65+ Stocking Stuffers Under $10 that your Kids will actually use- A Comprehensive List

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In 2017, my mom made the most adorable, personalized stockings for my family. I hung them next to our wood stove in great anticipation of the next year when I would have a little boy to fill them for. That is what inspired this list of stocking stuffers under $10. The next year came, and despite my baby being so young, I was eager for Christmas morning and watching him open…errr…correction, chew open his stocking. But as I filled his stocking and came to the realization that there are few stocking stuffers for kids that are inexpensive, and children will use them after opening their stockings.

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What is a Good Gift Under $10?

However, our Midwest Minnesota temperatures are once again at ridiculously low levels. This means, I’m cuddled up in our tiny home, with no desire to leave unless necessary. Once again Amazon is my Knight in shining armor!

Let’s be honest though, stocking stuffers for kids can add up fast. No one likes to spend money on items that kids are not going to use. I have spent hours searching through Amazon for the BEST deals for under $10 that your kids will LOVE and USE Here are my top Amazon picks for your babies, preschoolers, and school-aged kids! Are you hoping to grab some stuffers for mom and dad too? Here is a list of great Christmas devotionals that would be good in a stocking for either mom or dad!

Best Stocking Stuffers 2022

The best place to find stocking stuffers under $10 is on Amazon. I should add a clause to the statement, ‘the best place to find stocking stuffers under $10 that your kids will use is at Amazon.’ The Dollar Store or your local retailer might have some cheap ideas, but will your kids use them? The curse and blessing of Amazon are that they have variety and inventory like no other! Grab these 2021 stocking stuffers under $10 and wipe out that to-do list for this Christmas!

Amazon Stocking Stuffers Under $10

Amazon truly knows how to stock variety! The following will be lists of the best amazon stocking stuffers of 2021 for babies and preschoolers, school-aged, and teenage children. Enjoy shopping for stocking stuffers that actually will get used!

Baby Stocking Stuffers

I don’t know about you, but I have spent some serious dough trying to find teethers that my baby likes! All those teeth coming is tough work! I love how easy these are to grasp and all the textures. The maracas are fantastic! I keep one in my car at all times. My little BaaBoo is perplexed by them, which keeps him occupied when the car rides get a little long.


Elephant Teether

Key Teether

Maraca Teether

Board Books

I love board books; you cannot go wrong with investing in literacy. These stocking stuffers for kids are a few jewels I found. And the prices are amazing!

Llama Llama Jingle Bells

Christmas in the Manger

Baking at Grandmas

Biscuit’s Snowy Day


This needed an entire category separate from the board books. Have you seen these books?! I was in complete disbelief when I was originally told about paper books that babies couldn’t rip, eat, or break. But they are legit. And these prices! Easy to stuff into stockings!

Indestructibles: Jingle Baby

Indestructibles: My Neighborhood

Indestructibles: Baby, Let’s Eat!


There are so many treasures for enhancing bath time at this age. These deals are great for stocking stuffers!

Finding Nemo Baby Bath Squirt Toys, Finding Nemo

Wind up Shark Bath Toy

Wind up Swimming Penguin

Swimming Sea Turtle


Sometimes the simplest of toys, brings great joy!

Stack up Cups


Easy Grasp Push Vehicle

Ball Pit Balls

Are your on a budget this Christmas, but still want to fill your little ones stocking? Fill the entire thing with balls. Can you imagine the joy and delight of a baby pulling out an entire stocking of balls?!

Ball Pit Balls

Preschool Aged Kids

These are stocking stuffers for kids during the preschool years. There are lots of books to encourage literacy, and lots of sensory activities to encourage those fine motor skills!


 Again, investing in literacy is not something you will regret!

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad

Pout Pout Fish

God Gave us Christmas

Merry Christmas Daniel Tiger

Daniel’s Winter Adventure

A Very Puppy Christmas – PAW Patrol

Activity Books

These little activity books are one of the few things I remember getting in my stocking consistently. They are some of the best stocking stuffers for kids that I remember getting. I have no idea why they are so memorable! Maybe it’s because they are so tiny, cute, and fit perfectly in a stocking!

Decorate a Christmas Tree

Little Airport

Little Bakery


Easy Nativity Scene

Make your Own Taco

Girl Stuff

Pink, pink, pink! It’s the perfect girly stocking stuffer for kids.

Minnie Mouse Hair Brush Set

Glitter Hair Bows Boutique Hair Clips

Ponytail Bracelets

Rabbit Tail Pony Tail Holders

Boy Stuff

Ready, set, go! Lots of active toys to keep those active preschool boys engaged.

Lego Glider

Superhero Bath Bomb

Invisible Spy Pens


Pull back Vehicles

Match box Cars


I was completely amazed at all the great deals on puzzles I found! Some of the best stocking stuffers for kids are those activities that will take them a little bit of time!

Block Puzzle

4-Pack of Puzzles

Sensory and Activity

I about went outta my mind when I saw those sensory beads. These may be the last on my list, but honestly these would be a the top of my list to fill a stocking for a preschooler. Look at those fine-motor skills develop!

Sensory Beads

Christmas Stamps

Sensory Fidget Toy Bubbler

Bath Droopz

1000+ Ridiculously Cute Stickers

Play Foam Combo

Stretchy Fidget Sensory Toys

Kinetic Sand

School Aged Kids

I know school-aged kid stocking stuffers is an overly broad category, but from here on out these are simply ideas that hopefully will be a catalyst to other ideas for your unique child and age.

Activity Books

We are back to books! Books are such a wonderful way to add some educational value to a stocking stuffer.

Dinosaur Activity Book

Never Board Kid Book

Unicorn Activity Book

The Everything Kids Puzzle Book

The Blank Comic Book


These fun notecards are a creative way to add some organization or creativity to your child’s gifts.

Rainbow Mini Notes

Scratch off Art

Color Coding Sticky Notes

Fidgets and Games

It’s the age of slime, fidget spinners, and goo.

Snap and Click Fidgets

Wikki Stix

Twist Puzzles

Fun Puzzle Balls

Fluffy Slime

CupCake Slime

Miscellaneous and Silly Items

There’s always a few things that are just silly enough that they don’t go in any category!

Big Bag of Reindeer Farts

Christmas Mad Libs

Metal Straws

Bean Boozled

What are some Good Ideas for Stocking Stuffers?

Did you have a favorite stocking stuffer on this list? I had a few that honestly, I wouldn’t mind in my own! These are ideas to hopefully get you started on your stocking stuffers for 2020 and hopefully, these are ideas that your kids will use after December 25th! May you be blessed this holiday season!

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