The Ultimate List of Noah’s Ark Printables

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Noah’s Ark! There is something about the story that little ones just drink up! No pun intended! These Noah’s Ark printables and activities will support and inspire your little ones’ imagination as they soak in the incredible story of the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark.

Noah's Ark Printables

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There is something special about the story of Noah and the Ark. Children are amazed at the possibilities of a boat filled with animals. The story strengthens their imagination, grabs their attention, and intrigues their spiritual growth.

These printables are perfect for home learning or a Sunday School lesson with older kids or young children! Your Sunday School class will love these printables that illustrate and reinforce the Bible story of Noah and God’s promises after the great flood. As you talk about the entire world being flooded and the consequences of sin, these printables can be great to reinforce the story of Noah’s Ark.

This is a great story to use printables with and send children home with coloring pages and a fun Noah’s Ark craft like the spinner below.

Grab the free Noah’s Ark printable below! Just click on the button to be brought to the download PDF file.

Noah’s Ark Bingo

Who doesn’t love a good game of Bingo!? This preschool Bingo game is designed for young learners. All that is required is 4 spaces to be filled! Use any small objects for your Bingo tokens.

Print an extra copy to cut out and draw the animals with.

Noah’s Ark Coloring

Grab each free coloring page in the download button below. If you are looking for additional Noah’s Ark coloring pages be sure to check

Noah’s Ark Spinner Craft

This fun craft allows children to color the ‘two-by-two’ animals and then overlay them with the ark-cover page. To complete this craft you will also need:

  • Noah’s Ark Spinner Template
  • White cardstock paper
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Paper fastener
  • colored pencils or crayons

Animal Matching Game

This is a fun game that my children specifically enjoy! Grab the entire pack, print it out, cut it out, and turn the cards upside down on a table or flat surface. Children get to take turns flipping over two cards. The object is to acquire two cards that match. If they flip over two cards that match, they get to keep the cards. The little one with the most cards at the end wins!

If you are looking for more free printables that have an entire vault ready for download with many more Bible stories, Bible lessons, and Sunday School crafts!

Bible printables for kids

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I have a passion for encouraging and equipping moms with resources for creating a Biblical home. This vault is filled with printables for teaching your child Bible stories, scripture verses, holiday printables, and more. The activities here are designed for you to do with your child. They are great for family devotional times, homeschooling, Sunday School, or just a fun activity for a rainy day!

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Ark Puzzle

This is a more advanced Noah’s Ark printable. There are two options. The child can color the colorable ark image or simply cut out the already colored one. The cutting can be great for fine motor skills!

Other Noah’s Ark Printables

Want an Upgrade on these Printables?

Find additional coloring pages, Bingo Cards, Matching Cards, Noah’s Ark Cootie Catcher, and MORE in the Noah’s Ark Activity Upgrade!

Looking for more ideas for Noah’s Ark Printables and crafts? My friend Mindy Jones at Mindy Jones Blog has an excellent resource for Bible crafts, including a section on Noah’s Ark.

You also can’t go wrong by visiting my friend Karen at Savoring Each Moment. She is packed full of ideas for mamas with littles! She has a bundle of Noah Ark activities that you won’t want to miss checking out. I specifically like the spot the difference activity that she curated!

My boys love hearing the story of Noah’s Ark! I actually don’t think they get tired of it! They consistently ask for us to read the story in one of their storybook Bibles, or directly from the Bible. I love watching their imagination work as they think through how many animals would have been in the ark. There have been quite a few impossible questions to answer, which is why this past Easter I got them these little Answer in Genesis question books which have some delightful answers to those impossible questions that children sometimes ask!

I hope that these Free Noah’s Ark printables will serve you well no matter what you end up using them for! I would love for you to tag me on Instagram and show me what you are using them for!

More Bible stories and pages of activities can be found through some of the resources below.

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