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We all know the feeling when the conversation is dwindling at a party or gathering. That awkward silence and sudden ‘talk about the weather.’ These Christian printable conversation cards are a perfect way to continue the conversation during those moments when the conversation starts to decline.

They are specifically curated from a Christian perspective.

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Conversation Starters

There are over 30 printable conversation cards to engage others in conversation. My favorite one is “Describe yourself in two words. Now use two words to describe how God sees you.” The conversation starters are not all exclusively faith-based, others include simple thought-provoking questions like, “If you could get rid of one social media platform, which would it be?”

How to Use Conversation Starters

The printable conversation cards can be used in a variety of settings including holidays, family gatherings, weekly dinners, or small groups. Use your imagination!

These conversation starters are a perfect way to get to know your guests, plus you won’t ever have to fear the dreaded ‘hows the weather’ drudge in conversation. Having a way to create a conversation is a great way to show your guests hospitality.

How to use them?

Print them out, cut the, place them in a small bag or box, and set them out on the table! It’s that simple. Once you have guests invite them to take a card, read it, answer it, and go around the table and let everyone else answer the prompt as well.

You can also just let one person answer the question and then move on to a new card and a new person. It’s really up to you!

printable conversation cards

Tips with Conversation Cards?

  • Encourage your guests to ask follow-up questions. This is best shown if you model it first.
  • Remember, this is not a competition, have fun!
  • You can use these as a group or pair them off into individual groups.
  • If you pair off make sure to not pair off two introverts together. Mix up the introverts and extroverts!

If you are looking for a more detailed game, you could grab ‘Would ya’ Rather which also has engaging questions for a guest event.

How to Print

Simply download the printable conversation cards, cut them out, and start using them. I laminated mine (not pictured) by using my Amazon Basics laminator (only $33!).

You can download the printable here. No extra information is required! The download comes with all the individual versions as well as a printable version to print on 8.5×11 pages.

Conversation Starter Questions

  • Share your top high and top low from this past week. What was the best? What was the worst?
  • For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God. What does this verse mean to you?
  • What is the most important thing you have ever learned?
  • What is the Best vacation you have ever been on and why?
  • What is your favorite thing to do to relax?
  • If you could get rid of one social media platform, what would it be?
  • Do you think social media has benefited society? Why or why not.
  • What is your favorite thing to do with your family?
  • Describe yourself in two words.
  • Now use two words to describe how God sees you.
  • What is your biggest fear? Why?
  • Do you think God speaks to us today? If so, how?
  • if someone said to you, “I don’t believe in God.” How would you respond?
  • How important is church attendance? Why?
  • What single thing do you absolutely want to do in your lifetime? If possible.
  • Which Bible character is most like you?
  • When do you feel closest to God?
  • Can you name all 12 disciples?
  • What is a song that has greatly impacted your faith? If you feel led, share.
  • Is there a meaning to life? If so, what do you think it is?
  • If you were going to be a missionary, what country would you like to serve in?
  • What is the difference between being spiritual and being religious?
  • What is your earliest memory from Church?
  • What are three things you would like to accomplish in the next year?
  • If you could change one thing in the Bible, what would it be? And why?
  • What gives you the most hope for the future?
  • What are the five things you are most thankful for in your life right now?
  • What misconceptions are there about faith?
  • Do you prefer to read the Old Testament or the New Testament? Why?
  • What book of the Bible would you like to know more about and why?
  • Have you been a Christian your whole life? Share your conversion story.
  • What do you value most in life? Try to give one material item of value and one spiritual item of value.

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