Easy Bubble Activity for Preschool

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This book is adorable. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! I could say it again, but you probably would scroll past it. I’m throwing caution to the wind, ADORABLE! This activity is a book pairing of Scribble & Author with an easy and quick bubble activity for preschool. Any teacher and student will enjoy this silly but intentional preschool activity.

Bubble activity for preschool

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What Activities Can you Do with Bubbles?

When I see a book like this, it just seems to scream for an activity to go with it. When we pair learning with multiple modalities, we reinforce the concepts we are trying to teach.  I will admit however that I did not use this book with this activity at first. After our letter B week was finished, I realize how perfect this book would pair with this activity, so BAM! I’ve created a book/activity pairing for my readers.

On the first page of the Scribble and Author, the author creates a blob of paint that turns into a Scribble, who turns into a walking, talking little blob person that journey’s through the book looking for a friend.  Which got me thinking, what if the students created their own blobs for B week and named their buddy’s b words? I had the ideal art blob activity in mind and hence the title, “Blowing Buddy Blobs.”

If you are doing this with preschool-aged children, take some time to point out the letters b’s in the title of this book and in the activity page.

My favorite way to practice writing letters is a classic whiteboard and marker. No worksheets have an expiration on how many letters the child can practice. Whiteboards allow the child to practice as many times as is needed. If you practice writing an uppercase letter B on a whiteboard, have the child turn the B sideways and create a silly face. You’ll get a giggle and it will come in handy in the corresponding activity.

Other Fun Bubble Activities to Pair with this Book:

  • Blow bubbles in class
  • Blow colored bubbles onto a large sheet of paper
  • Freeze bubbles if cold enough
  • If warm enough, go outside and create soap bubbles on a sensory table
  • Have a bubble sensory table

Bubble Activity for Preschool

For this bubble activity for preschool, you will need a few materials and some creativity from your preschool class!

Easy Bubble Activity for Preschool

Easy Bubble Activity for Preschool

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

This activity is a book pairing of Scribble & Author with an easy and quick bubble activity for preschool. Any teacher and student will enjoy this silly but intentional preschool activity.


  • 1. Card Stock
  • 2. Tempera Paint in Black, Blue, and Brown
  • 3. Straws
  • 4. Black Permanent Marker
  • 5. Glue Stick
  • 6. Blowing Bubble Blobs Title Page



  1. Review with the child the colors chosen and the book storyline
  2. Ask them to practice blowing through the straw
  3. Give them their color options and allow them to choose
  4. Place a small amount of paint on the paper and ask them to blow
  5. Allow them to blow as many bubble blobs as they desire.
  6. Glue the heading onto the page when completed
  7. Let the blobs dry
  8. Whenever the blobs are dry ask the child to name each Bubble Blog with 'B' words.
  9. Ask them to draw faces on it
  10. Hang and enjoy the Bubble Blog Activity for Preschool!

Bubble Activity Learning Objectives

  1. Recognizing the uppercase and lowercase letter B’s
  2. Learning to write the uppercase B
  3. Naming letter B words

Bubble Blob Process

Before an art project starts, I sit with the child and explain what we are going to do. In front of them, I place a piece of card stock with their name, three containers of water down the paint, and a straw. We talk about the paint colors. The child identifies the black, blue, and brown colors and then I ask, “Why do you think I chose these colors for this project.”

Side story! I promise it will be a quick one!  I once got a preschooler that had a little bit of an attitude and replied back, “I don’t know Mrs. Bomsta, why did you choose these colors?” Those are the moments, I truly can’t help but love the preschool teacher life.

But back to the activity. Once we have talked through the items presented, I ask them to open their straw and show me how to blow through them. This is an important step as we don’t want a child sucking in the paint.

Then I place a blob of paint on the paper. The child then blows on the paint. Remember to keep the straw just slightly above the paint.

Some preschoolers have amazing blowing power, and some are still developing that coordination. Make sure to be prepared for some unplanned splashing as well. If you tell a 4-year-old to blow through a straw, most likely you are going to get a little extra moisture. I’ve seen some blobs turn into a puddle due to spit, not air, coming through the straw.

I promise, however, that they will love watching the paint spread and grow. Allow them the time and experience to enjoy!

Once all three buddy blobs are created, I take a second to glue a header on the page. This is entirely optional, however, I think it looks good. Especially for a teaching scenario. Depending on how much extra water was created with the paint and blowing, you may have some extra drying time.

Once the blobs are dry I turn the paper sideways and have the child write a letter B inside each blob. This is great practice for direction following and practice writing smaller B’s. The delight of wonder in their eyes when I turn the paperback the correct way and have them create faces out of the B’s, is just stupendous.

Now comes my favorite part. If you thought this project was cute, hold onto your hats because its about to get…ADORABLE! Hehe, I guess I’m not capable of stopping with that word. The blob buddies are completed now except they need names! Just like Scribble in the book! Working as a team we talk about letter B names and words. I give the child ample freedom to choose whatever comes to mind. This year, I was completed astounded by how many of them were able to construct buddy name’s without much assistance from me. Check out the pictures, they truly came up with some preschool gold!

So how did you like this bubble activity for preschool? There are plenty of other preschool book pairings available in my preschool kids section!

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