Bible Scavenger Hunt Ideas

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A Bible scavenger hunt is a fun way to engage children and adults alike in exploring God’s Word. They can be a dynamic addition to Sunday school, Christian schools, youth groups, and various church events. By incorporating clues, verses, and different items, these scavenger hunts make learning about the Bible interactive and memorable. Let’s dive into what a Bible scavenger hunt is, some creative ideas, and how they can be adapted for different occasions and settings.

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What is a Bible Scavenger Hunt?

A Bible scavenger hunt is an activity where participants search for clues or items related to Bible stories, verses, or themes. It actually can be done in a variety of ways and can vary depending on the age group.

This type of scavenger hunt can take place in different locations, such as indoors, outdoors, or within a church setting. The goal is to find the items or solve the clues based on knowledge from the Old Testament and New Testament, which makes it an excellent tool for teaching God’s Word. It encourages teamwork, friendly competition, and a deeper understanding of scripture.

Bible Scavenger Hunt Clues

Clues in a Bible scavenger hunt often come in the form of Bible verse references, key words, or descriptions of biblical events. These clues lead participants to the next location or item. For example, a clue might reference the “first man” (Adam), “first sin” (Eve and the forbidden fruit), or an event where “Jesus died” (the crucifixion). Each clue not only directs participants but also reinforces important Bible lessons and themes.

In this post, I will give you ideas on where you can download specific Bible Scavenger hunt ideas, but I also have a freebie available that was made for preschool and kindergarten. The freebie, which will be listed below, it contains Bible images and scripture references for children to find. In this type of Bible scavenger hunt children can either look up the Bible references and read it or use a picture Bible to find the corresponding images. The latter is specifically good for preschool settings.

Young children will most likely need adult help and supervision when doing a Bible scavenger hunt!

Bible Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Below you will find a plethra of different Bible scavenger hunt ideas! But first I wanted to show you my Bible scavenger hunt freebie. This one is ideal for preschool through early elementary.

Bible Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt was made for younger children who can search the scripture with images or scripture references (early readers).

This game can be played in a variety of ways.

Option 1 – with older children have them search for the Bible verses of the story. Place a checkmark by each one as it’s found. Consider setting a time limit. The one who finds the most wins!

Option 2- for smaller children, they can search for similar images in their picture Bible!

Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

Outdoor scavenger hunts are perfect for taking advantage of good weather and providing a larger area for exploration.

Larger groups and can be integrated into church events, youth group gatherings, or even Vacation Bible School. An outdoor hunt could include clues like, “Find a place where God’s creation can be seen” (leading to a garden or a tree) or “Locate the stone that the builders rejected” (referencing a cornerstone or rock).

This nature scripture scavenger hunt is adorable and comes with printable cards that can be laminated to use again and again.

Indoor Bible Scavenger Hunts

Indoor scavenger hunts are great for Sunday school, classroom centers, or during a rainy day.

Although there are Bible scavenger hunts that are more worksheet-based, there are also hunts that can be physically interactive! These hunts can make use of different rooms or areas within a church or school. Clues can be hidden in Bibles, under chairs, or near church decor. An example clue could be, “Look where the disciples identified Jesus” (next to a cross or a picture of Jesus). This setting works well for small groups and middle school students.

Here is a fun free Bible scavenger hunt that has an answer key included.

Another idea would be to do an indoor scripture scavenger hunt that uses a worksheet to direct participants to various Bible verses.

Etsy has lots of Bible scavenger hunt options as well. I was particularly impressed with this one which takes you on an indoor church treasure hunt.

Easter Bible Scavenger Hunt

Easter is a prime opportunity for a Bible scavenger hunt, focusing on the story of Jesus’ resurrection. Clues can lead participants through the events of Holy Week, from Palm Sunday to the Resurrection. For instance, “Find the place where Jesus prayed” (leading to a garden or a quiet spot) or “Search for the empty tomb” (an open space or an actual tomb setup). This can be combined with a traditional Easter egg hunt for younger children.

Christmas Bible Scavenger Hunt

A Christmas-themed scavenger hunt can center around the Nativity story. Participants could search for items like a manger, shepherds, or gifts of the Magi. Clues might include, “Follow the star to find baby Jesus” or “Look for the shepherds watching their flocks.” This is a wonderful activity for a church Christmas event or a family-friendly gathering during the holiday season.

Additional Bible Scavenger Hunts

Photo Scavenger Hunt

In a photo scavenger hunt, participants use a cell phone camera to capture images of different items or scenes that relate to Bible stories or verses. For example, they might need to photograph a “physical reminder of the Bible lesson” or an object representing “God’s image.” This modern twist on the scavenger hunt encourages creativity and can be a fun activity for older kids and teens.

Scripture Scavenger Hunt

A scripture scavenger hunt involves finding specific Bible verses or passages. This could be part of a Bible study or a large group lesson. Participants might be given a list of Bible verses to locate and explain their significance. This type of hunt reinforces Bible literacy and helps participants become more familiar with the books of the Bible.

Youth Group Scavenger Hunt

For a youth group scavenger hunt, the clues and tasks can be more challenging, requiring deeper knowledge and reflection on Bible stories. Clues might reference miracles Jesus performed, parables he taught, or important events like Pentecost. Incorporating small-group discussion after each clue can deepen the impact of the lesson.

Bible scavenger hunts are a versatile and engaging way to teach God’s Word, whether in Sunday school, Christian schools, or at church events. They provide a physical reminder of the Bible lesson, encourage teamwork, and offer a fun way to learn scripture. Whether indoors or outdoors, on holidays, these hunts can be tailored to fit any occasion and group size. By using clues, verses, and creative tasks, Bible scavenger hunts make exploring God’s plan an exciting adventure for all ages.

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