18 of the Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Mom

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All right adventuring mamas! Let’s buckle up and get ready for some down to earth honesty about our adventuring spirit. There are some gifts for outdoorsy mom that will spice up your adventuring life.

Do you love being an adventuring mama?! I know I sure do. I love those summer days when suddenly we drop everything planned and head out on an adventure.

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Are you an Outdoorsy Mom?

Let’s back up for a moment, we first need to define what an adventuring mama is. For these purposes let’s define an adventuring mama as anyone who despite the difficulties of adventuring with children, loves to explore and experience new and exciting things with their children.

I have a disclaimer to make as well. My adventuring mama spirit started with my 6-year experience as a nanny to one little girl. It was my job to care and nurture a little girl who had just as much of an adventuring spirit as me. As it was my job, I didn’t have to worry about all the other aspects of mommying that others do.

Sure, I took care of some laundry and dishes. Sure, I cleaned up and tidied a bit. But let’s be real, it was not my own home and so the pressure was nothing like I experience now. I had the advantage of cultivating a mommy adventuring spirit in an extremely relaxed environment.

Outdoor Trip Ideas with Kids

Going on adventures with our littles is tough when the pressures of our lives surround us. But every single time it is worth it! Here are all the different adventures I have done with my mommy adventure spirit over the years. When you do so many of these things, it’s time for some gifts for outdoorsy mom!

  1. Geocaching
  2. Hiking
  3. Driving around until we see some place, we want to stop
  4. All day park hunts (going to a bunch of parks in the same day)
  5. Canoeing and Kayaking
  6. Visiting Farms
  7. Biking to Ice Cream stores
  8. Nature walks
  9. Swimming parks
  10. Hike and try to find signs of fairies and gnomes
  11. Driving to candy stores and then hiking off the sugar rush
  12. Visiting waterfalls in your area
  13. Mini Golfing
  14. Strawberry Picking
  15. Riding on lawn mowers
  16. Pokemon hunting in remote areas
  17. Fishing
  18. Cross country skiing a lake during the winter
  19. Hiking to a campground and making lunch
  20. Archery courses with toy bow and arrows
  21. Arboretums
  22. Zoos
  23. Aquariums
  24. Science Museums
  25. Fishing

All right now that the parameters have been defined let’s get down to the products that I have used for the last 7 or 8 years that I love. Think of them as a toolbox or gifts for outdoorsy mom. I don’t use all of them all the time, but at one time or another in one set of circumstances or another, I have found them helpful.

adventure with kids

The Top Gifts for Outdoorsy Moms with Young Kids

  1. Gregory Backpack
    • When we go on a true adventure, we are often gone all day. I need a backpack that carries all our necessities and offers lumbar and back support. Gregory backpacks typically are better fitting for women. But you can also these.
    • For years I’ve used the Gregory Tarne 36. I continue to be a quality backpack and has been very well used. It is no longer available, but the new Gregory Maven 35 is comparable, and the reviews are stellar!
  2. Thule Multisport Stroller
    • If I only invested in one thing for adventuring with little ones, THIS. IS. IT. I can’t sing the praise of this stroller enough. The attachments that come with it make it the BEST adventure stroller on the market.
    • I have gone over large rocks, snowy lakes, thick mud, and beautiful pavement with this thing. It has saved children from scalding heat, mind numbing cold, and mosquito swamps. It has three covering that keep the child safe and secure inside. The price tag? Worth every penny.
    • The Thule Multisport stroller is the way to go for adventure moms!
  3. Boppy Carrier
    • When most mom’s think of Boppy they think of the nursing pillow. But what if I told you the comfort and quality of their products extend to a baby carrier as well?! 
    • This is my favorite carrier by far! It is comfortable, adjustable, and supportive. However, I will make a disclaimer and say that my thirty pounds 12-month-old is finally getting too big for it truly to be supportive. 
    • We have taken it on many hikes and adventures and my back has done marvelous. It even has a zipper pouch for your phone and valuables!
boppy carrier

