A Simple Hello Bible Box Review After Two Years

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The year was 2020, the pandemic was in full swing and I was looking for something that would bless my children in the midst of a time of chaos. That was when I stumbled across the Hello Bible Box.

Are you looking for a fun, engaging, age-appropriate way that your children can engage with Bible stories? Look no further than the Hello Bible Box. You won’t be disappointed!

hello Bible box with toddler

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Not only can you get a subscription box for a child, but you can get a good one! The Helo Bible Box Junior and Explorer will offer you three things.

  1. Age-appropriate Bible story-inspired activities and crafts
  2. Applicable life skills
  3. Parent-led instruction and teaching

What is the Hello Bible Box?

According to the website, the Hello Bible Box’s mission is “Helping Children Love Jesus.” What could be a better mission??!

The Hello Bible Box is a subscription box that comes monthly. It comes with enough materials for two children. There are two different subscription options and I have received both, however, I will admit that this was a mistake.

There are twelve months of Bible Boxes. which means you get twelve months of the faith-filled curriculum! However, you can cancel the subscription box at any time. This is what we have done because let’s face it, life gets busy! Once the Hello Bible Boxes started piling up, I canceled the subscription until I could catch up.

There are some drawbacks to that, however. Because it is a 12-month subscription box if you cancel the subscription and then start it up again, you may end up duplicating the boxes. I recommend that you do the 12 months straight if you intend to use all 12 boxes.

Hello Bible Junior Versus Hello Bible Explorer

The Bible Box Junior is for ages 3-5 and the Bible Box Explorer is for ages 5-10. Both come with enough activities for two children. This is also great if you only have one child and you want to craft along with them.

There is the Bible Box Junior and Bible Box Explorer. I accidentally ordered the Bible Box Explorer when I first subscribed and was very disappointed when it arrived and the activities far exceeded what my two-year-old could ever accomplish. I headed back to the website and realized my mistake.

If you do make this mistake, don’t worry! You can still modify all the activities for a younger age. The biggest drawback is the storybook that comes with the box. The 3-5-year-old books are superb! We love how relatable they are for the younger ages. The older box’s book is made for older readers.

I’ll keep telling you more about these wonderful boxes, but if you are ready to purchase here are the links!

What Comes in the Hello Bible Box

There is so much included in the Bible Box! It is like a treasure chest of Bible adventures. If you want to see a complete unboxing of the Hello Bible Box Junior, I encourage you to watch my review on YouTube.

Here are some of the basic items that come in the Bible Box

  • Welcome Card
  • Detailed Parents Guide
  • Two Crafts in Every Box
  • Family Activity of Game
  • Faith-Filled Bible Story Book

Parents Guides

The parent’s guides are quite impressive and they are by me the entire time we are doing the Hello Bible Boxes. The instructions are detailed but leave enough room for modifications if desired.

Hello Bible Crafts

One of the main questions that I had as an educator when I received the Hello Bible Boxes is if the crafts were going to be age-appropriate. I can assure you that they are!

Some of them do need parental guidance. Occasionally the craft will not work unless the child follows precise instructions, which means they don’t have quite as much creative freedom. Here is one example. The craft is completely age-appropriate, but the stickers cannot be over the ‘lake’ in order for the Jesus stick to go under the water.

My three and four-year-old loved this activity!

They include both messy crafts (which I love!) and some more reserved crafts and activities like the one below. Both have their place and I think that the variety is absolutely outstanding.

As we use this box with our homeschooling, we have even paired the crafts with other Bible activities like our Bible ABCs!

Faith-Filled Storybook

As I explained above, the Explorer storybook and the Junior storybook are different. The difference is the level at which it is written. The older book has concepts and words that are more age-appropriate for 5-10-year-olds. The Junior storybook uses simple words and has coloring pictures!

This is honestly my favorite part of the box. The Junior box storybooks are wonderfully written, remain true to scripture, and are cute to boot!

Hello Bible Box Book

The Cost of the Hello Bible Box

There are a few different ways that you can purchase the Bible Box. You can purchase directly from their website. I recommend, however, that you purchase your subscription through Cratejoy.

Cratejoy runs regular sales that will allow you to get a phenomenal price on the subscription.

Hello Bible Box Junior

Hello Bible Box Explorer

1 month – $32:80

3 months – $32:80

6 months – $31.80

12 months – $29.80

Give as a Gift or Use for Homeschooling!

Currently, we use the Hello Bible Box as part of our homeschooling curriculum. It is honestly such a nice change of pace when the subscription comes and I have a lesson’s worth of material to dive into with the kids.

These also make fantastic gifts! Think about when you have personally as an adult received or purchased yourself a subscription box. My husband currently has a subscription box and he looks forward to it coming every month.

How much more would a child look forward to something like this?! Trust me, they would love it!

Other FAQs

The Hello Bible Box also gives back! They give to The Kilgoris Project, which provides students in Kenya with a safe classroom environment.

If you are wondering about their beliefs, you can find that information here.

After two years we continue to love the Hello Bible Box and we think you will too!

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