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Finding joy in homemaking

Finding Joy in Homemaking – The Mundane Tasks of Homemaking

I’ve been thinking about finding joy in homemaking and the mundane tasks of homemaking a lot lately. Those two things are sort of an oxymoron. The word mundane gets thrown around in the homemaking and motherhood community on social media. I’ve been hearing it a ridiculous amount on some of my favorite podcasts lately so …

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declutter your home checklist

An Effective Declutter Your Home Checklist

Have you ever tried to declutter your home? It can be so hard without a ‘declutter your home checklist?’ It is so easy to find a reason to hang onto something. Are you a thrower or a keeper? I am a thrower, yet I still can get in the habit of keeping things that really have no value.

Personal Growth Plan on Table

7 Steps in Your Personal Growth Plan for 2023

A personal growth plan is an action intended look at personal development for the upcoming year. Traditionally there are 5 parts of personal development including: mental, social, spiritual, emotional, and physical. Constructing a personal growth plan takes intention as you reflect on years past and prayerfully consider the year coming.

printable conversation cards

FREE Christian Printable Conversation Cards

We all know the feeling when the conversation is dwindling at a party or gathering. That awkward silence and sudden ‘talk about the weather.’ These Christian printable conversation cards are a perfect way to continue the conversation during those moments when the conversation starts to decline. They are specifically curated from a Christian perspective. Conversation …

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herbs of the Bible

8 Herbs of the Bible that are Joyful to Grow

Plants, botanicals, oils, and herbs of the Bible are fascinating studies. Our holy God created some magnificent plants and the Bible references many. Can we grow some of these herbs of the Bible? Absolutely! Although some are tougher to grow, there are at least 10 that you can joyfully grow in your own garden.

easy diy floating shelves

Easy DIY Floating Shelves – That are Cheap!

Floating shelves have always intimidated me. Why? I have no idea because once I created them, I was amazed and how easy and simple it was to put together and even hang! To make DIY floating shelves, all you need is some minimum skills with tools and some basic measuring mastery.

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