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Welcome! I hope you are enjoying Spring into Tipsmas! What a wonderful group of coaches. I am so thrilled to be working with these ladies and I hope that you are enjoying these sessions and learning a lot!

During my chit-chat today I mentioned some links. Here you can get easy access to everything I spoke about!

Resources from Today’s Talk

Disclaimer: There are many more THM products. The ones highlighted in this PDF are simply some of the most powerful ones on our journey.

healing homes magazine

Poddy Episodes on Special Ingredients

Episode 216 – No More Special Ingredients

Episode 96 & 97 – Hemp, A Wonder Healing Plant…

Episode 30 – Don’t Say “Yuck” to Stevia Here’s How to Love it

Episode 250 – Blame Producer John For This One!

Episode 45 – NEWS FLASH: A Superfruit from the Ancient Tree of Life

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