Snacking Container Solutions for Kids

  1. Silicone Placemat set
    • Don’t underestimate the power of one of these. Park tables can get super nasty. These are marvelous for placing on the ground, bench, or table. They are wonderful when it suddenly rains and your little one wants to sit down but not get a wet behind. Not to mention the obvious use of not getting germs on their food.
  2. Snack catchers
    • When I first saw these 6 years ago, I fell in love. They were the absolute perfect container for younger children to enjoy a snack and not spill all over the stroller. They still to this day have not disappointed me.
  3. Sustainable Water bottle
    • For everyday use I prefer glass water bottles. However, during day trips with kids, I have had glass break and let’s just say that is not fun. Although I have used plastic bottles, for myself and my own little one I prefer a metal container.
      • Camelback goes with my water filtration system, and I trust them as a consumer. For Kids I have used CamelBak Eddy Kids bottles and they are quality and don’t heat up like plastic. However, I personally use this one. I simple appreciate the tight seal when we are adventuring.
      • I also recently have enjoyed using this motivational water bottle. It’s fun!
  4. Stackable Snack system
    • When we are adventuring, I prefer to have foods that are non-perishable. I also prefer a smaller amount, but larger variety. These Innobaby stackables are my favorite because of the size and durability. You can even place liquids in the bottom one. Instead of a lunchbox taking up so much room, it is easy to organize and place in the side of backpack or diaper bag. If I do choose to bring perishables an easy hack is to just place it next to a cold-water bottle. It will stay fresh until needed.
  5. Portable Bibs
    • Most of the time when we are truly adventuring, we are wearing clothes that I honestly don’t care get dirty. However sometimes a bib is nice. Tiny Twinkle Bibs are wonderful for travel because they are water resistant, have a food pouch, and the best part is they have a handy tuck away feature to make them into a small ball!


hiking thule stroller - one of the gifts for outdoorsy mom

The Essential Gifts for the Outdoorsy Mom

  1. First Aid kit
    • I learned of Me4kidz kits from another blogger and to be honest I have not purchased one yet. But it looks a lot simpler than my homemade kits that I’ve been using for years. I like the idea of having something pre-made and organized to take on the go.
  2. Sunscreen
    • I am so fussy on my sunscreen. There is a lot of fear in the natural health world around chemical products. You can read my take on fear through this blog post. However, sunscreen is a very chemically laden product. Think of how powerful the sun is, now think of how powerful a product must be to block out such a powerful natural element.
    • This podcast from the Ultimate Health Podcast has fascinating opinions on the power of the sun and our skin care products. For these reasons and more, I am specifically a fan of Raw Elements for adults. Also, a local company called “Modern Roots.” Finally, Babyorganics is an amazing company that specializes in offering a plant-based product for consumers that want an effective yet naturally based product for their child or baby.
  3. Bug Spray
    • Everything in balance. Sometimes I evaluate the use of a chemical product and accept it as worth the risk. With deep woods adventuring with children sometimes using full-fledged bug spray is worth it. I like the effectiveness of this one. I only use this when we are truly in the deep woods with dangerous tick possibilities or extreme mosquito’s. However most days I use my own essential oil mix.
  4. Hats
    • I cannot leave the house during the summer without bringing a floppy hat. My husband thinks I look ridiculous, but honestly, I look fabulous. My favorite I purchased from REI; however it is remarkably similar quality to this one from Sun Protection Zone.


Trim Healthy Mama Friendly Snacks for the Outdoorsy Mom

  • I could drone on about the importance of perfectly balance nutrition for children for far too long. Let me summarize. When I look for snacks for my child, I want something with little or NO sugar. I specifically hope for the use for stevia or monk fruit as a sweetener. Ideally for snacks I’d love if it has a superfood basis. Organic and sustainable products are a nice addition.
  • I want whole foods that are condensed down into an easy to carry snack. I need to be able to read the ingredients and hopefully they have less than 10 ingredients on the list.  I love using the Innobaby containers for fruits, vegetables, and nuts, however it is still nice to have snacks that are easy to grab on the go. Here are some of my favorites ALL of which I have used myself and enjoyed.
  1. Trim healthy Mama Snacks
  2. Quest Snacks
  3. Smart Sweets
  4. Chomps
  5. Hint Water
Trim Healthy Mama

Fun Gifts for Outsdoorsy Mom

  1. Chargers
    • These are nice when your phone is getting older, and you need a charge halfway through the day. I use the Creative Edge solar charger, but it only has 5000mAh battery. Solar chargers have come a long way and there are some real quality ones, but portable chargers like this one are extra nice and make a great gift.
  2. Buff wear
    • These are just a fun way for mommas to keep all that hair out of their eyes. They also have a UPF rating, so it adds a nice little bonus. This one is an easy one to add to your collection of gifts for outdoorsy mom. If you have an outdoor mom in your life, be sure to grab one of these for her!
  3. Binoculars
    • These are a fun addition to any adventure backpack. It’s a wonderful way to engage little learners as they explore their environment and learn. I like REI binoculars because they are not too heavy, but these also are excellent quality.
  4. Pocket knives
    • Pocket knives are a necessity when you get into some of the more extreme adventuring with kids. When I have been deep woods geocaching with kids. There has been many times geocaching when having a little pocketknife has come in handy. The Letherman Skeletool is a nice compact way to carry a knife. The only caution I would offer is that the drawback to such a compact tool is there is no safety lock. SOG has a beautiful knife that has a lock on it called the Flash II. It is lightweight, but not compact.

The Best Gifts for the Outdoor Mom

So, what do you think of my gifts for outdoorsy mom? Would you enjoy these items? Which one is your favorite? If you want to see many of these products in action, head over to my IG where I share lots of healthy recipes, kid adventures, and motherhood thoughts.

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