swindoll.

You will find that biblical theology is taught through memorizable music and stories! I love the imagination of Chuck Swindoll in these episodes! It is engaging for the whole family!

7. God’s Big Story

God’s Big Story podcast is a production of The Village Church.

This podcast features engaging conversations from the hosts, practical, wisdom, and biblical truth.

They center a group of podcasts around a theme such as worship and then their conversations and Bible story center around that theme.

I specifically like that the hosts read directly from the Bible in each episode. I also like that toward the end of each episode, they play a game to test the comprehension of what has been taught.

Christian Podcasts for Kids

8. Kid’s Bible Stories

My favorite part of this podcast is their commitment to staying true to scripture. Here is a quote directly from their website:

We make every effort to not alter the meaning of the scriptures when using artistic liberties. Being biblically sound is of utmost importance! Each episode will strive to make Jesus known and stir the children’s affection for their Heavenly Father.

9. Indescribable Kids Podcast

This podcast is based on the book devotional called Indescribable by Louie Giglio.

It is hosted by two children and they do an excellent job of making the podcast relatable to other kids while sharing fascinating facts about God and science. Although not always a science podcast you will get a healthy does of STEM topics in each episode.

These are short episodes, but they pack a punch!

10. Saint Stories for Kids

This fascinating podcast shares stories of Catholic Christian saints that have persevered in their faith and left a legacy of faith behind.

The podcast is definitely ‘Catholic’ in nature, but wonderfully done and delightful to listen to. It’s excellent for older children who are starting to wonder about other people who have the same faith as them.

11. Offical Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

If you are a fan of Focus on the Family or the audio drama, Adventures in Odyssey, you probably have heard the Office Adventures in Odyssey Podcast!

If you want to stay up to date on all of what is happening around the wonderful world of Odyseey plus hear some pretty hilarious scripted outtakes, you’ll have to tune in! You will hear from Bob, the producer of Adventure in Odyssey, and many more of the actors and those behind the scenes.

12. Bible Story Podcast

We end this list with one that is more appropriate for older kid listeners. The Bible Story podcast is hosted by Jon and Brandon as they discuss their walk and relationship with Jesus Christ.

With each podcast episode, they also release a discussion guide, which I love! You will need to subscribe to get the discussion guide, but it’s well worth it!

Each of these podcasts brings the Good News of Jesus to the little ears of your children!

Christian podcasts for kids are an excellent way to introduce young listeners to the good news of the gospel. These podcasts focus on sharing God’s word in an engaging and relatable manner, often through original stories that capture their imagination. By weaving God’s plan into the narratives, children can see how biblical principles apply to their own lives.

With a mix of story time and interactive elements, these podcasts provide faith-building fun that helps kids develop a strong foundation in their faith. They are designed to be relevant to a child’s personal life and the challenges they might face during the school year. Overall, Christian podcasts for kids offer an enjoyable and educational experience, reinforcing the good news of Jesus Christ and the importance of living a life rooted in faith.

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