Color Scavenger Hunt Printable for Kids

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Check out this fun and engaging activity for kids to learn their colors. They will have fun outside (or inside), and increase their problem-solving skills. This color scavenger hunt is printable and can be used inside on a rainy day, outside when the summer boredom hits, or simply as a fun school activity. Let’s get going on our color hunt!

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My kids and I love to spend time outside. In fact, we basically live outside once the weather gets nice, and before that, we still bundle up and brave the Minnesota cold as much as we can. This color scavenger hunt was inspired by our love for the outdoors and created because of the realization that my middle child was struggling with identifying his colors more than I previously had thought. Apparently, he has been piggybacking off his older brother’s knowledge and I hadn’t noticed as much as I should have! Hence, this color scavenger hunt was created. We have had a blast using it both indoors and outdoors.

You can use this color hunt in a variety of ways and modify it to fit your needs. There are two versions in the download and a color pattern worksheet.

Just because we like to use this outside, does not mean that you have to! We have also used the color wheel on windy and rainy days when going outside was just not possible.

Versions of the Color Hunt

In the download, you will receive three different pages.

Color Hunt (Color Wheel)

  • This version is great for the smallest of learners! You will want to laminate the wheel and have clothes pins available to indicate when a color is found.

Color Scavenger Hunt

  • This version is ideal for outdoor color hunts. Grab a clipboard and allow your learners to tape small items to the color that corresponds with what they found.

Color Pattern Worksheet

  • After you have gone on your color hunt or color scavenger hunt, grab this color pattern worksheet to reinforce all that color learning! This is ideal for preschool through kindergarten-aged children.

Ideas For Using the Color Scavenger Hunt

Here are a few different ways you can ‘spice’ up your color scavenger hunt and use it multiple times!

  1. On the road
    • Take the color wheel and use clothes pins to indicate when a color is found. You can turn it into a competition or just let your kiddos see how many they can find.
  2. At a museum
    • There are a number of museums that we have around our area where this would work wonderfully at. An art museum would be particularly fun!
  3. Back yard
    • The color hunt or the color scavenger hunt
  4. Indoor
  5. At the zoo
  6. During TV time

Color Scavenger Hunt Supplies

You can very easily do the color hunt by just printing and modifying it to fit what you have around your home. However, if you want to do the color hunt as I intended it and with the most benefits, here are the supplies you will need.

  • Printer and paper (cardstock works best for the color wheel)
    • We love our Epson printer and the XL ink cartridges last a very long time, which is great for our budget!
  • Color clothes pins
    • We like these from Mondo Llama because they are smaller.
  • Colored crayons, markers, or pencils

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Color Hunt Game Directions- Cut around the color wheel and laminate. If you don’t have colored clothes pins you can also laminate the colored dots and hot glue them to regular clothes pins. Allow your child to hunt around outside, inside, or anywhere to find their colors. Keep track by affixing the clothes pins to the appropriate color. In the end, you can allow the child to count how many clothes pins they used.

Color Scavenger Hunt Directions – If you want to do this activity multiple times, I recommend that you laminate the sheet to prevent tearing. using a clipboard have your child go outside and find small items that match the color on the worksheet. They can use tape to affix the item to the appropriate color.

Color Pattern Worksheet Directions – This worksheet was created as a way to reinforce and test the learning that took place on the color scavenger hunt or color hunt game. It’s great for color and pattern recognition.

Color Songs

There are a number of very fun color songs to reinforce colors. Many of them are very simple and can be sung to common nursery rhyme songs. Here are a few of my favorites. Another fun song is this one from YouTube that includes sign language for the colors.

Can you Find

(Sung to the tune of Muffin Man)

Can you find the pur-ple*,
The pur-ple, the pur-ple?
Can you find the pur-ple
The pur-ple crayon.

If You’re Wearing Something Blue
(Sung to the tune of If You’re Happy and You Know It)

If you’re wearing something blue*, clap your hands.
If you’re wearing something blue, clap your hands.
If you’re wearing something blue, then stomp your feet, too.
If you’re wearing something blue, cap your hands.

Twinkle Color Song

(Sung to the Tune Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)

Twinkle, twinkle yellow* star,
How I wonder where you are?
Let’s go looking here and there,
Let’s go looking everywhere.
Twinkle, twinkle, yellow star,
How I wonder where you are?

* Repeat, naming a different color each time.

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