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Welcome to the printable Bible alphabet with scripture! This was so fun to make and I’m sure your little ones will be blessed by learning the ABCs through the scope and wisdom of the Bible.

These coloring pages were designed simply with ages 2-5 in mind. The coloring lines are simple. Many of the Bible words are simple as well, but some of them are a bit more difficult to pronounce or understand. Take this opportunity to level up your education and see what your child understands. Their knowledge may surprise you!

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Teaching the ABCs

Why would you want to use these Bible alphabet colorings with your children? Here are a few reasons.

  1. They help reinforce Biblical concepts
  2. They encourage the use of Biblical words
  3. They are fun and interactive
  4. They get your child to engage with scripture!

Basically, it can be summed up like this: if you want your child to be influenced by the Bible, use Biblical materials!

Although there is nothing wrong with the traditional ABCs, A is for Apple, B is for Bat, and C is for Cat. There is also nothing that grounds those with the Bible. You certainly do not have to teach the ABCs with Biblical words, but let me ask you a question, why not?

Your child needs to learn the ABCs anyway and instead of using the progressive teaching model, why not start with some Bible words instead? You’ve got nothing to lose!

Bible alphabet - B is for Bible

How to Use the Bible Alphabet Printable

There are many ways you can use the Bible alphabet coloring printable. First, you will want to print it out. If you want to simply have your child color and trace the letters, then the plain paper is fine. However, if you want to use the sheets multiple times, I suggest using cardstock.

Here are some ideas for using the Bible alphabet:

  1. Simple color and trace the letters with your child.
  2. Laminate the pages and use a dry-erase marker to practice writing letters.
  3. Laminate the pages and use them as a play-doh mat!

I have found that purchasing a laminator was much more cost-effective than I originally thought. The Amazon Basics laminator is under $30 and is often on sale for under $25.

You could also bind this in a 3-ring binder and add many other Bible-based printables! You could even memorize scripture with your child based on the letter you are learning or coloring. My friend Mindy Jones has a great resource for ABC memorizing scripture.

Literacy Development

For 4 years I taught a class called “Literacy Adventures”. It was my favorite class that I have ever taught. Literacy is the catalyst for lifelong learners. One thing I learned and have continued to learn as I teach young children is not to push! I would much rather have a child that loves learning, than a child that knows his/her ABCs at a young age.

My son Wyatt is currently 4 years old and still learning his ABCs. Part of me is embarrassed by this, but the other part of me is proud. He is learning at his own pace and enjoys it!

Want more?
This fun upgrade which is available in my Etsy shop or through this website, is a great way to add some more color and additional materials to your Bible Alphabet!
This download comes with full-color flash cards, coloring cards, and full-sized coloring pages.

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Download the Bible Alphabet PDF

Want all 26 coloring pages of the Bible alphabet? You can get access to it and more in the FREE printables library below. Just fill out the form and you will get direct access to the vault. Some of my other favorites in the library are the Armor of God printable and activity, the chore chart, many coloring pages, and the toddler prayer cards. Join us in the printables library!

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