Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth can be hard as a homemaker and mother. We often feel pulled in a million different directions. Use these articles to refresh your soul as you pursue Jesus throughout your motherhood and faith journey.

Best Family Devotional books

10 of the Best Family Devotional Books

Trying to find devotionals that are gospel-centered for your own personal use is hard enough. Then try to find family devotions that are gospel-centered, simple enough for everyone to understand, and deep enough that they are not shallow is just about an impossible task!

Every Day holy Devotional review

Every Day Holy: 60 Devotions to Embrace God’s Gift of Time  by Meredith Barnes

Looking for some spiritual refreshment to start the year off right? Or maybe you are in the midst of your year and still need some refreshments! I’d like to introduce you to a new release in 2023 from Paraclete Press by Meredith Barnes called Every Day Holy: 60 Devotionals to Embrace God’s Gift of Time. …

Every Day Holy: 60 Devotions to Embrace God’s Gift of Time  by Meredith Barnes Read More »

Bible study for moms

10 Book Bible Study for Moms: Nurturing Faith Amidst Motherhood

Motherhood is a profound and rewarding journey, but it can also be a whirlwind of busyness, leaving little time for personal reflection and spiritual growth. Yet, amidst the chaos of raising children and managing a household, nurturing one’s faith remains a cornerstone for many moms. Often having a devotional or Bible Study for moms helps …

10 Book Bible Study for Moms: Nurturing Faith Amidst Motherhood Read More »

set free from sin

How to be Set Free from Sin

Do you ever feel stuck in your journey to God? You desperately want to believe that God delivers, but you are still stuck in sin. Dear friend, you can be set free from sin! You are not stuck in Egypt like the Israelites. It’s time to find your freedom in Christ.

pregnancy prayer

5 Powerful Pregnancy Prayers

Pregnancy can be difficult by itself, but add complications and it can be enough to push anyone over the edge. My pregnancy journey was fraught with emotional highs and lows as I combated depression and Preeclampsia. It is during those times that it is time to cry out to God with a prayer for pregnancy complications.

Bible verses about kindness

20 Powerful Bible Verses About Kindness

Not long ago, God presented to me an opportunity to show kindness to someone. I admit, at first, I did not recognize it. It had been a long day; one full of meetings; I was feeling brain dead, emotionally weary, and desperate for some alone time before my next meeting. After the encounter I have been contemplating Bible verses about kindness and all that the Bible has to say about being kind to those around us.

12 scriptures about health. Rachael on top of lake superior trail

12 Convicting Scriptures About Health

Have you ever wondered if there are scriptures about health? I’ve often pondered the implications of verses like Paul’s admonition to finish the race well in 2 Timothy 4:7. There seems to be many health analogies and wording in scripturas. Where are the scriptures about health? How can I pray for good health? And how do I ask God for healing?

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